Person:William Sherrill (15)

William Sherrill
m. 1690
  1. Mary Sherrill1690-1694 -
  2. Yount Sherrill1695 - 1696-1789
  3. Ute Sherrill1695 - 1696-1785
  4. Adam SherrillAbt 1697 - 1774
  5. Samuel SHERRILL1699 -
  6. John Sherrill1699 - 1700-1789
  7. Margaret Sherrill1704 - 1745
  8. William Sherrill, Jr.1707 - 1774
Facts and Events
Name[1][2][3] William Sherrill
Gender Male
Birth[4] 16 Nov 1666 Ermington, Devon, England
Marriage 1690 Poss. Pennsylvania or Marylandto Margarette Rudisill
Death[4] 1747 Poss. Virginia or North Carolina

William Sherrill was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Advisory on Parentage of William Sherrill

This William Sherrill has disputed parentage. Read the TALK page for this discussion.

Some sources claim that William Sherrill's wife was Mary Egford. More research is necessary to prove the identity of William Sherrill's wife.

Records of William Sherrill in Orange County, VA

  • Petition of inhabitants of Opeckan and Shenandore that the Rev. Mr. William Wms [Williams], minister of the gospel, hath promised to supply us with the administration of his office. We humbly beg that meeting places might be erected and recorded in your Court, one at the land of the abovesaid Mr. Wms. [Williams] near his house and another at Mr. Morgan Bryan near his house.
Morgan Bryan, Jacob Everson, John Hood, Henry Lancisco, Elisha Perkins, Wm. Shirill, Benjam. Hardin, Ebenr. Rice, Barent Nukirck, Robt. Turner, Michael Myar, Tunas Hood, Corns. Newkirk, James Cole, Joseph Hardin, Thos. Cherry, Adam Sherill, Jas. Matson, Thos. Caudery, Wm. Sheppard, Enuch Freeland, Thos. Flora, Henry Triggs[Friggs?], Geo. Nixon, Michael Melone, Tunas Newkirk, Richd. Land, Robt. Railton [?]. [Orange County Judgements - 1736, Dorman, pg. 101].

Records of William Sherrill in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's:

  • Vol. 2 - Muster List of 1742: Capt. James Gill's List: James Gill, Captain; John Dobbin, Lieutenant; Wm. Sharrel, Bons Harding, Wm. Welling, John Johnson, John Wilkins, George Furbush, Barnabee McHenery, Rick Dictum, Dan Murley, Nicola Brock, Martin Shoemaker, John Howlain, And. Holman, George Legler, Joseph Dunham, Timothy Taylor, George Willes, Sam Brown, John Cumberland, Sam Beason, James Spencer, Wm. Prickett, Wm. Hall, Wm. McClain, Michael Brock, Thos. West, Wm. Sames, Cornelius Murley, Nicol Cain, Henery Brock, John Fisher, Thos. Wilkins, Joseph Harding, John Ryal, Abram Dunblederey, Riley Moor, Fraderich Brock, John McClairn, William Sharrle, Sr.; William Sharrle, Jr.
  • Vol. 1 - August 22, 1746. - (88) Ewell vs. Briant--Verdict, "we find for defendant." Atty. filed errors in arrest of judgment--referred to next Court.
William Pickins, witness in above suit.
(89) Edward Hughes, witness in above suit.
Richard Wanscot, witness in above suit.
Margaret Sherrill, witness in above suit. (Note: appears to be the wife of this William Sherrill).
  • Vol. 1 - FEBRUARY 20, 1746/7. - (164) Margret Sherrill--witness. (Note: appears to possibly be the wife of this William Sherrill).
  • Vol. 2 - Delinquents List of 1748: Adam Sherrill, not found; Sam'l Sherrill, not found; Adam Sherrill, Jr., not found; Wm. Sherrill, not found; Abraham Sherrill, not found. (Listed among many others). (Note: this indicates that the Sherrills had most likely migrated to North Carolina by abt. 1748).

Information on William Sherrill


[Brøderbund WFT Vol. 10, Ed. 1, Tree #3164, Date of Import: Aug 25, 1998]


William Sherrill, Sr. (b. November 16, 1666, d. 1747) William Sherrill, Sr. (son of William Sherwill and Margarey Upright) was born November 16, 1666 in England, and died 1747 in Tennessee. He married Margaret Rudisill.

Notes for William Sherrill, Sr.:

William Sherrill was known as "The Conestoga Fur Trader" and was an early settler and Indian guide of some repute in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. He is credited with helping to open the Susquehanna Valley to early settlers. In 1702 he purchased 150 acres known as Price's Forest in Cecil County, Maryland. In 1720 he was granted 200 acres called Three Partners, deed book 5, pages 228-231. In December of 1725 he sold 100 acres to his son Adam.

From the Department of Community Affairs, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, a photocopy of the original land Grant D-82-1147 reads as follows: By the Commissioners of Property at the request of William Sherrerd (Sherrell) that we would grant him 200 acres of land on Pequea Creek for which he has agreed to pay to the Proprietors use twenty pounds for the whole and the usual quitrent of One Shilling Sterling yearly for each hundred acres for ever. These are to authorize and require thee to survey or cause to be surveyed to the said William Sherrerd 200 acres of vacant land on the said Creek in one regular piece and make returns thereof into the Secretaries Office which survey in case of the said William shall fulfill the aforsaid Agreement in paying the consideration money within three monts after the date hereof and shall be valid otherwise the same is to be void as if it never had been made not this warrant granted. Given under our hand and seal of the Province of Philadia the 28th day of the 4th month AD 1715. Richard Hill Isaac Norris James Logan

William Sherrerd (Sherrell 200 acres records 100 as recd. May 1741 to Christian Preneman

114 acres, 99 recd 30 May 1741 to Woolrich Stopher

William Sherrell is of record in the original Chester County, Pennsylvania (Chester County was later divided into Chester, Lancaster and York Counties) and in 1718 he is found in the new county of Lancaster, whose borders almost touch those of Baltimore County, Maryland.

According to "Historical Papers and addresses of the Lancaster County Historical Society" Vol. XX, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 1911 William Sherrel was listed among the English inhabitants in Conestoga Township in 1718. He was assessed 16 pounds, 4 pence and had 1100 acres on the river.

In Conestoga Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Tax Lists were the member of the Sherrill family taxes as follows: 1719 William Sherwill taxed 20 pounds 1719 Rudil Sherwill taxed 30 pounds 1720 William Sherwill taxed 15 pounds 1720 Adam Sherwill taxed 10 pounds 1721 William Sherwill taxed 15 pounds 1721 Samuel Sherwill taxed 12 pounds 1722 William Sherwill taxed 16 pounds 1722 Adam Sherwill (Donegal Twp) taxed 16 pounds

It appears that William Sherrill returned to Cecil County, Maryland in 1720, perhaps retaining his property in Pennsylvania for a few years, then abandning it (1100 acres!) In any event, he purchased land from Thomas Jacobs. It appears he actually patented the land in 1720 land that had previously been pattented by Thomas Jacobs on March 10, 1716 and then later purchased it from Jacobs.

From a rent roll in the Maryland archives in the following regarding "Three Partners". Thre Partners surveyed March 10, 1716 for Thomas Jacobs lying in the CE Co., beginning at Bounded Black Oak standing on the west side of a path leading from Abraham Pennington to Connestogoe and in a line of a tract of land called Cornwall - to Addition A portion of the action concerning this land follows: 200 acres William Sherwill from Thomas Jacobs December 13, 1725 100 acres Adam Sherwill from William Sherwill, Sr. June 6, 1729 100 acres William Sherwill, Jr. from William Sherwill, Sr. June 6 1729 20 acres William Sherwill, Sr., from Adam Sherwill July 17, 1729 100 acres Samuel Caldwell from Adam Sherwill 100 acres John McCreery from William Sherwill, Jr. August 22, 1744

Adan obtained 100 acres. The following month, he transferred 20 fo these acres back to his father. Then he sells 100 acres to Samuel Caldwell.

Children of William Sherrill, Sr. and Margaret Rudisill are: Abraham Sherrill, d. date unknown. Avington Sherrill, d. date unknown. Rudil Sherrill, d. date unknown. Yont Sherrill, d. date unknown. Mary Sherrill, d. date unknown. Uriah Sherrill, d. date unknown. John Sherrill, d. date unknown. Samuel Sherrill, d. date unknown. +Margaret Sherrill, d. date unknown. William Sherrill, Jr., d. date unknown. +Adam Sherrill, b. Bet. 1690 - 1700, 1700 Cecil County, Maryland?, d. May 1773, Sherrills Ford, North Carolina.

Other possible parents of William Sherrill:

William Sherwill (b. 1639, d. April 25, 1719) William Sherwill (son of Adam Sherwell and Mary Unknown) was born 1639 in Cornwood, Devonshire, England, and died April 25, 1719 in East Hampton, New York. He married Margarey Upright on 1658 in Ermington, Devon, England.

Notes for William Sherwill:

There is a great controversary as to who the father of William Sherrill is.

One theory is that his father was Samuel Sherrill, mother Margaret Parson. Children of Samuel and unknown ( siblings of William) are: 1. Reconpense 2. Samuel 3. William This Samuel was known as "Shipwreck Sam" as he was shipwrecked off the soast of Long Island coming to America. Supposedly Margaret (sometimes shown as Elizabeth) Parsons saw him come ashore.

The other theory is William Sherrill and Margarey Upright

More About William Sherwill and Margarey Upright: Marriage: 1658, Ermington, Devon, England.

Children of William Sherwill and Margarey Upright are: Elizabeth Sherrill, d. date unknown. Anna Sherrill, d. date unknown. +William Sherrill, Sr., b. November 16, 1666, England, d. 1747, Tennessee. Adam Sherrill, d. date unknown. Mary Sherrill, d. date unknown. Dewence Sherrill, b. Abt. 1676, d. date unknown.

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