Person:William Renick (9)

Maj. William Renick
m. Abt. 1744
  1. Maj. William Renick1745 - 1815
  2. Joshua "Chief Moluntha" RenickABT 1746 - 1786
  3. Thomas Renick1748 - Aft 1779
  4. George Renick1748 - ABT 1748
  5. Margaret Renick1751 - aft 1795
  6. Betsy RenickABT 1753 - ABT 1757
  7. Robert Renickabt 1755 - 1828
m. 07 January 1768
Facts and Events
Name Maj. William Renick
Gender Male
Birth? 02 June 1745 Augusta County, Virginia
Marriage 07 January 1768 to Sarah Ann Hamilton
Death? 26 March 1815 Greenbrier County, Virginia

William Renick was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Parentage of William Renick

William Renick is a probable (but not proven) son of Robert Renick, who was killed by Shawnee Indians near the James River in Augusta County on 25 July 1757. He is thought to be one of Robert Renick's seven children taken prisoner, along with their mother, by the Shawnee and later released:

From Chalkley's Augusta County Records:

  • 1757 - July 25th, Robert Renick, at Forks of James River, killed; Thomas Moor, at Forks of James River, killed; Mrs Renick and 7 children, at Forks of James River, prisoners.

Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 109.--18th October, 1769. Francis Jackson and Elizabeth ( ) to William Renick, £42, 170 acres on cowpasture; corner land in possession of William Jackson, opposite to land in possession of Alexander Black. Teste: William Mathews, J. Murray, Pat. Lockhart, Arthur Campbell. Delivered: William Renix, August Court, 1776.

Will of William Renick

  • Page 8--Will of William Rennick of Greenbrier County. Niece, Rebecca Rennick, daughter of his brother Robert; nephews and nieces (brothers and sisters of Rebecca), viz: William, Franklin, Sally and Frances Rennick; niece, Polly Rennick, now married to William Dotton; niece, Pheby Kinkead; niece, Margaret Kinkead, wife of Daniel Alison; sister, Margaret Kinkead. Dated 29th July, 1814. Codicil, 16th March, 1815. Devisee, John Vincent and wife. Recorded in Greenbrier, 25th April, 1815.

Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 32.--20th March, 1783. Privy examination of Jane, wife of Robert Armstrong, late of Augusta, deed to Benj. Tolman, before William Renick, Wm. Ward, justices of Greenbrier.
  • Page 260.--15th February, 1788. Andrew Hamilton's will, of the Calfpasture--To wife, Martha; to son, William; to son, Andrew; to each grandson named Andrew, 250 acres in Kentucky; to all my daughters; to sons William and Andrew, all books. Executors, son William and son-in-law Wm. Rennocks, wife Martha. Teste: Wm. Lockridge, Samuel Lockridge, Thos. Adams. Proved, 21st September, 1790, by the Lockridges. Hamilton and Wm. Renocks qualify.
  • Vol. 2 - APRIL, 1795 (K to Z). - James Write, assignee of William Reneck and William Hamilton, executor Andrew Hamilton, vs. Sampson Mathews and Thomas Hughart--Debt. Augusta, 7th January, 1794.
  • Vol. 2 - CIRCUIT COURT RECORDS. - SEPTEMBER, 1799 (M to G). - William Rennick vs. Major Dowell and William Moore--Debt. Writ to Rockbridge, 3d April, 1798.
  • Vol. 2 - Thomas Masterson vs. John Stuart--O. S. 26; N. S. 9--From Greenbrier. Peter Masterson and Thomas were brothers. William and Robert Renick were brothers; 1800. Presly McClung was stepson of Thos. Masterson in 1803. Thomas Masterson was Joseph and Margaret McClung's son-in-law.
  • Vol. 2 - Wilson's administrator vs. Thompson's administrator--O. S. 226; N. S. 80--George Wilson filed bill in Botetourt, saying: In 1754 a certain Patton (now deceased) came to house of orator and told him that Patton's wife in her last illness had requested him to make provision for orator and his wife, who was Mrs. Patton's niece, and promised to give orator a tract of land on New River. Orator sold his Augusta land and assigned the bonds to Patton to purchase a negro. Before Patton complied with his promises he was killed by Indians. Patton's executors, Buchanan and Thompson, have refused to carry out the promises. Orator sold his Augusta land to Benj. Watson, whose wife afterwards became Mrs. Breckinridge. Saml. Walker, Sr., deposes 6th August, 1789, that in May, 1789, Col. James Patton, James Davis and George Wilson came to deponent's house. George made several moves but finally settled on south side James River, where he remained until 1786, when he moved to Kentucky. William Rennick, son of Robert Rennick of Greenbrier, came of age in 1770. Copy of James Patton's will.