Person:William Ramsey (26)

William Ramsey, Sr.
d.after 3 Oct 1831 Rutherford, Tennessee, USA
m. about 1739-40
  1. William Ramsey, Sr.1742 - after 1831
  2. unknown daughter RamseyEst 1743-1755 - abt 1783
  3. Margaret/Peggy RamseyAbt 1748 - after 1813
  4. James Ramsey1753 - abt 1840
m. before 12 Nov 1767
m. bef. 12 Nov 1767
  1. James RamseyAbt 1768 - 1848
  2. Anne RamseyAbt 1776 -
  3. William Ramsey1781 - 1833
  4. Mary RamseyBet 1785 - 1786 -
  5. Robert Ramsey1788 - 1864
  6. David RamseyAbt 1790 - 1815
  7. Maria RamseyBet 1792 - 1797 - 1864
  8. John Boyd RamseyAbt 1794 - 1856
Facts and Events
Name[1] William Ramsey, Sr.
Gender Male
Birth[1] 1742 Pennsylvaniaborn several months after parents arrived from the north of Ireland
Marriage before 12 Nov 1767 Augusta County, Virginiato Agnes/Nancy Maria Boyd
Marriage bef. 12 Nov 1767 Augusta County, Virginiato Agnes/Nancy Maria Boyd
Death[2] after 3 Oct 1831 Rutherford, Tennessee, USABradley's Creek

William Ramsey was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

William Ramsey acquired land from his father, James Ramsey as eldest son and heir, as listed below in the following disposition:

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 42.--12th November, 1767. William Ramsey and Agness, eldest son and heir of James Ramsey, to Margaret Ramsey, £18, two tracts on North River of Shanando--A containing 120 acres, corner Silas Hart and Hugh Diver, side of a small meadow called the Elk Draft, being tract conveyed to said Ramsey by Silas and Jane Hart, 5th June, 1764; B containing 80 acres conveyed by Daniel and Jane Smith to James Ramsey, father of said William, 18th August, 1756, on North River of Shanando; corner Charles Diver's land. Teste: Daniel Henderson, John Douglass, Nathaniel Douglass. Delivered: Thomas Reed, 21st May, 1770.
  1. 1.0 1.1 Family records of John Wesley Ramsey (1840-1901), Primary quality.

    Family records found in 1976 in possession of Richard E. Davis, a kinsman and founding president of the Gibson County, Tennessee Historical Society. These records came down through the family of John Wesley Ramsey (1840-1901) and his daughter, Lula Virginia (Ramsey) McGee of Gibson County, Tennessee. This early family history states that William Ramsey, Sr. was born in Pennsylvania about 1740-1742, several months after his parents reached America from the north of Ireland; that William Ramsey married Agnes Maria Boyd who was born in Ireland in 1744, and being five years when her parents came to America; that William and Agnes Maria (Boyd) Ramsey settled in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, and about 1803 removed to Rutherford County, Tennessee.

  2. Rutherford County, Tennessee Deed Record Book, U:522-523, 3 Oct 1831, Primary quality.

    William Ramsey Senior, as a Trustee for the Methodist Episcopal Church in the United States of America, was a witness to the deed transfer dated 3 Oct 1831.

  3.   Augusta County, Virginia Deed Record Book, 14:42, 12 Nov 1767, Primary quality.

    William Ramsey and Agnes his wife...and his father James Ramsey...To Margaret Ramsey. Note: Nancy is the Scottish nickname for Agnes, and thereafter she used the popular name Nancy as her legal name. MARRIAGE: There were relatively few marriages recorded for the Scotch-Irish settlers of Augusta County, Virginia. Notwithstanding the high license fee for many families, the Anglican Church was the official crown church and Presbyterian ministers were prohibited by law from celebrating any of the sacraments. At common law the only requirement was for the couple to publish (post) their banns (intent) for three successive Sundays.

  4.   Rockingham County, Virginia Burnt Recod Book, 5:198-199, 23 June 1820, Primary quality.

    William Ramsey & Nancy Ramsey his wife formerly Nancy Boyd...the following tracts of land lying in the county of Rockingham of Virginia on the North side of the Shenandoah River...the same two tracts or parcels of land which descended to the said William Ramsey at the death of his father James Ramsey. William and Nancy Ramsey did not dispose of their two tracts of land in Augusta County, Virginia until long after their final migration and settlement, which took them from Mecklenburg County, North Carolina to Rutherford County, Tennessee by 1803. The two tracts of land in old Augusta County became a part of Rockingham County, Virginia with its creation in 1778. Also see Rutherford County, Tennessee Court Minute Book O:316 for the execution of the deed to be recorded in Rockingham County, Virginia.