Person:William Ralston (9)

William Ralston
m. 9 MAR 1706/07
  1. William RalstonABT 1708 - 1767
  2. Mercy Ralston1710 - 1711
  3. John Ralston1712 - 1775
  4. Mary Ralston1717 -
m. ABT 1727
  1. Robert RalstonABT 1728 - AFT 1796
  2. John RalstonBEF 1730 - AFT 1800
  3. David RalstonABT 1733 - 1802
  4. William Ralston, Jr.ABT 1735 - 1810
  5. Samuel RalstonABT 1738 - 1821
  6. Matthew Ralstonabt 1740 - AFT 1800
  7. Andrew RalstonABT 1743 - 1776
Facts and Events
Name William Ralston
Alt Name William Rallstone'
Gender Male
Birth? ABT 1708 Poss. Boston, Massachusetts
Marriage ABT 1727 to Eleanor Botetort
Death? AUG 1767 Staunton, Augusta County, Virginia

William Ralston was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

Based upon this survey for John Mills, William Ralston was nearby (not sure of exact location, likely near land acquired by his son John in 1751):

  • Page 10.--18th February, 1761. William Preston, Assistant Surveyor, enters 3 tracts, 400 acres each, between lands of David Cloyd, James Johnston, Wm. Ralston; a survey for John Mills. David Miller. Wm. Armstrong and said Preston's land whereon Rentfro formerly dwelt. Also 400 acres on a small branch of Craig's (Creek?), above Jacob Patton's old place, known by the name of the Mill Place.

Will of William Ralston

  • Page 23.--16th December, 1766. William Ralston's will: Wife Eleanor, executrix. Son Robert, 10 sh.; son David, 10 sh., to be overseer. Teste: Samuel McFeeters, Wm. and Samuel Ralston. Proved, 18th August, 1767, by the witnesses. Executrix qualifies (her mark), with Saml. and Wm. Ralston.
  • Page 55.--17th November, 1767. Appraisement of Wm. Rallstone's estate (by Moses Hall, Adam Stephenson, Samuel McPheeters), recorded.

Records of William Ralston in Augusta County

  • Page 395.--28th November, 17__. William King, blacksmith, to John Nickoll, 400 acres on Moffett's branch of Cathey's River. Ralston's Path. Patented to William King, 10th February, 1748. Teste: Robert Ralstone. Delivered: Alexander Gibson.
  • MAY AND NOVEMBER, 1759 (A). William Ralston does not provide for his family and required to give bond. November Court, 1758. (Note: This records seems to indicate that William Ralston had possibly re-married and his children complained to the court about the support he was providing).
  • Page 237.--By cash from, viz (apparently in payment of piece of land belonging to Col. Patton's estate): Robt. Armstrong, Wm. Foster. Michl. Dougherty, Danl. Droudy, James Wiley (by James Davies), James Campbell. Wm. Preston (in part for Dayley's and Wat. Welshe's bond whose lands he purchased), David Robinson (part of William and James Gorrel's debt), Wm. Ingles (on Jno. Medley's bond), Alex. Dall, John Thompson, John Robinson, Hugh Mills, John Stephenson, Wm. Patterson, Wm. Buchanan, Augustine Price, Jacob Shull, Philip Harless, Michl. Price, James Kerr, Jno. Craig, Edd. Hall, James Coyle, Wm. Sawyers, James Davies (on Wm. Hall's bond), Pat. Sharkey, James Moore, James Armstrong, James Neeley (on Moore's bond), James Hollis, Danl. Brown, Adam Wall, Wm. Sawyers (account of Saml. Crockett's heirs), Thos. Henry (rent of land in Louisa), Pat McCollom, Casper Barrier, Henry Brown, John Sprout, Michl. Finney. Wm. Ingles, Robt. Galloway, Isaac Taylor, Neil McNeil, Wm. Carven, Wm. Ralston, Dr. Walker (for Tobias Bright), Jno. Collier, Jno. Smiley, Jno. McClure, Wm. Fleming, David Kinkead, Wm. Graham, James Scraggs, Jno. Armstrong (for Geo. Reed's bond), Jacob Brown, John Draper (for land sold since death of Col. Patton). Robert Armstrong for a tract called McCord Mill sold since Col. Patton's death.
  • Page 383.--21st March, 1771. James Patton's settlement of estate recorded--John Buchanan, executor; 20th September, Wm. Ralston. (Note: others listed but omitted)
  • Page 37.--2 September, 1751. James Patton to John Ralston, 435 acres by patent 3d November, 1750, Looney's Mill Creek; corner James Moore. Teste: Wm. Ralston, John Flood, James Moor.

Information on William Ralston

Generation No. 1

1. WILLIAM1 ROLSTONE was born Abt. 1708, and died August 1767 in Augusta (now Botetourt) Co., Va., age ~59. He married ELEANOR Abt. 1727. She was born Abt. 1712, and died Aft. 1767 in Augusta (or Botetourt if after 1770) Co., Va..


                  i.    ROBERT2 ROLSTON, b. Abt. 1728; d. Aft. 1766.

2. ii. JOHN ROLSTON, b. Bef. 1730; d. Aft. 1800, Kentucky or Ohio.

3. iii. DAVID ROLSTONE, SR., b. Abt. 1733; d. 1802, Rockingham Co., Va., age ~65.

4. iv. WILLIAM ROLSTONE, b. Abt. 1735; d. 1810, Augusta Co., Va., age ~75.

5. v. MATTHEW ROLSTONE, b. 1742, Virginia; d. Aft. December 29, 1800, Jefferson Co., Tenn., age ~58.

                vi.    ANDREW ROLSTONE, b. Abt. 1745; d. 1782.

6. vii. SAMUEL DAVID ROLSTON, b. Abt. 1738; d. 1807, Augusta Co., Va., age ~69.

Notes for descendants of WILLIAM ROLSTONE:

Only sons Robert and David are documented descendants as they are named in William’s will. Sons William (Jr.) and Samuel are commonly shown as sons of William (Sr.) as they were testes to his will. John is shown as brother to William (Jr.) from Augusta County court records. Sons Matthew and Andrew are shown as sons in other genealogical works. Noticeably absent are any daughters from the list of descendants.

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William Raulston    Compact Disc #70     Pin #379817 Pedigree 
Sex:  M  

Birth:   1708 

 Bedford Co.,VA  
Death:   1767 


Father:  John Raulston, Jr.     Disc #70     Pin #379819   
Mother:  Dorothy Nicholson     Disc #70     Pin #379820  


Spouse:  Eleanor Botetort     Disc #70     Pin #379818