Person:William Nix (4)

William Jennings NIX
b.Jan 1853 Alabama
m. 24 May 1849
  1. William Jennings NIX1853 - 1918
  2. John T. NIX1856 - Aft 1870
  3. James F. NIX1858 - Bef 1900
  4. Rebecca NIXAbt 1862 - Bef 1880
m. 18 Feb 1884
  1. Wilie Agnes NIX1884 - 1885
  2. James Marion NIX1886 - 1886
  3. Josephine (Josie) Myrtle NIX1887 - 1970
  4. Ora Sue Bramlet (Lee) NIX1888 - 1939
  5. Librum Wesley NIX1892 - 1909
  6. Dora Lettie NIX1894 - 1975
  7. Cecil Mattie NIX1896 - 1975
  8. Mary Velma NIX1898 - 1899
  9. Grace Missouri Nix1901 - 1988
Facts and Events
Name William Jennings NIX
Gender Male
Birth? Jan 1853 Alabama
Marriage 18 Feb 1884 Conway County, Arkansasto Martha Elizabeth MOORE
Death? 3 Jan 1918 Oppelo,Conway County, Arkansas (Wolf Cemetery)
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William Jennings Nix � Author:�Elizabeth Mintz Date:�12 Mar 2002 6:50 AM GMT � Classification:�Query I am looking for more information on the family of William Jennings Nix. His father was listed as Thomas Nix of Alabama and his mother was a Gasaway. He married Martha Elizabeth Moore, and his children are believed to be Wilie Agnes, James M.. Josie Myrtle, Ora Sue, Librum, Dora Letty. Re: William Jennings Nix � Author:�Elizabeth Mintz Date:�13 Mar 2002 6:25 PM GMT � Classification:�Query Regarding the previous post, William was listed as living in Conway County, AR on the 1880 census. He was buried in Wolf's cemetary in Conway County.

Her Father William W. Gassaway purchased 120 acres between Ellison Cross roads and Walnut Grove in the late 1850's. Three 40's on both sides of the road. Even looks like part of it may be in Dr Jenkins Lake now.

The next step is to try and find if he sold that land in late 50's or early 60's and then the entire family moved to AR. William Jennings would have been a third and older son than the other two that I have listed.

1860 Census, Alabama Blount County, Western Division , PO Summit, Enumerated 19 June 1860, image 49 of 73.

Family #247 Thomas NIX, 26 male Milley E, 26 female, John T, 4 born Ala James F., 2, born Alabama

Family #246 William W. Gassaway, 59, Ludina,female, 31, Namon C. male 16, b SC Sarnhell, 11, female, b SC John H, 8, male, b Ala Mary M. 6, female, b Ala Wilkins(?), 4, male, Ala, Rucheal, j 3 Female, Al Nosuna, T, 8/12, female, Al

May your Ancestor's Migration Pattern be listed here!

Name Lifespan Where Born William Jennings NIX 1856-1918 AL Additional Notes Migration Steps Wife, Martha Elizabeth MOORE and children Willie Agnes, James Marion, Lilburn W., Josie Myrtle, Ora Lee, Dora Letty, Cecil Mattie, Mary Velma and Grace Missouri to Conway County, AR in 1880 Researcher: Joann Wear Spor

Texas Deaths, 1964-98 Viewing records 1-2 of 2 Matches ��� Surname Given Name Middle Name Suffix Death Date Social Security Number Spouse's Surname Spouse's Given Name Spouse's Middle Name Spouse's Suffix Death County Gender Marital Status � Nix William Jennings � 27 February 1984 � � � � � BROWN M � Nix William Jennings JR 20 August 1985 � � � � � TAYLOR m �

William Jennings Nix

Posted by: Jackie Date: March 13, 2002 at 10:49:11

� of 2027

I am trying to find more information on the family of William Jennings Nix (b. 1/14/1857 d. 1/3/1918). He was the son of Thomas Nix of Alabama and his wife was a Gasaway. He is believed to have married Martha Elizabeth Moore and had 8 children: Jane Marion, Josie Myrtle, Ora Lee, Librum, Dora Letty, Cecil Mattie and Mary Velma. He is listed on the 1880 census in Conway County, Arkansas as William Nicks. He was buried in Wolf Cemetary in Arkansas.If anyone can tell me more about his family of descendants, please add a message or email me.

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Followups: Re: William Jennings Nix Dalton J. NIX 8

1930 Federal Census, Arkansas, Conway County, Bentley, District #2, image 10 of 16,

residence 154, Family 155,

Carroll?, Charles , Head, M, W, 39, M, 31, no, yes, Ark., TN, Tn,

            , Cecil, Wife, F, W, 33, M, 24, no, yes, Ark, Alabama, Arkansas

NIX, Martha, mother-in-law, F, W, 66, Wd, 20, no, yes, Tn, Tn,

1930 Federal Census, Arkansas, Conway County, Bentley, District #2, image 10 of 16,

residence 154, Family 155,

Carroll?, Charles , Head, M, W, 39, M, 31, no, yes, Ark., TN, Tn,

            , Cecil, Wife, F, W, 33, M, 24, no, yes, Ark, Alabama, Arkansas

NIX, Martha, mother-in-law, F, W, 66, Wd, 20, no, yes, Tn, Tn,

Search �>� Census �>� U.S. Census � >� 1880 U.S. Federal Census >� Arkansas >� Conway >� Bentley, Higgins and Petit Jean >�District�43 , image 3 of 26 Nicks, William W, M, 22, Merchant, Ala, SC, SC, He is shown in a resident with no other members, not married.

,1900 federal census,Search �>� Census �>� U.S. Census � >� � Arkansas >� Conway >� Bentley, town of Bentley , image 7 of 14, residence 64, family 65, Nix, William J. head, W, M, Jan 1853, 47, M, 16, Ala, SC, SC,

     , Martha E., Wife, W,F, sep, 1863, 36, M 16, 8, 5, AR, TN, TN, 
     , Josie M. daughter, W, F, feb 1887, 13, S, AR, Al, Ar, 
     , Ora B. daughter, W, F, aug 1888, 11, S, 
     , Dilburn W. (Wilburn,Tilburn?) son, W, M, jam 189, 8, S, 
     , Dora L.?, Daughter, W, F, mar 1894, S, 
     , Mattie C, daughter, W, F, 1896, 3, S, 

William Wear, servant, W, M, oct 1876, 23, S, MS, ms, ms,

1910 U.S. Census �Arkansas �Conway �Bentley ��ED# 1

image 9 of 15, Residence 83, family 83

Nix, William J. , Head, W, m, 54, M, 27, Al, SC, SC, Blacksmith, on farm,

      , Marthha E., Wife, F, W, 46, M, 27, 8. 8?, AR, TN, TN, farm laborer, 
      , Dora L., daughter, F, W, 16, S, AR, AL, AR, farm Laborer, 
      , Mattie E., daughter, F, W, 13, S, AR, AL, AR, farm laborer, 
      , Gracie M. daughter, R, W, 9, S, AR, AL, AR, none, 

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Hello Dalton!

I saw your information on Jennings Nix on Ancestry.Com.

Which of the Nix families are you decended from? My grandfather was William Jennings Nix (of Alabama) who moved to Arkansas and�was married to Martha Elizabeth Moore. They resided in Conway County in�Arkansas and are both buried there. My mother, Grace Nix (married Marion B. Francis) was the youngest child of William Jennings Nix and Martha Elizabeth Moore.

It would enjoy hearing from you if you have the time.

Barbara (Francis) Rodriguez

1910 U.S. Census � Arkansas � Conway � Bentley ��ED# 1 Image 9 of 15, residence 83, Family 83, NIX, William J. ,Head, M, W, 54, M, 27, Al, SC, SC, Blaksmith,Farmer,

      , Martha E., wife, F, W, M, 27, 9, ?6?, Arkansas, TN, TN, none, 
      , Dora L., daughter, F,W, 16, S, Arkansas, Al, AK, Farm Labor, 
      , Mattie E., daughter, F, W, 19, S, AK, Al, AK, Farm Labor, 
      , Gracie M., daughter, F. W. 9, S, AK, Al, AK, none, 

NOTE, Martha inicates that 9 children were born and some lesser number were living in 1930, Cannot make out the number of living for sure, Does not really look like a 6, there are 6's above and below this one and they are different, but the entery does not look like anything else either. I am not sure of her reply regarding the number living.

2-- Martha Elizabeth Moore (1862-1938)

    sp-William Jennings Nix (1856-1918)
       3-- Willie Agnes Nix (1884-1885)
       3-- James Marion Nix (1886-1886)
       3-- Josephine Myrtle Nix (1887-1970)
        sp-Oscar Allen Wear (1879-1959)
           4-- Ina Dorene Wear
           4-- Orville Leon Wear
           4-- Elizabeth Louise Wear
           4-- Charles Bennett Wear
           4-- Ora Hazel Wear (1907-1981)
            sp-Ninon Fernsworth (Mutt) Brown (1907-1976)
           4-- Jennings Darrell Wear (1910)
           4-- Hugh Bradford Wear (1911-1961)
           4-- Woodrow Wilson Wear (1914-1922)
           4-- Doris Marie Wear (1916-1966)
            sp-James Lewis Bruton (1913-1975)
               5-- Lewis Farrell Bruton (1936-1955)
       3-- Ora Lee Nix (1888)
       3-- Lilburn W. Nix (1892-1909)
       3-- Dora Letty Nix (1894)
       3-- Cecil Mattie Nix (1896-1975)
       3-- Mary Velma Nix (1898-1899)
       3-- Grace Missouri Nix (1901)
        sp-(--) Francis
           4-- Paul J. Francis (1933-1982) 

CONWAY CO., ARK., FEDERAL LAND RECORDS The following was compiled from the Bureau of Land Management land records and includes Homestead and Cash Entry Patents before 1908 for what is now the Oppelo area of Conway Co, Arkansas.

The City of Oppelo and its immediate surroundings are numbered under the plat system as:

6N 16W sections 30, 31

6N 17W sections 25, 26, 31, 32, 35, 36

5N 17W sections 1 -18

5N 16W sections 6,7,17,18

NIX, WILLIAM J. 12 5n 17W 80 1899/11/24

ALEXANDER, THOMAS 31 6N 17W 96.1 1889/09/17 assumed tp be Thomas Alexander NIX

The 1880 Census

In 1880 Oppelo had already been returned to Conway County, and yet retained the township name of Bentley.

 * used when a letter is illegible or whole name is doubtful.

1) Dwelling-Family Number 2) Surname 3) Given Names 4) Race Sex Age 5) Relation to Head of House

30-30 Nicks William W M 22

Name: � William NICKS Age: � 22 Estimated birth year: � <1858> Birthplace: � Alabama Occupation: � Merchant Relation: � Self Home in 1880: � Bentley, Conway, Arkansas Marital status: � Single Race: � White Gender: � Male Head of household: � William NICKS Father's birthplace: � SC Mother's birthplace: � SC Cannot read/write: � View image Blind: � View image Deaf and dumb: � View image Otherwise disabled: � View image Idiotic or insane: � View image Image Source: � Year: 1880;�Census Place: Bentley, Conway, Arkansas;�Roll: T9_41;�Family History Film: 1254041;�Page: 377C;�Enumeration District: 43;�Image: 0498.

���You are here: Search > Census > U.S. Census > 1880 United States Federal Census > Arkansas > Conway > Bentley, Higgins and Petit Jean > District�43, image 3 of 26.Residence 30, Family 30.

Nicks,William, W, M, 22, Merchant, Ala, SC. SC,

Even with the Name incorrectly spelled this is our William Jennings befor he married. Not sure what kind of a Merchant. Also do not know where his mother is.

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In a message dated 4/30/2004 5:09:23 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

������ Barbara:  It is good to get confirmation from you that this is really my long lost family.  I have a bunch of questions and comments, and I will put the questions in the location in your message. That way I will not have to describe my question,  You can answer the same manner and save a lot of typing.�

Dalton - Good Morning!

Yes,�that is my family.

My mother, Grace Missouri Nix, born Jan 29, 1901 in Oppelo, Bentley Township, Conway County, AR was the youngest daughter of� At one time in my study I found Conway County on the map, where do I look for Oppelo, and Bentley Township? Do they still existof must I find an old map?� Yes, Oppelo still exists. It is a very small community located in Conway County. If you look at an Arkansas map and locate Little Rock, go west on�I - 40 until you see Morrilton. Oppelo is on Highway 9 going south out of Morrilton before you get to the little villages of Perry and Perryville.�

William Jennings Nix (and Martha Elizabeth Moore)

Born: January 14, 1856 in Oneonta, Blount County, AL.� This could get a bit confusing if you attempted to find it on todays map. At that time they were in Blount County, but after the Civil war that section was placed in a NEW County, and named Etowah. In the 1860 census it was described as Western Division, Blount County. On todays map it is in the area between Walnut Grove and Altoona in Etowah County, and about 12 to 15 miles North West of Oneonta. I have records of Elizabeth's Father, your G2 Grandfather William W. Gassaway where he purchased 120 acres almost half way between Altoona and Walnut Grove. (Altoona did not exist at that time)

Died 3 January 1918, Buried: Wolfe Cemetery, Oppelo, Conway County, Arkansas. His family came to Arkansas from Oneonta, Alabama. Prior to that, the family came from SC

This much I know from my mother and aunts�and having been raised in Oppelo, AR (Conway County) where my grandfather homesteaded land, built the family home and raised his family:

My grandfather, William Jennings Nix came to Oppelo, AR and married my grandmother, Martha Elizabeth Moore. They had (not in order)

Dora Lettie

������������Cecil Mattie

Grace Missouri

Mary Velma


Josie Myrtle

Lilburn (this is the correct spelling)

James (?)

These agree favorably with what I hac collected from census data and other  sources, but I was not sure that I had the correct family.�

The male(s)�child (children) �died never having had any children. Therefore, this line of the Nix family name ends. All of the above are deceased, but Dora, Grace, Ola and Josie had families. I know all of these relatives. Since I am attempting to construct a descendants tree for Jennings I would love to have the names of those descendants, or as many as you can remember.�

Grace Missouri Nix�born January 29, 1901 in Oppelo, Conway County, AR, died��Feb. 28, 1988 and is buried in Wolfe Cemetery, Oppelo, Conway County, AR. She married�Marion Bernard Francis and they had�7 children: �(1st child):��Elizabeth -died�in infancy and is�buried in Wolfe Cemetery, Oppelo, Conway County,�AR. 2nd) Betty Lou Francis born�August 9, 1930 in El Paso, Texas., Died February 16, 1985 at Morrilton, AR., is buried in Sacred Heart Cemetery, Charleston, AR,�(3rd)��Marian�Francis born August 28, 1931 In Kansas City, MO,�(4th)�Paul J. Francis born�3 March,�1933�in Oppelo, AR, died October 7, 1982 and is buried in Wolfe Cemetery, Oppelo, Conway County, AR, (5th) Joyce June Francis born March 3,�1935 in Gillette, AR, (6th) Bobby Joe Francis born 10 July 1937, died Dec. 21, 1991 in��Santa Monica, CA and buried in Holy Cross Cemetery, Culver City, CA. and (7th) �Barbara Ann Francis born Dec. 22, 1939 in Tupelo, MS.

I will send�the information on the �descendants of Dora Lettie Nix, Josie Myrtle Nix and��Ora Bramlet�Nix as soon as I can. I need to obtain dates of birth etc from the cousins.�None of the other William Jennings Nix children had any offspring.

When my grandfather passed away at the homestead, my uncle, Charles Carroll and�aunt Cecil Mattie Nix lived with my grandmother, Martha Elizabeth Nix until she�passed away.  At that�time they moved on to their own property inherited from�my�grandparents and my mother, Grace Missouri�inherited the homestead and she moved�in  with her family. I was raised�there as were my siblings.  I was a very�small child having been born in 1939 and the�youngest of my mother's children.

The following research was done by my cousin who is the granddaughter of Josie Myrtle Nix. I have not personally researched this information. If she has a computer I would love to have her internet address, if not could I have her mailing address. Or you could give my address to her and she could contact me if she is interested.� (I will contact her to see if she approves and if so, will send you her email or have her contact you).

William Jennings Nix was the son of:Thomas Nix (and Elizabeth Gassaway born around 1834 in South Carolina) Born: July 27, 1830 in South Carolina, Died: In the Civil War� I had never found any information on this but it was always a concern. His Oldest brother , Tyre Nix, died in the hospital in Chattanooga. He died fron illness not a battle wound. I have not found his grave, but am still looking. Also the youngest brother William, returned to Pickens County, South Carolina prior to the war. He served in a South Carolina uit. He was wounded and had a limp for the rest of his life the family there tells me. Do you know any of the details of Thoma's service. What unit, whare he died etc? Unfortunately, I do not.

who �was the son of: Jennings Nix�(and Lucinda "Letty" Alexander�DOB: unknown, died 4 Aug.1856 Blount Co AL) He was born in��1803 in Georgia and died: 24 February 1885 in Blount Co., Alabama. He is buried in the frount yard of��his�second wife's home, at Ellison Cross Roads. That is in the same area where�William W, Gassaway had his property. This is��a web site��that shows��the�cemetery.� What is the web address?

           who was the son of:

           Daniel Nix  (and Margaret (?) Elizabeth (?) Born about 1778 in North Carolina Died:              About 1850 in�Pickins Co., South Carolina

who�was the son of:

Valentine Nix Born Nov. 11, 1749 in Camden, York Co., South Carolina, died: Before Feb. 10, 1826 in Pickins Co., South Carolina


I do remember my mother and aunts speaking of their "Uncle John"� This could be John T. Nix the son of Thomas Alexander NIx and Elizabeth GAssaway. That would make him a Great Uncle I think? He was listed as being 4 years old in the 1860 census. That would make him 83 by the time you were born, did I do the arithmitic correctly? Is the man that you remember, a man in his early 90's?

This 'Uncle John' I never met.  I just recall my mother and aunts speaking of
him on numerous occasions and I bellieve he�was deceased at that time.��and� their unmarried �cousin�named Tom Nix who lived�in a cottage on my aunt�Josie Myrtle's property.  I recall visiting him (the cousin�named Tom Nix)��at his cottage many times.� This almost sound like a man in the  50's to�60s.�(I do not know his age but I��believe he was older  than my  mother),� cousin of your mothers would have been the�child of her��Fathers�Brother or sister.  But there were no sisters that I��know of. There were supposed to  be two other sons in the family. In the��1860 census Elizabetha and Thomas had�two sons listed. John T. age 4 and James F. age 2.  For some reason William was�not listed.  But a  cousin would we the child of one of these two.  Do you know��anything�about that??� No, I'm sorry.  I do not know what Tom Nix's father's name   �was.�Possibly John or James' boy (?).�He did farm work for my aunt and uncle.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Barbara would you like for me to send you a listof all the descendants of Jennings that I have been able to find? With such a list we would be able to communicate better. I could also send you some more of the Short histories that I have attempted to generate. I would love to hear any of the history of your family that you can remember.� That would be wonderful and very kind of you, I might add. Thank you.


I am looking forward to hearing from you.

-- Dalton J. Nix 100 Maximillion Drive Madison, Alabama 35758-8170

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Hello Dalton!

I saw your information on Jennings Nix on Ancestry.Com.

Which of the Nix families are you decended from? My grandfather was William Jennings Nix (of Alabama) who moved to Arkansas and�was married to Martha Elizabeth Moore. They resided in Conway County in�Arkansas and are both buried there. My mother, Grace Nix (married Marion B. Francis) was the youngest child of William Jennings Nix and Martha Elizabeth Moore.

It would enjoy hearing from you if you have the time.

Barbara (Francis) Rodriguez

Re; Wm. Jennings Nix birth date I think I covered that in my last letter. The correct spelling of the Cemetery is Wolf Cemetery (I have a picture of the entrance taken when I was back there in 2002. He and Martha Elizabeth MOORE were married 18 Feb 1884. Martha E. was born 5 Sep 1863 Oppelo, Perry Co., (later Conway Co.) AR. She died 4 Aug 1938 in Oppelo. I told you about having a picture of their log cabin.

Delivered-To: From: <> To: <> Subject: info from Wanda Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2005 22:30:57 -0500

As you remember the 1870 census and forward has had us stumped . . . well now I think we have our answer. Wanda has the following and I agree that it is what we have been looking for.

1870 Mississippi Co., AR Pg 561 #26/ Scott Twp, Pecan Point - Elizabeth NICKS age 36 (should be 41), b SC; William age 14, farmer, b AL (we finally found him); John age 13, farm laborer, b AL; James age 10?, farm laborer, b AL; Sarah age 12, b AL; Rebecca age 7, b AL

Now I think you had seen this but could not figure out the 2 girls, but I am sure this is Elizabeth and William is with her.

1880 Johnson Co., AR Pg 335 #7 Grant - Wood STOVALL age 34, b AL; Sallie (same as Sarah) age 22, b AR; Mallie age 12, b TX; Tilman age 3, b AR; Ora age 9/12, b AR; Eliza NICKS age 53 (should be 51), mother-in-law, b AL

1900 Johnson Co., AR Pg 19 #355/375 Grant Twp - Tillman STOVALL age 20, b AR Oct 1879, Parents b MS/AR; Ora age 18, sister, b AR Dec 1881, Parents b MS/AR; Elizabeth NIX age 76 (should be 71), b May 1824, grandmother, b MO (wrong), Parents b MS/AL (wrong) has had 4 children, 3 living (can't explain this)

I have gone on the Johnson Co., AR website and have ask for someone to look up the marriage of Sarah/Sallie to Wood STOVALL and hope it will tell her maiden name and parent/parents.

So, now we have something to go to work on. Sure hope it leads to some real proof. Have also asked someone to look for death of Elizabeth Nix and possibly an obituary.

Gotta run for now, more when I learn anything new.


Delivered-To: From: Date: Sat, 12 Nov 2005 01:24:48 EST Subject: Jennings Nix Tree To: Delivered-To: From: Date: Sat, 12 Nov 2005 01:24:48 EST Subject: Jennings Nix Tree To:

Good Evening Dalton,

I have been intending to send you some corrections to the William Jennings Nix family branch but with my move to northern Idaho, I kept putting it off.

Under William Jennings Nix married to Martha Elizabeth Moore:

Daughter Grace Missouri Nix is buried in Wolfe Cemetery (rest of her personal info is correct). She was married to Marion Bernard Francis��b. 01 Nov 1888 d.20 Apr 1944 in Tupelo, Lee Co., MS. Buried Red Bay, AL cemetery.

Children of Grace M. Nix and Marion B. Francis:

Barbara A. Francis�married (spouse 1)�Benny Fuqua. We had (1)Sonya Lynn Fuqua, (2)Charles Louis Fuqua, (3) Gregory Scott Fuqua. We were divorced and I married (spouse 2) Leo Rodriguez and we had (1) Kimi Rodriguez.�

Sonya Lynn Fuqua married Albert Sanchez and they had: (1) Austin Sanchez and (2) Samantha Lara Sanchez.

Charles Louis Fuqua married Juanie Phinney and they had: (1) Charles Paul Fuqua and (2) Dylan Thomas Fuqua.

Gregory Scott Fuqua married Kimberly Kuhn Teran.��No biological children.

Kimi Rodriguez married Richard L. Bowers and they had: (1) Landon Wade Bowers, (2) Gregory Louis Bowers and (3) Christopher Evan Bowers.

Marian "Mickey" Francis married Thomas Reed Fulton. No biological children

Elizabeth Francis' name is Mildred Elizabeth Francis b. Jul 1929 d. Jul 1929 and is buried Wolfe Cemetery at the foot of her mother's grave.

Betty Lou Francis married Norman Gangluff and they had: (1) Michael Norman Gangluff (2) Steven Bernard Gangluff (3) Jane Elizabeth Gangluff

Michael Norman Gangluff married Unknown. No biological children.

Steven Bernard Gangluff married�Ginger Unknown �and they had one daughter:�� Callie Gangluff.

Jane Elizabeth Gangluff married Mark (Unknown) and they had two sons:  (1)� Shannon Gangluff and (2) Unknown Gangluff

The birth and death info on Betty Lou Francis is correct. She is buried in Sacred Heart Cemetery, Charleston, AR.

Paul J. Francis married Betty Maxwell. They had one daughter, Rhonda�Francis

Bobby Joe Francis (deceased and his info is correct) married Joy Brinkley and they had: (1) Jimmy Francis (2) Betty Jo Francis (3) Patty Francis

Joyce June Francis (now deceased) b. 03 Mar 1935 in Gillette, Arkansas Co., AR, d. 16 Apr 2005 in Russellville, Pope Co., AR. Buried Rest Haven Memorial Park, Russellville, AR. Joyce June Francis married William Eldon Newsom and they had:

Angela Kay Newsom who married Gregory Michael Hopkins and they had: 1) Allison Michele Hopkins�(2) Gregory Michael Hopkins II.

Ora Sue (Lee) Bramlet daughter of William Jennings Nix & Martha Elizabeth Moore is incorrectly listed as having been married twice. Her maiden name is Ora Bramlet Nix and she married John Samuel Davis. I reconfirmed this with her granddaughter since I was not aware of her having been married twice. Ora Bramlet Nix and John Samuel Davis had:

Garland Davis b.abt. 1911 d. Unknown buried Conway Co., AR. He married Mary Betty Irving. They had (1) William "Bill" �Irving Davis and (2) Michael "Mike" Davis

James Marion "Jimmy" Davis b. abt. 1918 d. Unknown�- buried Unknown. Married Juanita Uknown and they had (1) James Ad Davis (deceased - killed in auto accident when he was teenager).

John Lilburn "Tidy" Davis b. 23 Oct 1913 d. 09 Aug 1932 buried Wolfe�Cemetery, Oppelo, Conway Co., AR.

Dora Lettie�Nix b. 10 Mar 1894 d. 1975 buried South Bend, Indiana - married��Henry O. Berger and they had one son:� William Jennings "Billy" Berger.

William Jennings "Billy" Berger married "Sis" Unknown and they had: (1) Michael "Mike) Berger (2) Patrick "Pat" Berger (3) Rebecca "Becky" Berger (4) Kevin Berger

Josie Myrtle Nix daughter of William Jennings Nix married Oscar Allen Wear. They had:

1) Ora Hazel Wear married Ninon Farnsworth "Mutt" Brown No biological children.

2)Hugh Bradford Wear married Audra Earl Moore and they had: 1) John Allen Wear 2) Glenda Elizabeth Wear.

John Allen Wear married Rosalie Carter and they had: (1) Johnna Elizabeth Wear (2) Jennifer Lynn Wear (3) Eddie Bradford Wear

Glenda Elizabeth Wear married Herbert Samuel Taylor and they had: 1) Hugh Samuel "Chip" Taylor� and (2) Charles Allen "Chuck" Taylor


Orville Leon Wear married Sybil Alverson and they had: 1) Judith Karen Wear 2) Carole Jean Wear 3) Diane Wear

Judith Karen Wear married Robert Jeffrey Moore and they had 1) Hunter Robert Moore 2) Mark Douglas Moore (3) Jason Glover Moore (4) John David Moore

John David Moore married Brandon Lively Moore and they had twins:�Evan Elizabeth Moore�(female) and Spencer Robert Moore (male).

Carole Jean Wear married unknown.

Ina Doreen Wear married Al Jabour and they had (1) Jacqueline "Jackie" Jabour (2) Kenneth "Kenny" Jabour and (3) Anise Jabour

Jennings Darryl Wear married Hazel Franklin Smith and they had (1) Joanne Wear who married Jimmy Jenkins (2) Marilyn Yvonne Wear b. 24 Oct 1935 d. 16 Jul�2002 in Scarpoose, OR. She was �married to Bruce Sherman.

Charles Bennett Wear married Betty Jean Scott and they had (1) Steven Wear (2) Unknown son Wear (3) Jo Beth Wear

Doris Marie Wear married James Louis Bruton and they had (1)�Louis �Farrell Bruton b. 13 Feb 1935 d. 25 Sept. 1955 buried Wolfe Cemetery, Oppelo, Conway Co., AR.�and (3) Ronald Loyd Bruton married Shirley Unknown and they had (1) James Louis Bruton (2) Maria Bruton and (3) Unknown son Bruton

Elizabeth Louise Wear married Chester Curl.� They had (1) Deborah "Debbie" Curl and (2) Michael "Mike" Curl.

Librum W. Nix son of William Jennings & Martha Elizabeth. His name is Lilburn Wesley Nix.

I have received additional information about 'Uncle Tom" Nix, son of John T. Nix. I am awaiting confirmation of that information and will forward to you when received. I have not included some of the names of William Jennings children since the info you have is correct as written.

If you don't mind,�would you be so kind as to resend me your file with all the cousins names & info etc.��When my computer caught a virus I lost �the file. During my move�to Idaho from Virginia, �my back up disk was misplaced and I have not found it as yet.

If I can help you with any more info just let me know. When I obtain missing names and dates on any of the above relatives, I will also send you an update.

Barbara Rodriguez 54 Toad Road Priest River, ID 83856 Residence: 208-448-2730 Mobile:��443-532-7041

Delivered-To: From: Date: Tue, 6 Dec 2005 12:43:40 EST Subject: Gasaway (Gassaway) Family To:

Correction: �Thomas Gasaway was not a half brother to William W., he was a half brother to Henry, a half uncle to William W. Sorry 'bout that!

Looking forward to receiving your�info�on Cosby Curtis / William W. Gassaway. Hopefully, comparing notes and additional research will provide confirmation.

You mentioned Wanda as another Nix researcher. Do you have her tree info as it connects to ours?


<> Oppelo's Tennessee Moores

Before the autumn of 1850 William and James H. Moore arrived from Tennessee. Living then in Oppelo with James, besides his own children, were three other Moores; Lewis, Henry, and Andrew. Shortly after, Dan Moore and his family also came to Oppelo. The nature of the connection between these five families is not yet clear, but it is certain that some relationship did exist. 1-- Dan Moore

sp-Elizabeth  1811
   2-- John W. Moore
   2-- William H. Moore (m. N.E. Wood)
   2-- Mariah E. Moore
   2-- James David (or Daniel) Moore
   2-- Albert H. Moore (poss. m. Alice Norton 2nov1884)

Dan Moore was murdered by Federal troops stationed at Lewisburg. He does not appear in Oppelo until after the 1850 census. 1-- James H. Moore (1823-1865)

sp-Elizabeth Agnes Taylor (1823)
   2-- Sarah J. Moore (1846)
   2-- Columbus F. Moore (1848)
   2-- Mary Ann Moore (1851-1917)
    sp(1) Lloyd Wood "Doc" (1846-1886)
       *** CHILDREN ***
    sp(2) H. J. Whitehurst (1848)
       3-- Thomas J. Whitehurst (1886-1959)
        sp-Effie M. Jones (1889-1932)
           4-- Inez Whitehurst
            sp-Eric Hart
               5-- Frankie Dean Hart
               5-- E. J. Hart
    sp(3) (--) Andrews
    sp(4) (--) McGhee
   2-- Daniel W. Moore (1854-1880)
    sp-Elizabeth Norman (1855)
       3-- Mary A. Moore- (1879)
   2-- Thomas Hugh Moore (1857-1927)
    sp-Angeline J. Greer (1864-1925)
       3-- John Wesley Moore (1882-1930)
        sp-Hallie Syble Jones (1888-1987)
           4-- Purna Alice Moore (1907-1907)
           4-- Myrtle Corine Moore (1909-1959)
            sp(1) (--) Brown
               5-- Vida Mae Brown
            assoc.w/ (--)Cody
               5-- Willa Jean Brown
            assoc.w/ Thomas F. Nix (1881-1843)
               5-- Nickie Brown
            assoc.w/ unknown
               5-- Billy Brown
            sp(2) William L. Mitchell (1911-1991)
               *** CHILDREN ***
           4-- Montine Moore
           4-- Emma Jean Moore
           4-- Orville Moore (1925-1943)
       3-- William Moore
        sp-Bertha Pearl Wood (1894-1955)
           *** CHILDREN ***
       3-- James Thomas Moore (1900-1974)
        sp-Annie Nellie Van Marion (1904)
           4-- James Cornelius Moore (1923-1943)
           4-- Thomas Hugh Moore
           4-- Lena Muriel Moore
       3-- Maude Brown (1909)
   2-- James Bennett Moore (1859-1945)
    sp-Lucy Elizabeth Todd (1866-1932)
       3-- Biddie Florence Moore (1885-1885)
       3-- Dora Agnes Moore (1887-1890)
       3-- Claude Adams Moore (1893-1893)
       3-- Esther May Moore (1897-1900)
       3-- Stella Irene Moore (1900-1950)
        sp(1) James H. Beattie
        sp(2) David Eugene Bennett
       3-- Nora Callie Moore (1902)
        sp-George Buryl Cummins
   2-- Martha Elizabeth Moore (1862-1938)
    sp-William Jennings Nix (1856-1918)
       3-- Willie Agnes Nix (1884-1885)
       3-- James Marion Nix (1886-1886)
       3-- Josephine Myrtle Nix (1887-1970)
        sp-Oscar Allen Wear (1879-1959)
           4-- Ina Dorene Wear
           4-- Orville Leon Wear
           4-- Elizabeth Louise Wear
           4-- Charles Bennett Wear
           4-- Ora Hazel Wear (1907-1981)
            sp-Ninon Fernsworth (Mutt) Brown (1907-1976)
           4-- Jennings Darrell Wear (1910)
           4-- Hugh Bradford Wear (1911-1961)
           4-- Woodrow Wilson Wear (1914-1922)
           4-- Doris Marie Wear (1916-1966)
            sp-James Lewis Bruton (1913-1975)
               5-- Lewis Farrell Bruton (1936-1955)
       3-- Ora Lee Nix (1888)
       3-- Lilburn W. Nix (1892-1909)
       3-- Dora Letty Nix (1894)
       3-- Cecil Mattie Nix (1896-1975)
       3-- Mary Velma Nix (1898-1899)
       3-- Grace Missouri Nix (1901)
        sp-(--) Francis
           4-- Paul J. Francis (1933-1982)

Official Records: --1844-Roane Co. TN, m. to Elizabeth Agnes Taylor. --1850-Bentley Twp, Perry Co. Arkansas Census. --1856-Arkansas Land Patent. --1860-. --1870-Perry Co., AR - widow and several children appear without James.

In Ray Wood's interview with his mother, Linah Wilcox Wood (who lived with James' daughter Mary Ann Moore Wood), Ray prompts his mother to respond with the term "bushwhackers" when she falters describing James' murderers in the incident during the war near the Hallett cemetary where he was buried. A newpaper article from 1930 interviewing Mr. Van Meter of Oppelo states that James was one of several people murdered by Federal Home Guard occupying Lewisburg at the end of the war. James Moore had apparently been a soldier in the army of the CSA, and was sick at home when they came for him. Rather than put his family in danger he told his wife Aggie that he had to go with them and would come back if he was able. He was taken to the Hallett cemetery and shot. His body was buried there. 1-- William M. Moore (1825)

sp-Nancy Jane Taylor (1826) m. 1847 in Roane Co. TN
   2-- Thomas B. Moore
   2-- Martha Moore
   2-- Mary C. Moore (She very probably married J.S.Wood)
   2-- Jeff Davis Moore

This was almost certainly a brother or cousin to James H. Moore, and he was definitely in Oppelo by 24th of October, 1850. On the 1850 census living with William Moore's family was William C. Taylor, age 21, a laborer from Tennessee (James H. Moore married Elizabeth Agnes Taylor in Roane Co, TN).

There is a marriage record for JD Moore, 19, and MA Panky, 17, on 29jan1880 c249, which could have been Jeff Davis Moore, but was more likely to have been his "cousin" James Daniel Moore (son of Dan). 1-- Lewis J. Moore (1829)

After his medical discharge during the war Lewis returned to Oppelo; he was present during the raid in which James and Dan Moore were murdered, but had disappeared by 1870. 1-- Henry Moore (1840)

sp-Mary E. (1844)
   2-- Henry C. Moore (1864)
   2-- Thomas Moore (1870)

1-- Andrew J. Moore (1841)

   2-- Margaret J. Moore (1869-1880)
sp-Elizabeth J. (1838)
   2-- John Anderson (Bud) Moore (Howell?) (1869-1954)
   2-- Martha E. Moore (Howell?) (1876)

The problem with these fellows lies in that I can place James H. Moore in the second family of James M. Moore of Kingston, Roane Co, TN . . . but the three younger Moores he brought with him to Oppelo don't seem to have come from the same pool of Moores.

The generation of Moores that was born in Oppelo made much of the fact that their grandfather, James Marion Moore, had been born in Ireland (even spoke "Irish"), and indeed the Kingston James M. Moore was an Irish immigrant who had a son named James H. Moore born in 1823.

So far all I have to prove a connection between the above James H. Moore and the Roane Co TN family below is: � The name James H. Moore with the right birth year appears in the Roane family's legal papers. � James' son's obit states his parents came to Arkansas from Kingston. � James and his wife's marriage is recorded in Roane County. � There was a Taylor family living not far from the Kingston Moores. � James' children thought their father was Irish. � Names of James' children and grandchildren recur in both families. � James H. Moore of Kingston disappears with no explanation from Kingston between 1845 and 1850. � Oppelo's oldest "Moore" remembered James H. Moore's middle name as Marion (it was not) but Roane's Irish James Moore's middle initial was M.

The Roane Co family originates with four Moore full-brothers and a half-brother and sister, all born in Ireland.

Full-brother George Moore, (Ire-1842TN) unmarried and childless

Full-brother James M. Moore, (Ire-1846TN), immigrated about or before 1797 1st m. in Ireland, and had:

                2-Jane Moore, 
                2-George Moore,
                        3-Phoebe Moore, m. Hugh Woody in 1839
                        3-Jane Moore, m. Horace D?son?
                        3-Ellen Moore
                        3-Elizabeth Moore
                        3-Hannah Moore
                        3-John Moore
                        3-Sarah Moore
                        3-Addison Moore
                        3-Alsey Moore
                        3-Margery Moore
                        3-?Franklin? Moore
                        3-James Moore
                2-Henry Moore, m. Elizabeth Anthony in 1824
                        3-George W. Moore
                2-John Moore,
                        3-Andrew Moore
                2-Elizabeth Moore, m. John Dever in 1823
                2-Margery Moore, m. James Wells in 1817
                        3-Louisa? Wells m. David Bailey
                        3-Elizabeth Wells m. Robert H. Brazeale
                        3-Moses Wells m. Hannah Anthony in 1838
                        3-Sarah J. Wells m. Henry W. Brazeale in 1841
                        3-Nancy Wells
                        3-Alcey Wells
                        3-Amanda Wells
                        3-Margaret Wells
                        3-Angeline Wells

2nd m. in America, and had:

                2-Catherine Moore,
                2-James H. Moore, b.1823TN-
                2-Hannah Moore,
                2-Henderson Moore, m. Martha A. Jones in 1853
                2-Hugh Moore,

3rd m. his half-niece, Jane Findley

                no children

Full-brother Alexander Moore

               2-Joseph Moore
               2-Jane Moore, m. David (--)

Full-brother Noble Moore, never left Ireland but his Irish children all did:

               2-William Moore, (1787Ire-1862TN), m. Unity Tucker in 1813  & lived in McMinn Co TN
                        3-Aelack E. T. Moore (1836-1905) m. Elizabeth Armstrong (1837-1913)
                               4-A.E. Tom Moore (1875-1931) m. Georgia E. Ingram (1895-1946)
                               4-Hugh L. Moore (1880-1900)
                               4-Joseph Moore (1877-1954)
                               4-Jeanette Callie Moore (1872-)
                               4-Bettie W. Moore (1870-)
                               4-Robert E. Moore (1869-)
                               4-George P. Moore       
                        3-Hugh L. Moore (1834-1906) m. Narcissa Callie Hamilton (1844-1897)
                               4-William Moore (1866-1890)
                               4-Robert Moore (1868-)
                               4-James Moore (1871-)
                               4-Samuel Moore (1874-)
                               4-Lillie L. Moore Abt. (1875-)
                        3-Joseph Moore (1820-) m. Jestina (1830-)
                               4-Una Moore (1846-)
                               4-Auda Moore (1848-)
                        3-William Moore (1830-1894) m. Catherine Armstrong (1830-1901)
                               4-Betsy Jane Moore (1856-)
                               4-Susan Moore (1857-1938)
                               4-Sarah Moore (1860-)
                               4-Luann Moore (1864-)
                               4-Maggie Moore (1866-)
                               4-John J. A. Moore (1865-1897)
                               4-Callie Moore (1870-)
                               4-Willie Moore (1874-) m. Daisy (1875-1904)
                               4-Lucy Moore (1877-)
                        3-George M. Moore (abt1827-)
                        3-Hamilton Moore       
                        3-James Moore (1834-) m. Julia Mitchell        
                        3-Mary Ann Moore (1839-1914) m. Martin Moses Sweeney (1833-1885)
                               4-Samuel H. Sweeney (1874-)
                               4-Martha J. Sweeney (1856-)
                               4-Rebecca Louisa Sweeney (1859 -)
                               4-Nancy Elizabeth Sweeney (1862-1943) m. Thomas B. Harris (-1897)
                               4-Moses Sweeney (1866-)
                               4-John Sweeney  (1868-)
                               4-Mary E. Sweeney (1870-) m. J. A. McGain       
                               4-Stephen C. Sweeney (1874-)
                        3-Susan Jane Moore (1831-1870) m. Jonathan E. Barker (1830-1862)
                               4-Mary Washington Barker (1855-1894) m. Thomas Benton Weaver (1848-1923)
                               4-William Hamilton Barker (1856-1918) m. Victoria Celeste Weaver (1861-1941)
                               4-Unice R. Barker (1858-1880) m. Andrew Jackson Haden (1854-1922)
                               4-Burt Alexander Barker (1859-1916) m. Delana Estelle Bushong (1865-1931)
                               4-Thomas Barker (1862-Aft.1918) m. Ida  
                        3-Margaret Moore (1815-) m. William Baskett (1814-)
                               4-Una Baskett (1848-)
                               4-Ibby Baskett
                               4-John F. Baskett (1840-1915) m.Mary (--) (1847-)
                               4-William Baskett (1842-1918) m.Mary C. (1850-)
                               4-Joseph C. Baskett (1844-)
                               4-Ann T. Baskett (1846-)
               2-George Moore, (b.Ireland), m. Sally Rice in 1814
               2-Hugh A. Moore, (1786Ire-1862TN) m. Mary (--)
                        3-Charlotte Moore
                        3-George Moore
               2-Jane Moore, (b.Ireland), m. John Tucker in 1816
               2-Isabell Moore (b.Ireland), m. John Westley Eldridge

Half-Brother John Moore (Ire-1835TN) m. Susan (--)

               2-George William R Moore, lived in Athens TN
               2-Jacob K. Moore, m. Phoebe W. Rich in 1839, went to Hendricks Co Indiana
               2-John H. Moore
               2-Lewis M. Moore
               2-Joseph H. Moore
               2-Mary Ann Moore
               2-Margaret Jane Moore

Half-Sister Isabella Moore m. James Findly

               2-Margaret (Peggy) Findly m. Robert Morris in 1832
               2-George Findly m. Jane Spence in 1824
               2-Jane Findly
               2-Elizabeth Findly m. Samuel Hotchkiss (he m. Malinda Spence in 1840)
               2-John Findly m. Gabriella M. Hotchkiss in 1835
               2-James M. Findly
               2-William Findly m. Mary Ann Alexander in 1842
               2-Polly (Mary) Findly m. John Spence in 1832
               2-Louisa Ann Findly m. William Davis Moore in 1839

Hi Dalton! � Got your email and will study it later today.� Have to go to the village.� � One question - - what census do you actually show young William Jennings Nix (b. 1853)listed �in the household�of Thomas Alexander Nix (b. 1830)?� [The direct answer is the 1855 Alabama State Census and the 1870 Arkansas Census after his father had died and the family is listed as Nicks. The rest of this is additional embellishment.] More later - Barbara

Barbara. thank you, because this gives me a reason to document this issue which I have needed to do for some time. To start with it seems that almost everyone has the LDS family gene pool individual records that has the two sons listed: I think that some study into the stated purpose of this file is in order. I do not think that the LDS ever intended this to be an complete list but only selective individuals from selective family so that they could study; I am not sure what. So I think additional understanding of this study may help understand why all children were not listed.

Reference found in <www. Ancestry.con> ; "Gene Pool Individual Records" while searching for Elizabeth Gassaway. File only shows following information; James F Nix; born 1858 in Alabama, John T.Nix born 1856 in Alabama ; father, Thomas Alexander Nix, Mother Elizabeth Gassaway. [My Notes: This record shows only two sons and both born after 1855. I have no explanation why a third son was not listed, if one existed. But need to study the purpose of this Gene pool list. ]


Then there is the 1860 census of the family in Blount County, Alabama. Here again only two sons both less than five years of age, that is both born after 1855. Now we have too good records of two sons born after 1855, but no discussion of one born before 1855. We do find Elizabeth's father living next door, and that is the case many times. Even though there were three children by Cosby Curtis it seems the William W. Gassaway stayed close to his first daughter.

1860 Census, Alabama Blount County, Western Division , PO Summit, Enumerated 19 June 1860, image 49 of 73.

Family #247 Thomas NIX, 26 male Milley E, 26 female, John T, 4 born Ala James F., 2, born Alabama

Family #246 William W. Gassaway, 59, Ludina,female, 31, Namon C. male 16, b SC Sarnhell, 11, female, b SC John H, 8, male, b Ala Mary M. 6, female, b Ala Wilkins(?), 4, male, Ala, Rucheal, j 3 Female, Al Nosuna, T, 8/12, female, Al


I was a long time finding this state census of 1855 for Alabama. And as with all other documents it has a few gaps and questions also. One of the questions is where is Jennings? He for sure was living in Blount County at this time, but was living about two or three miles from Daniel and Tyre. I have not been able to establish where William was living the few years they stayed in Alabama. Nor am I positive where Thomas Alexander was living, but I assume it was near her father, William W. Gassaway. I have located property that Gassaway purchased and it was very near where Jennings was living. So why was Jennings missing? I do not know.

This listing is for the four sons of Jennings and the ages and number of children seems to match correctly. Thomas Alexander is the one listed as T.M. He is listed the same way on his civil war records, and is seems to come from the way that the "A" was written. Both the start and ending of the "A" had long fancy curls. I saw an actual copy of his war records and it was difficult to tell what it was but could be called an "M" just as easily as an "A". So I have decided that T.M. NIX is Thomas Alexander NIX. There were no other NIX families in all of Blount County in 1855.

The value of this census is that it shows a son born before 1855 in the T.A. Nix (Thomas Alexander Nix and Elizabeth Gassaway) household.

1855 Blount County, Alabama State Census Key: Name, Males Under 21, Males Over 21, Females Under 21, Females Over 21, Total The next section (after the second hyphen) records: Insane Within Each County, Insane Sent Abroad, Slaves, and Free Persons of Color.

Nix, Daniel, � 1,1,5,1,8 � 0,0,0,0

Nix, T.M., � 1,1,1,0,3 � 0,0,0,0

Nix, Tyra, � 2,1,0,2,5 � 0,0,0,0

Nix, William, � 1,1,2,0,4 � 0,0,0,0 (check, I think this indicates two males and two females in the family

It certainly appears that the only NIX families in Blount County in 1855 were those associated with Jennings. That would be Jennings, Daniel, Tyre, Thomas, and William. For some reason it does not appear that they captured Jennings. Daniel and Tyre seems to fit the family descriptions given in the census data. William fits if we assume that his first born son was born in Alabama before they returned to South Carolina. That leaves only the individual described as T.M. Nix. This could be Thomas Alexander if we assume that the census taker had a really bad handwriting. And also that we have the birth of one son in error by one year. That John T. their first born was actually born in 1855 or earlier. To date the only proof of John T.'s existence has been the LDS listing and the 1860 Blount County Federal census that both agree on the general date of birth for John T. and James F. So at this point I am a bit confused about how to interpret this data from the 1855 Blount County census.

This was written before I learned about William Jennings being born to them in Jan of 1853. He would fit the one male under 21 so that this description fits Thomas Alexander Nix and Elizabeth Gassway perfectly. That is still with the mistake in the second name being M. in place of Alexander.


At long last William actually appears on a census report. This is 1870, the father has died in the Civil war and the family has moved on to Arkansas. Even though the enumerator spelled the name Nicks, there is no doubt that this is our Elizabeth and her family Note that both John and James were born after 1855 and William born before that date. Also two girls show up. The first question is where was Sarah for the 1860 census? I do not know. The second question would be could they be William's daughters. Absolutely, At 12 years old Sarah was born before the war. Rebecca at seven would have been conceived about 1861-1862 and William did not enlist in the Alabama 12th Calvary until the summer of 1862. Also they were assigned to the North Alabama area for most of the war, and he may have had time at home during those years. Not until early 1865 were they assigned to provide a delaying tactic to slow General Sherman's "March to The Sea", from Atlanta Georgia to South Carolina. William died in the final four months of the war.

Search > Census > U.S. Census > 1870 United States Federal Census > Arkansas > Mississippi > Scott; image 4 of 17, line 11. Residence 26, Family 26. Scott Township, Post Office Pecan Point, Mississippi County, enumerated on 19 July 1870,

Nicks, Elizabeth, 36, F, W, Wid., Keeping House, SC,

       , William, 16, M, W, Farmer, AL, 
       , John, 13, M, W, Farm Labor, AL,
       , James, 11, M, W, Farm Laborer, AL,
       , Sarah, 12, F, W, AL,
       , Rebecca, 7, F, W,  AL,

Also her father has moved to Arkansas, but for once is not living next door. ================================================ This is her father and his family in 1870.

1870 UNITED STATES FEDERAL CENSUS, State of Arkansas. You are here: Search > Census > U.S. Census > 1870 United States Federal Census > Arkansas > St Francis > Union Union Township, in the County of ST Francis, State of Arkansas, enumerated by me on 1 August 1870, Hugh McMurry, Page 1, Image 1 of 35 at <>

Residence 3, Family3, Gassaway, W.W. 68, M, W, Farmer, SC,

                  , Lavia J. appears to be 39, F, W. S.C., 
                  , William G.(?) , 15, M, W, Ala, 
                  , Mary Malinda, 15, F, W, Ala, 
                  , Rachel Ann(?). 14, F, W, Ala, 
                  , Roxanna C(?), 11, F, W, Ala, 
                  , Isabella J. 10, F, W, Ala, 
                  , David J. 8, M, W, Ala, 
                  , Sammuel, 4, M, W, Ala, 
                  , Ben F., 3, M, W, Ala, 

Notes, I do not think there is any doubt that this is William W. Gassaway, the Father of Elizabeth. The older children that I have from the 1860 census in Blount County, are not at home, as would be expected, and there are several that are 10 or younger that were not on the 1860 census, but the ages of W.W. , William, Mary M., and Rachel Ann match. Rachel Ann was not readable in 1860 but is was close.

The thing of interest is that all were born in Alabama, which means that they did not arrive in Arkansas until well after the WAR. Need to ask Earlene to check the Etowah County Courthouse looking for a record of him selling the property in Altoona. But that was the period when they were attempting to organize a new county in Alabama so the records may be in Gadsden in the Etowah Couty Courthouse. But Etowah was not organized until 1869 after several years of attempting to name it for a union general. So maybe the records for that period may be completely lost. Or they may be in Oneonta. The only thing that would do is attempt to set some kind of estimate on when he left Alabama. Then in the reconstruction period Alabama land may not have had much value, maybe he just moved on and abandoned the property that he had paid a dollar acre for.

Why stop with a couple of lines that answered your question when I can string it out for two pages? But I needed to document it for my own records.


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