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Martha Elizabeth MOORE
Facts and Events
Name Martha Elizabeth MOORE
Gender Female
Birth? 5 Sep 1863 Oppelo, Perry Co., (later Conway Co.) Arkansas
Marriage 18 Feb 1884 Conway County, Arkansasto William Jennings NIX
Death? 4 Aug 1938 Oppelo, Conway County, Arkansas
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1930 Federal Census, Arkansas, Conway County, Bentley, District #2, image 10 of 16,

residence 154, Family 155,

Carroll?, Charles , Head, M, W, 39, M, 31, no, yes, Ark., TN, Tn,

            , Cecil, Wife, F, W, 33, M, 24, no, yes, Ark, Alabama, Arkansas

NIX, Martha, mother-in-law, F, W, 66, Wd, 20, no, yes, Tn, Tn,

1930 Federal Census, Arkansas, Conway County, Bentley, District #2, image 10 of 16,

residence 154, Family 155,

Carroll?, Charles , Head, M, W, 39, M, 31, no, yes, Ark., TN, Tn,

            , Cecil, Wife, F, W, 33, M, 24, no, yes, Ark, Alabama, Arkansas

NIX, Martha, mother-in-law, F, W, 66, Wd, 20, no, yes, Tn, Tn,

,1900 federal census,Search �>� Census �>� U.S. Census � >� � Arkansas >� Conway >� Bentley, town of Bentley , image 7 of 14, residence 64, family 65, Nix, William J. head, W, M, Jan 1853, 47, M, 16, Ala, SC, SC,

     , Martha E., Wife, W,F, sep, 1863, 36, M 16, 8, 5, AR, TN, TN, 
     , Josie M. daughter, W, F, feb 188, 13, S, AR, Al, Ar, 
     , Ora B. daughter, W, F, aug 1888, 11, S, 
     , Dilburn W. (Wilburn,Tilburn?) son, W, M, jam 189, 8, S, 
     , Dora L.?, Daughter, W, F, mar 1894, S, 
     , Mattie C, daughter, W, F, 1896, 3, S, 

William Wear, servant, W, M, oct 1876, 23, S, MS, ms, ms,

1910 U.S. Census � Arkansas � Conway � Bentley ��ED# 1 Image 9 of 15, residence 83, Family 83, NIX, William J. ,Head, M, W, 54, M, 27, Al, SC, SC, Blaksmith,Farmer,

      , Martha E., wife, F, W, M, 27, 9, ?6?, Arkansas, TN, TN, none, 
      , Dora L., daughter, F,W, 16, S, Arkansas, Al, AK, Farm Labor, 
      , Mattie E., daughter, F, W, 19, S, AK, Al, AK, Farm Labor, 
      , Gracie M., daughter, F. W. 9, S, AK, Al, AK, none, 

NOTE, Martha inicates that 9 children were born and some lesser number were living in 1930, Cannot make out the number of living for sure, Does not really look like a 6, there are 6's above and below this one and they are different, but the entery does not look like anything else either. I am not sure of her reply regarding the number living.

Name: � Martha E Nix 1920 Census Age: � 56�years� Estimated birth year: � 1863 Birthplace: � Arkansas Race: � White Home in 1920: � Bentley, Conway, Arkansas Home owned: � View Image Sex: � View Image Marital status: � View Image Year of immigration: � View Image Able to read & write: � View Image Roll: � T625_57 Page: � 4B ED: � 1 Image: � 0871

Image 8 of 18, Farm Road, Residence 54, Family 54, NIX, Marhta E., Head, F, W, 56, Wid, Ark, TN, TN,

      , Dora L., daughter, F, W, 25, S., AK, AL, AK, 
      , Mattie C., daughter, F, W, 23, S,. AK. Al, AK, 
      , Grace M, daughter, F, W, 18, S, AK, AL, AK, 

NOTE: Martha E, is listed as Head of the family and wid in 1920 which would confirm the death of William J. between 1910 and 1920., I have his death as 1918, which I thikd came from the grave marker.

2-- Martha Elizabeth Moore (1862-1938)

    sp-William Jennings Nix (1856-1918)
       3-- Willie Agnes Nix (1884-1885)
       3-- James Marion Nix (1886-1886)
       3-- Josephine Myrtle Nix (1887-1970)
        sp-Oscar Allen Wear (1879-1959)
           4-- Ina Dorene Wear
           4-- Orville Leon Wear
           4-- Elizabeth Louise Wear
           4-- Charles Bennett Wear
           4-- Ora Hazel Wear (1907-1981)
            sp-Ninon Fernsworth (Mutt) Brown (1907-1976)
           4-- Jennings Darrell Wear (1910)
           4-- Hugh Bradford Wear (1911-1961)
           4-- Woodrow Wilson Wear (1914-1922)
           4-- Doris Marie Wear (1916-1966)
            sp-James Lewis Bruton (1913-1975)
               5-- Lewis Farrell Bruton (1936-1955)
       3-- Ora Lee Nix (1888)
       3-- Lilburn W. Nix (1892-1909)
       3-- Dora Letty Nix (1894)
       3-- Cecil Mattie Nix (1896-1975)
       3-- Mary Velma Nix (1898-1899)
       3-- Grace Missouri Nix (1901)
        sp-(--) Francis
           4-- Paul J. Francis (1933-1982) 

Re; Wm. Jennings Nix birth date I think I covered that in my last letter. The correct spelling of the Cemetery is Wolf Cemetery (I have a picture of the entrance taken when I was back there in 2002. He and Martha Elizabeth MOORE were married 18 Feb 1884. Martha E. was born 5 Sep 1863 Oppelo, Perry Co., (later Conway Co.) AR. She died 4 Aug 1938 in Oppelo. I told you about having a picture of their log cabin.

Martha Elizabeth MOORE�s parents were James Marion Moore born circa 1823 TN died on or about 18 Mar 1864 in Oppelo. He was married to Elizabeth A. TAYLOR in Roane Co., TN 27 Jun 1844 � she was born Feb 1823, TN and died 14 Sep 1903 in Oppelo.

Delivered-To: From: Date: Sat, 12 Nov 2005 01:24:48 EST Subject: Jennings Nix Tree To:

Good Evening Dalton,

I have been intending to send you some corrections to the William Jennings Nix family branch but with my move to northern Idaho, I kept putting it off.

Under William Jennings Nix married to Martha Elizabeth Moore:

Daughter Grace Missouri Nix is buried in Wolfe Cemetery (rest of her personal info is correct). She was married to Marion Bernard Francis��b. 01 Nov 1888 d.20 Apr 1944 in Tupelo, Lee Co., MS. Buried Red Bay, AL cemetery.

Children of Grace M. Nix and Marion B. Francis:

Barbara A. Francis�married (spouse 1)�Benny Fuqua. We had (1)Sonya Lynn Fuqua, (2)Charles Louis Fuqua, (3) Gregory Scott Fuqua. We were divorced and I married (spouse 2) Leo Rodriguez and we had (1) Kimi Rodriguez.�

Sonya Lynn Fuqua married Albert Sanchez and they had: (1) Austin Sanchez and (2) Samantha Lara Sanchez.

Charles Louis Fuqua married Juanie Phinney and they had: (1) Charles Paul Fuqua and (2) Dylan Thomas Fuqua.

Gregory Scott Fuqua married Kimberly Kuhn Teran.��No biological children.

Kimi Rodriguez married Richard L. Bowers and they had: (1) Landon Wade Bowers, (2) Gregory Louis Bowers and (3) Christopher Evan Bowers.

Marian "Mickey" Francis married Thomas Reed Fulton. No biological children

Elizabeth Francis' name is Mildred Elizabeth Francis b. Jul 1929 d. Jul 1929 and is buried Wolfe Cemetery at the foot of her mother's grave.

Betty Lou Francis married Norman Gangluff and they had: (1) Michael Norman Gangluff (2) Steven Bernard Gangluff (3) Jane Elizabeth Gangluff

Michael Norman Gangluff married Unknown. No biological children.

Steven Bernard Gangluff married�Ginger Unknown �and they had one daughter:�� Callie Gangluff.

Jane Elizabeth Gangluff married Mark (Unknown) and they had two sons:  (1)� Shannon Gangluff and (2) Unknown Gangluff

The birth and death info on Betty Lou Francis is correct. She is buried in Sacred Heart Cemetery, Charleston, AR.

Paul J. Francis married Betty Maxwell. They had one daughter, Rhonda�Francis

Bobby Joe Francis (deceased and his info is correct) married Joy Brinkley and they had: (1) Jimmy Francis (2) Betty Jo Francis (3) Patty Francis

Joyce June Francis (now deceased) b. 03 Mar 1935 in Gillette, Arkansas Co., AR, d. 16 Apr 2005 in Russellville, Pope Co., AR. Buried Rest Haven Memorial Park, Russellville, AR. Joyce June Francis married William Eldon Newsom and they had:

Angela Kay Newsom who married Gregory Michael Hopkins and they had: 1) Allison Michele Hopkins�(2) Gregory Michael Hopkins II.

Ora Sue (Lee) Bramlet daughter of William Jennings Nix & Martha Elizabeth Moore is incorrectly listed as having been married twice. Her maiden name is Ora Bramlet Nix and she married John Samuel Davis. I reconfirmed this with her granddaughter since I was not aware of her having been married twice. Ora Bramlet Nix and John Samuel Davis had:

Garland Davis b.abt. 1911 d. Unknown buried Conway Co., AR. He married Mary Betty Irving. They had (1) William "Bill" �Irving Davis and (2) Michael "Mike" Davis

James Marion "Jimmy" Davis b. abt. 1918 d. Unknown�- buried Unknown. Married Juanita Uknown and they had (1) James Ad Davis (deceased - killed in auto accident when he was teenager).

John Lilburn "Tidy" Davis b. 23 Oct 1913 d. 09 Aug 1932 buried Wolfe�Cemetery, Oppelo, Conway Co., AR.

Dora Lettie�Nix b. 10 Mar 1894 d. 1975 buried South Bend, Indiana - married��Henry O. Berger and they had one son:� William Jennings "Billy" Berger.

William Jennings "Billy" Berger married "Sis" Unknown and they had: (1) Michael "Mike) Berger (2) Patrick "Pat" Berger (3) Rebecca "Becky" Berger (4) Kevin Berger

Josie Myrtle Nix daughter of William Jennings Nix married Oscar Allen Wear. They had:

1) Ora Hazel Wear married Ninon Farnsworth "Mutt" Brown No biological children.

2)Hugh Bradford Wear married Audra Earl Moore and they had: 1) John Allen Wear 2) Glenda Elizabeth Wear.

John Allen Wear married Rosalie Carter and they had: (1) Johnna Elizabeth Wear (2) Jennifer Lynn Wear (3) Eddie Bradford Wear

Glenda Elizabeth Wear married Herbert Samuel Taylor and they had: 1) Hugh Samuel "Chip" Taylor� and (2) Charles Allen "Chuck" Taylor


Orville Leon Wear married Sybil Alverson and they had: 1) Judith Karen Wear 2) Carole Jean Wear 3) Diane Wear

Judith Karen Wear married Robert Jeffrey Moore and they had 1) Hunter Robert Moore 2) Mark Douglas Moore (3) Jason Glover Moore (4) John David Moore

John David Moore married Brandon Lively Moore and they had twins:�Evan Elizabeth Moore�(female) and Spencer Robert Moore (male).

Carole Jean Wear married unknown.

Ina Doreen Wear married Al Jabour and they had (1) Jacqueline "Jackie" Jabour (2) Kenneth "Kenny" Jabour and (3) Anise Jabour

Jennings Darryl Wear married Hazel Franklin Smith and they had (1) Joanne Wear who married Jimmy Jenkins (2) Marilyn Yvonne Wear b. 24 Oct 1935 d. 16 Jul�2002 in Scarpoose, OR. She was �married to Bruce Sherman.

Charles Bennett Wear married Betty Jean Scott and they had (1) Steven Wear (2) Unknown son Wear (3) Jo Beth Wear

Doris Marie Wear married James Louis Bruton and they had (1)�Louis �Farrell Bruton b. 13 Feb 1935 d. 25 Sept. 1955 buried Wolfe Cemetery, Oppelo, Conway Co., AR.�and (3) Ronald Loyd Bruton married Shirley Unknown and they had (1) James Louis Bruton (2) Maria Bruton and (3) Unknown son Bruton

Elizabeth Louise Wear married Chester Curl.� They had (1) Deborah "Debbie" Curl and (2) Michael "Mike" Curl.

Librum W. Nix son of William Jennings & Martha Elizabeth. His name is Lilburn Wesley Nix.

I have received additional information about 'Uncle Tom" Nix, son of John T. Nix. I am awaiting confirmation of that information and will forward to you when received. I have not included some of the names of William Jennings children since the info you have is correct as written.

If you don't mind,�would you be so kind as to resend me your file with all the cousins names & info etc.��When my computer caught a virus I lost �the file. During my move�to Idaho from Virginia, �my back up disk was misplaced and I have not found it as yet.

If I can help you with any more info just let me know. When I obtain missing names and dates on any of the above relatives, I will also send you an update.

Barbara Rodriguez 54 Toad Road Priest River, ID 83856 Residence: 208-448-2730 Mobile:��443-532-7041

Tennessee Family Groupsheet for James H/M. MOORE Family

Copyright.� All rights reserved.

Submitted by: JoAnn Spore Email address: �

Husband: James H/M. MOORE Birthdate: circa 1823 Birthplace: TN Death date: 18 Mar 1864 Place of death: AR Father: unknown Mother: unknown

Marriage date: 27 June 1844 Marriage place: Roane Co., TN

Wife: Elizabeth Agnes TAYLOR Birthdate: circa 1824 Birthplace: TN Death date: 14 Sep 1903 Place of death: AR Father: unknown Mother: unknown


Child No. 1: Sarah J. MOORE Sex: F Birthdate: 12 Mar 1846 Birthplace: TN Death date: circa 1868 Place of death: unknown Marriage date: circa 1866 Marriage place: Spouse's name: P. L. SHARP

Child No. 2: Columbus F. Moore Sex: M Birthdate: 28 Nov 1848 Birthplace: TN Death date: 15 Mar 1863 Place of death: unknown Marriage date: Marriage place: Spouse's name:

Child No. 3: Mary Ann MOORE Sex: F Birthdate: 01 Feb 1851 Birthplace: AR Death date: circa 1917 Place of death: Marriage date: circa 1867 Marriage place: AR Spouse's name: Wilburn C. WOOD

Child No. 4: Daniel W. MOORE Sex: M Birthdate: 30 Dec 1853 Birthplace: Perry Co., AR Death date: circa 1879 Place of death: Conway Co., AR Marriage date: circa 1877 Marriage place: Spouse's name: Lizzie NORMAN

Child No. 5: Thomas Hugh MOORE Sex: M Birthdate: 02 Feb 1857 Birthplace: Perry Co., AR Death date: circa 1927 Place of death: Oppelo, Conway Co., AR Marriage date: 24 Mar 1881 Marriage place: Conway Co., AR Spouse's name: Angeline GREEN

Child No. 6: James Bennett MOORE Sex: M Birthdate: 10 May 1859 Birthplace: Perry Co., AR Death date: 01 Nov 1945 Place of death: Conway Co., AR Marriage date: 13 Jul 1884 Marriage place: Conway Co., AR Spouse's name: Lucy E. TODD

Child No. 7: Martha Elizabeth MOORE Sex: F Birthdate: 01 Sep 1863 Birthplace: Perry Co., AR Death date: 04 Aug 1938 Place of death: Oppelo, Conway Co., AR Marriage date: 18 Feb 1884 Marriage place: Conway Co., AR Spouse's name: William Jennings NIX � �

Documentation: Census AR 1850, 60, 70, 80.� Personal family knowledge. Deeds, marriage records, death and cemetery records of AR.� Martha E. MOORE who married Wm. Jennings NIX were my paternal great grandparents.

Barabara Rodriguez 54Toad Road #0 Priest River, ID 93956-9628