Person:Cecil Nix (1)

Cecil Mattie NIX
b.9 Dec 1896 Arkansas
d.8 Mar 1975
m. 18 Feb 1884
  1. Wilie Agnes NIX1884 - 1885
  2. James Marion NIX1886 - 1886
  3. Josephine (Josie) Myrtle NIX1887 - 1970
  4. Ora Sue Bramlet (Lee) NIX1888 - 1939
  5. Librum Wesley NIX1892 - 1909
  6. Dora Lettie NIX1894 - 1975
  7. Cecil Mattie NIX1896 - 1975
  8. Mary Velma NIX1898 - 1899
  9. Grace Missouri Nix1901 - 1988
Facts and Events
Name Cecil Mattie NIX
Gender Female
Birth? 9 Dec 1896 Arkansas
Marriage to Charles R. CARROLL
Death? 8 Mar 1975
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Reference Number? Descencants of Jennings NIX Keyword
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1930 Federal Census, Arkansas, Conway County, Bentley, District #2, image 10 of 16,

residence 154, Family 155,

Carroll?, Charles , Head, M, W, 39, M, 31, no, yes, Ark., TN, Tn,

            , Cecil, Wife, F, W, 33, M, 24, no, yes, Ark, Alabama, Arkansas

NIX, Martha, mother-in-law, F, W, 66, Wd, 20, no, yes, Tn, Tn, The mother was living with her daughter and son-in-law by this time.

1910 U.S. Census � Arkansas � Conway � Bentley ��ED# 1 Image 9 of 15, residence 83, Family 83, NIX, William J. ,Head, M, W, 54, M, 27, Al, SC, SC, Blaksmith,Farmer,

      , Martha E., wife, F, W, M, 27, 9, ?6?, Arkansas, TN, TN, none, 
      , Dora L., daughter, F,W, 16, S, Arkansas, Al, AK, Farm Labor, 
      , Mattie E., daughter, F, W, 19, S, AK, Al, AK, Farm Labor, 
      , Gracie M., daughter, F. W. 9, S, AK, Al, AK, none, 

NOTE, Martha inicates that 9 children were born and some lesser number were living in 1930, Cannot make out the number of living for sure, Does not really look like a 6, there are 6's above and below this one and they are different, but the entery does not look like anything else either. I am not sure of her reply regarding the number living.

Name: � Martha E Nix 1920 census Age: � 56�years� Estimated birth year: � 1863 Birthplace: � Arkansas Race: � White Home in 1920: � Bentley, Conway, Arkansas Home owned: � View Image Sex: � View Image Marital status: � View Image Year of immigration: � View Image Able to read & write: � View Image Roll: � T625_57 Page: � 4B ED: � 1 Image: � 0871

Image 8 of 18, Farm Road, Residence 54, Family 54, NIX, Marhta E., Head, F, W, 56, Wid, Ark, TN, TN,

      , Dora L., daughter, F, W, 25, S., AK, AL, AK, 
      , Mattie C., daughter, F, W, 23, S,. AK. Al, AK, 
      , Grace M, daughter, F, W, 18, S, AK, AL, AK, 

NOTE: Martha E, is listed as Head of the family and wid in 1920 which would confirm the death of William J. between 1910 and 1920., I have his death as 1918, which I thikd came from the grave marker.

2-- Martha Elizabeth Moore (1862-1938)

    sp-William Jennings Nix (1856-1918)
       3-- Willie Agnes Nix (1884-1885)
       3-- James Marion Nix (1886-1886)
       3-- Josephine Myrtle Nix (1887-1970)
        sp-Oscar Allen Wear (1879-1959)
           4-- Ina Dorene Wear
           4-- Orville Leon Wear
           4-- Elizabeth Louise Wear
           4-- Charles Bennett Wear
           4-- Ora Hazel Wear (1907-1981)
            sp-Ninon Fernsworth (Mutt) Brown (1907-1976)
           4-- Jennings Darrell Wear (1910)
           4-- Hugh Bradford Wear (1911-1961)
           4-- Woodrow Wilson Wear (1914-1922)
           4-- Doris Marie Wear (1916-1966)
            sp-James Lewis Bruton (1913-1975)
               5-- Lewis Farrell Bruton (1936-1955)
       3-- Ora Lee Nix (1888)
       3-- Lilburn W. Nix (1892-1909)
       3-- Dora Letty Nix (1894)
       3-- Cecil Mattie Nix (1896-1975)
       3-- Mary Velma Nix (1898-1899)
       3-- Grace Missouri Nix (1901)
        sp-(--) Francis
           4-- Paul J. Francis (1933-1982) 

I will send�the information on the �descendants of Dora Lettie Nix, Josie Myrtle Nix and��Ora Bramlet�Nix as soon as I can. I need to obtain dates of birth etc from the cousins.�None of the other William Jennings Nix children had any offspring.

I will send�the information on the �descendants of Dora Lettie Nix, Josie Myrtle Nix and��Ora Bramlet�Nix as soon as I can. I need to obtain dates of birth etc from the cousins.�None of the other William Jennings Nix children had any offspring.

Additions, Corrections and Revisions by Elizabeth Mintz, July 2004

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1870 Mississippi Co., AR census re. William Jennings Nix/Nicks Wanda also read his age as 16 but when I look at the copy I use I see 14 - either way I'm sure it is my Wm. J.

Your info on the descendants of Wm. J. and Martha E. are correct with the following additions and correction - Ora Lee NIX born 20 Aug 1888 married John Samuel DAVIS and their children were Garland; Ora Bramlet and James Marion. Dora Letty NIX b 10 Mar 1894 married Henry BERGER and they had one son to my knowledge and his name was William Jennings BERGER. Cecil Mattie NIX married Charles R. CARROLL and they had no children (they lived at the foot of Pettie Jean Mountain and I was at their home on several occasions, sweet wonderful people). Grace Missouri NOX died 18 Feb 1988.

I need to get back to Wanda because she had some info on John NIX age 13 ub 1870 but I can't seem to find my notes.

Also she wanted me to ask you if your mother was fond of poems - Wanda thought she might have named you after Joyce Kilmer the man who wrote the poem "I think I shall never see a poem as lovely as a tree" - what do you think.

Will get back to you later - having company starting tomorrow until Fri. Take care,