Person:James Nix (1)

James F. NIX
b.1858 Alabama
d.Bef 1900
m. 24 May 1849
  1. William Jennings NIX1853 - 1918
  2. John T. NIX1856 - Aft 1870
  3. James F. NIX1858 - Bef 1900
  4. Rebecca NIXAbt 1862 - Bef 1880
Facts and Events
Name James F. NIX
Gender Male
Birth? 1858 Alabama
Death? Bef 1900
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Reference found in <www. Ancestry.con> ; "Gene Pool Individual Records" while searching for Elizabeth Gassaway. File only shows following information; James F Nix; born 1858 in Alabama ; father, Thomas Alexander Nix, Mother Elizabeth Gassaway

Alabama Death Records list; James Nix, d Nov 1928, Jefferson County, Vol. 54, Role 3, Pg# 26660.

NIX, JAMES Land Office: DARDANELLE Sequence #: Document Number: 6531 Total Acres: 160 Misc. Doc. Nr.: 18827 Signature: Yes Canceled Document: No Issue Date: December 27, 1895 Mineral Rights Reserved: No Metes and Bounds: No Survey Date: Statutory Reference: 12 Stat. 392 Multiple Warantee Names: No Act or Treaty: May 20, 1862 Multiple Patentee Names: No Entry Classification: Homestead Entry Original Legal Land Description:

Aliquot Parts Block # Base Line Fractional Section Township Range Section # 1 S1/2NE 5TH PM No 2N 22W 17 2 N1/2SE 5TH PM No 2N 22W 17

1860 Census, Alabama Blount County, Western Division , PO Summit, Enumerated 19 June 1860, image 49 of 73.

Family #247 Thomas NIX, 26 male Milley E, 26 female, John T, 4 born Ala James F., 2, born Alabama

Family #246 William W. Gassaway, 59, Ludina,female, 31, Namon C. male 16, b SC Sarnhell, 11, female, b SC John H, 8, male, b Ala Mary M. 6, female, b Ala Wilkins(?), 4, male, Ala, Rucheal, j 3 Female, Al Nosuna, T, 8/12, female, Al

Delivered-To: From: "Peggie Walker" <> To: "Dalton J. Nix" <> Subject: Re: Family of Cosby Curtis Date: Fri, 15 Aug 2003 18:52:56 -0700 X-Priority: 3

I just looked up the information that I have on my grgrgrand Aunt Cosby Curtis. I thought that I had more, however I only found the little that I am sending you here. Cosby Curtis born abt 1812 in Pendleton Dist S.C. married William W. Gassaway, born abt 1812 also in Pendleton Dist. SC. I have them with three children:

   1. Elizabeth Gassaway born 1834 in S.C.I have her Married to Thomas

Alexander Nix-born abt 1831

           John T. Nix born 1856
           James F Nix born 1858
   2. William D. Gassaway --he was in the 1830 Census--Pickens S.C.
   3. Matilda A. Gassaway- I do not have a birth date for her.

The Gassaway family that I have met here, have moved so it may take me a while to fine them.

I hope this helps Peggie Holden Walker

Nix Family Members from "Nix, Arkansas, Dallas County" � Author:�Roger Nix Date:�5 Nov 2001 1:56 AM GMT � Surnames:�Nix � Classification:�Query Post�Reply�| Mark�Unread�| Report�Abuse �Print�Message I'm interested in finding any connection to family members who may have lived in the township of "Nix, Arkansas". My grandmother and grandfather lived a few miles away from the now deserted town of Nix, located roughly between Princeton and Manning Arkansas. Reply to Roger Nix at Thanks Post�Reply�| Mark�Unread�| Report�Abuse �Print�Message

��View replies listed by: Re: Nix Family Members from "Nix, Arkansas, Dallas County" � Author:�Harold Nix Date:�19 Nov 2001 1:51 AM GMT � Classification:�Query Rodger, My line of Nixes are from there. They came there in 1848. Please E-Mail Me at Harold Re: Nix Family Members from "Nix, Arkansas, Dallas County" � Author:�Melba Morris Date:�30 Nov 2001 2:26 AM GMT � Classification:�Query My Nix line is from Clark County, which I believe is located near Dallas County. Rigdon Nix, b.1895, m. 1890, d.1915. Father, James Nix, Mother Elizabeth ?. Please email to Thanks. Re: Nix Family Members from "Nix, Arkansas, Dallas County" � Author:�Elizabeth Nix Date:�22 Dec 2001 12:09 AM GMT � Classification:�Query We have a Thomas Nix who is rumored to have left Alabama and moved to Arkansas. He was married to Elizabeth Gasaway and had 2 sons, John and James. Ring a bell? Re: Nix Family Members from "Nix, Arkansas, Dallas County" � Author:�Dalton J. Nix Date:�20 Aug 2003 8:26 PM GMT � Surnames:�Nix, Gassaway, � Classification:�Query Elizabeth; I know that your message is old, almost two years old, but I am answering it any way. I have been searching for Thomas Nix, his Wife Elizabeth Gassaway and their two children for almost that long. I have his and her parents and siblings but I had lost them. They left Blount County, Alabama some time after the 1860 census but before the 1870 census. I think that her Father William W. Gassaway was also with them. Please contact me! I have been looking in Conway County, Arkansas <>

Re: Nix Family Members from "Nix, Arkansas, Dallas County" � Author:�Melba Morris Date:�30 Nov 2001 2:26 AM GMT � Classification:�Query My Nix line is from Clark County, which I believe is located near Dallas County. Rigdon Nix, b.1895, m. 1890, d.1915. Father, James Nix, Mother Elizabeth ?. Please email to Thanks.

Delivered-To: From: <> To: <> Subject: info from Wanda Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2005 22:30:57 -0500

As you remember the 1870 census and forward has had us stumped . . . well now I think we have our answer. Wanda has the following and I agree that it is what we have been looking for.

1870 Mississippi Co., AR Pg 561 #26/ Scott Twp, Pecan Point - Elizabeth NICKS age 36 (should be 41), b SC; William age 14, farmer, b AL (we finally found him); John age 13, farm laborer, b AL; James age 10?, farm laborer, b AL; Sarah age 12, b AL; Rebecca age 7, b AL

Now I think you had seen this but could not figure out the 2 girls, but I am sure this is Elizabeth and William is with her.

1880 Johnson Co., AR Pg 335 #7 Grant - Wood STOVALL age 34, b AL; Sallie (same as Sarah) age 22, b AR; Mallie age 12, b TX; Tilman age 3, b AR; Ora age 9/12, b AR; Eliza NICKS age 53 (should be 51), mother-in-law, b AL

1900 Johnson Co., AR Pg 19 #355/375 Grant Twp - Tillman STOVALL age 20, b AR Oct 1879, Parents b MS/AR; Ora age 18, sister, b AR Dec 1881, Parents b MS/AR; Elizabeth NIX age 76 (should be 71), b May 1824, grandmother, b MO (wrong), Parents b MS/AL (wrong) has had 4 children, 3 living (can't explain this)

I have gone on the Johnson Co., AR website and have ask for someone to look up the marriage of Sarah/Sallie to Wood STOVALL and hope it will tell her maiden name and parent/parents.

So, now we have something to go to work on. Sure hope it leads to some real proof. Have also asked someone to look for death of Elizabeth Nix and possibly an obituary.

Gotta run for now, more when I learn anything new.


James is with the family in 1880, but then drops out of sight. Not only can I not find anything in the census, but none of the family remember anything about him either. One possibility is that he died in his teens.

Hello Dalton! � Yes, this is my Moore family (Martha Elizabeth Moore married William Jennings Nix).� The�original researcher (not the author who is also a distant cousin) �is another cousin��who provided most of this info to the author .� The author also researched the Welch - Thompson - Nix line �that�included �Uncle Tom (Thomas Floyd Nix - son of John T. Nix and Hester Anna Amanda Thompson).� I am doing copy/paste so you can read it.� John T. Nix was a brother of William Jennings Nix. � After 'Uncle Tom' and 'Mary L' divorced, he moved into the cabin on my aunt, Josie Myrtle Nix Wear's property and did farm work for them.� He� then married a woman named May and moved to Lower Oppelo.� May�became very mentally unstable (or was always mentally unstable), believing she was pregnant with 'Uncle Tom's' baby.� She remained pregnant for well over a year then 'had' the child.� The one she produced was a child's baby doll which she dressed in a layette and presented to everyone as the newest addition!� I remember when the older cousins would laugh about her, my mother and aunts would reprimand them and tell them she couldn't help it, that she was quite ill.� That was quite the topic for discussion in the family for some time! � Also, will be sending the Gassaway Family Book pages sometime this week.�

Welch - Thompson - Nix -------------------

Hester Anna Amanda Thompson, daughter of Mary Jane Forehand and James H. Thompson, born June 8th, 1847, in Georgia. She married James Franklin Welch (1834-c.1880). They were living in the community of Deview, near Augusta in Woodruff County Arkansas, in 1870 with two very young children, a girl named Dianna and a boy named James. On the 4th of March, 1871, their second daughter, Mary Beulah Welch, was born. Three boys shortly followed (W. Dexter Welch, Wiley A. Welch, and Frank Welch), and in January of 1880 Mr. Welch purchased 120 acres of land in Lower Oppelo from Sarah Birge (John Birge had first acquired the land from the government in 1857), and though the family was in Oppelo by that year they were enumerated in Perry County. (Oppelo was originally part of Perry Co. but later part of Perry Co. became part of Conway County).

Unfortunately, Mr. Welch died very soon after the family got to Oppelo. Amanda was left with young children to raise and a farm to run, so on the 29th of September, 1881, Amanda was married to John T. Nix (b. abt 1857) by Justice of the Peace B.F. Grinstead. Amanda�s son, Thomas F. Nix, was born in Oppelo soon after.

Four years later (1885) Amanda was dead, her two eldest children gone and the five younger children turned over to the guardianship of neighbor William H. Cravens.

In 1889 Mary Beulah Welch married the young man next door, James Elonzo (Lonnie) Todd of Oppelo. Beulah and Lonnie had ten children over the next nineteen years.

Beginning in 1894 Beulah and her husband took over the administration of the Welch inheritance, paying the delinnt taxes on the land. Frank Welch had died by 1905, and Dexter married a woman named Cora E. (--) selling their 1/3 interest in the Welch land to Beulah and Lonnie in that year. Wiley married a women named Olena W. (--) and moved to Boone County. They sold his 1/3 interest in the Welch land to Lonnie and Beulah in 1907. Tom Nix married Mary L (--) before 1920, and they lived near Beulah in Oppelo (they later divorced).

Beulah suffered from a non-healing ulcerous wound after a boiling iron pot (washtub) full of lye soap and water overturned on her leg when she was young. Though the wound gave her some pain for the rest of her life it did not prevent her from taking an active part in her church and community. A deeply religious woman, she was instrumental in the establishment of the Oppelo Assembly of God (Pentecostal) Church, first opening her home to weekly services for the community and later helping organize the member donations of lumber and land for the building of the church.

A letter to Beulah, dated November 21, 1919 from a leader of the Assemblies of God Church states (verbatim):

"Hartford Ark, Mrs. Beula Todd Dear sister in Christ Greetings;

     In his dear name I rec. your letter O.K. glad to here from You, 
     but sorry to say no to you i sure wish i could come and be with 
     you over sunday but i don�t see how i can at presant, as we are 
     to begin a meeting Sunday week, and i want to stay here and try 
     to keep things in readiness for the meeting, you all pray for the 
     meeting, as the mines are shut down here and that makes finiance 
     a little short, but thank God he is able, Hallulajah; so we are 
     trusting him, now sister just as soon as i can get a chance i will 
     come and spend a few days with you all, give my love to all the dear 
     sants and pray for us here, 
     now, in regard to the form of deed, i will give it as follows, 
     (The trustees of the Assembley of God, at Oppolo, Ark, and there 
     successers, in Cooperation with the General Council of The Assemblies 
     of God, at Springfield Mo.) in making Your Deed in cooperation with 
     the General Council, it will stop all future troble, so i will close, 
     ans, soon from your Bro, in christ, 
                                        Fayette Romines.
     P.S. the General Council will not own your property but it will be 
     owned by you all there and protected by the Council."

Establishment of the Church in Lower Oppelo was not without some controversy. Early on, a group of troublemakers was determined to disrupt services and frighten the congregation from ever assembling again, but Lonnie Todd was tipped off about the plans and he and some of the other men were waiting in their wagon beds when the hooligans showed up. When confronted by the rifle-bearing congregants the hooded cowards fled.

One of the Welch boys left Arkansas suddenly during the depression. He moved to California, where he settled in the Pasadena area. His family owned several successful restaurants in Southern California.

After her husband Lonnie passed away in 1919, Beulah ran the farm with the help of her son Johnnie Todd, living on another twenty-four years. Beulah passed away the 27th of June, 1943 after increasing disability left her bedfast for months, having outlived six of her ten children and being survived by her brothers Dexter Welch and Tom Nix.

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