Family:Thomas Nix and Elizabeth Gassaway (1)

Facts and Events
Marriage? 24 May 1849 South Carolina
Jan 1853 Alabama
1856 Alabama
Aft 1870
1858 Alabama
Bef 1900
Abt 1862 Alabama
Bef 1880

Reference found in <www. Ancestry.con> ; "Gene Pool Individual Records" while searching for Elizabeth Gassaway. File only shows following information; James F Nix; born 1858 in Alabama, John T.Nix born 1856 in Alabama ; father, Thomas Alexander Nix, Mother Elizabeth Gassaway

1855 Blount County, Alabama State Census

Key: Name, Males Under 21, Males Over 21, Females Under 21, Females Over 21, Total The next section (after the second hyphen) records: Insane Within Each County, Insane Sent Abroad, Slaves, and Free Persons of Color.

Nix, Daniel, � 1,1,5,1,8 � 0,0,0,0

Nix, T.M., � 1,1,1,0,3 � 0,0,0,0

Nix, Tyra, � 2,1,0,2,5 � 0,0,0,0

Nix, William, � 1,1,2,0,4 � 0,0,0,0 (check, I think this indicates two males and two females in the family

It certainly appears that the only NIX families in Blount County in 1855 were those associated with Jennings. That would be Jennings, Daniel, Tyre, Thomas, and William. For some reason it does not appear that they captured Jennings. Daniel and Tyre seems to fit the family descriptions given in the census data. William fits if we assume that his first born son was born in Alabama before they returned to South Carolina. That leaves only the individual described as T.M. Nix. This could be Thomas Alexander if we assume that the census taker had a really bad handwriting. And also that we have the birth of one son in error by one year. That John T. their first born was actually born in 1855 or earlier. To date the only proof of John T.'s existence has been the LDS listing and the 1860 Blount County Federal census that both agree on the general date of birth for John T. and James F. So at this point I am a bit confused about how to interpret this data from the 1855 Blount County census.

This was written before I learned about William Jennings being born to them in Jan of 1853. He would fit the one male under 21so that this description fits Thomas Alexander Nix and Elizabeth Gassway perfectly. That is still with the mistake in the second name being M. in place of Alexander.

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As you remember the 1870 census and forward has had us stumped . . . well now I think we have our answer. Wanda has the following and I agree that it is what we have been looking for.

1870 Mississippi Co., AR Pg 561 #26/ Scott Twp, Pecan Point - Elizabeth NICKS age 36 (should be 41), b SC; William age 14, farmer, b AL (we finally found him); John age 13, farm laborer, b AL; James age 10?, farm laborer, b AL; Sarah age 12, b AL; Rebecca age 7, b AL

Now I think you had seen this but could not figure out the 2 girls, but I am sure this is Elizabeth and William is with her.

1880 Johnson Co., AR Pg 335 #7 Grant - Wood STOVALL age 34, b AL; Sallie (same as Sarah) age 22, b AR; Mallie age 12, b TX; Tilman age 3, b AR; Ora age 9/12, b AR; Eliza NICKS age 53 (should be 51), mother-in-law, b AL

1900 Johnson Co., AR Pg 19 #355/375 Grant Twp - Tillman STOVALL age 20, b AR Oct 1879, Parents b MS/AR; Ora age 18, sister, b AR Dec 1881, Parents b MS/AR; Elizabeth NIX age 76 (should be 71), b May 1824, grandmother, b MO (wrong), Parents b MS/AL (wrong) has had 4 children, 3 living (can't explain this)

I have gone on the Johnson Co., AR website and have ask for someone to look up the marriage of Sarah/Sallie to Wood STOVALL and hope it will tell her maiden name and parent/parents.

So, now we have something to go to work on. Sure hope it leads to some real proof. Have also asked someone to look for death of Elizabeth Nix and possibly an obituary.

Gotta run for now, more when I learn anything new.


JoAnn and Jimmy Jenkins