Person:William Mullenax (1)

  1. William MullenaxABT 1732 - 1780
  2. Mary Mullenax1733-1740 -
  3. John Mullenax1735 - 1815
  • HWilliam MullenaxABT 1732 - 1780
  • WRachel PowellABT 1734 - 1787
m. 1755
  1. Archibald Mullenax1756 - 1820
  2. Mary Mullenax1762 -
  3. Rachel Mullenax1764 -
  4. Samuel Mullenax1770 -
  5. John Mullenax1771 -
Facts and Events
Name William Mullenax
Gender Male
Birth? ABT 1732 Near Manakintown, Goochland County, Virginia
Marriage 1755 Virginiato Rachel Powell
Death? 1780 Augusta County, Virginia

William Mullenax was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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About William Mullenax

Records in Augusta County have not been located by this researcher regarding this William Mullenax, although several sources have him marrying Rachal Powell (some have Rachel marrying William's brother, John Mullenax) and having several children there. Many sources claim that he died in 1780 in Augusta County, but there is no will or administration in Chalkley's, making it likely that such records may be in Rockingham County, which was formed from Augusta in 1778 (more research necessary). Likewise, no records seem to exist in Augusta for William's supposed wife, Rachel, also likely located in Rockingham records.

Some of the children listed for William and Rachel are listed as children of William's brother, John Mullenax by some sources. Obviously, the families of William and his brother John Mullenax are in need of additional sources to conclusively prove which children are indeed theirs.