Person:William McNees (3)

m. 1771
  1. Mary McNees1772 - 1816
  2. Sarah McNees1773 - 1860
  3. James McNees1775 - 1844
  4. John McNees1778 - 1869
  5. Jane McNees1784 - 1877
  6. William McNeesbet 1785-1786 - 1856
  7. Florence McNees1789 - 1881
Facts and Events
Name William McNees
Alt Name William McNeese
Alt Name William McNeece
Gender Male
Birth? abt. 1742 prob. Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
Marriage 1771 Virginiato Jane McCormack
Death? 28 July 1805 Worth, Butler County, Pennsylvania

William McNeese was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 57, November 17, 1763. William McNees - 200 acres between John Magills on the North side of North River joining Shanklie's land. [Augusta County Land Entry Book 1]
  • Page 56, March 2, 1764. William McNees - 50 acres joining Henderson's and Stringer's on the South side of Dry River.[Augusta County Land Entry Book 1]
  • Page 89, March 10, 1766. William McNees - 100 acres joining Thomas Harrison's, Cain's and own land. [Augusta County Land Entry Book 1]
  • March 16, 1764, Survey for William McNees - 159 acres lying on the head of the West branch of Cook's Creek joining Craven's and Hemphill's.
  • Page 701.--20th August, 1764. Isaiah Shipman and Elizabeth ( ) to Wm. McNeill, £17, 265 acres on Dry River. Teste: Jno. Dickinson, Abner Smith. (Note: sources indicate that this was William McNees).

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 461.--19th August, 1772. William McNiece and Jane to James Dollzil (Dallzell). Patent to Isaiah Shipman 10th June, 1760.
  • Page 241.--29th January, 1778. William McNees, of Westmorland County, Pennsylvania, and Jane, to John Miller, Mason. Delivered: Benj. Forsythe, February, 1779. Patent to William, on west branch of Cook's Creek joining Cravens and Hemphill. Teste: James McVey.

Records in Pennsylvania

  • 4 JAN 1774 - Deed Book B, Page 147, Westmoreland Co., PA. Joseph Irwin to William McNees, 300 acres in Hempfield Twp., Westmoreland Co., Province of Pennsylvania for 70 pounds lawful money. Deed recorded 20 JAN 1787.
  • 1778 - Deed Book 22, Page 241, William McNees of Westmoreland Co., PA and Jane to John Miller Mason--159 acres on the West branch of Cook's Creek joining Crave's and Hemphill's. Land patented to McNees. signed William McNees. Witnesses: Garvin Hamilton, James McVey, Thomas Campbell. (Note: Bass reports that this transaction also recorded in Lancaster Co., PA with signatures of both William and Jane McNees.
  • 17 APR 1779 - Military Record Book, Page 137--John McNees paid 1 schilling. William McNees remitted.
  • 9 OCT 1781 - Deed Book B, Page 147, Deed for same property from William McNees to Robert Hazlet (Now described as being in Huntington Twp., Westmoreland Co, Province of Pennsylvania.) for 400 pounds lawful money. Survey date of 3 APR 1763. Recorded in Greensburg, PA on 20 JAN 1787.
  • 1784 - William McNees paid taxes in Westmoreland Co., PA. Pennsylvania Archives Third Series, Vol. 22, Page 510/
  • 1790 - First U.S. Census shows William McNees and three males and four females. Note: One female missing. Probably Mary already having been married to Benjamin Jack. Pennsylvania Archives Fifth Series, Vol. 4, Page 448--William McNees drew depreciation pay for service inWestmoreland Co. Militia. Note: In 1803, Indiana County was formed and township name changed so that where farm located is now Black Lick Twp., Indiana Co., PA.
  • 1794 - William McNees and wife Jane secured 400 acres of land in what is now Worth Tsp., Butler Co, PA. They built a cabin and left daughter, Jane and son, William, Jr. to tend fire (a sign of possession) while William and Benjamin Jack returned to Black for families. Benjamin Jack and wife, Mary (McNees) Jack, secured 400 acres in same neighborhood.
  • 1800 - Jane McNees died and was the first member of Plaingrove Congregation to be buried in their cemetery.
  • 12 AUG 1805 - Will of William McNees recorded in Will Book A, Page 3, Butler Co., PA. Will written 28 JUN 1805. This places death between these two dates. He was buried in Plaingrove Cemetery beside wife, Jane. Exact location unknown.


Information on William McNeese

William McNees M, b. circa 1742, d. bt 28 Jun and 12 Aug 1805

William McNees was born circa 1742 at probably Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.1 He The first written record found for William was in Augusta County, Virginia on 17 Nov 1763 when he got a 200 acre grant of land in part of Augusta County which later became Rockingham County. Wife Jane's record first appears in the sale of land in Virginia in 1772 just before she and William purchased land in Huntington Township, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. William served in the Westmoreland Company Militia, Captain George Baird's frontier rangers from 1778 to 1783 (Pa Archives, 3rd Series, Vol 23, page 329. Also Depreciation Pay, 5th Series, Vol 4, page 448). William was the first elder elected at Plain Grove Presbyterian Church in 1798 and served until his death in 1805. Eighteen of Plain Grove's first 32 elders were either descendents of William or married to descendents of his.1 He married Jane McCormack 1771 or earlier.1 William McNees died bt 28 Jun and 12 Aug 1805 at Worth Township, Butler County, Pennsylvania.1 He was buried at Plaingrove Presbyterian Cemetery, Plaingrove, Lawrence County, Pennsylvania.1

Children of William McNees and Jane McCormack:

◦Mary McNees+2,1 b. 1772, d. 18 Jan 1816
◦Sarah McNees2,1 b. 1773, d. 8 Mar 1860
◦James McNees+2,1 b. 27 Jul 1775, d. 20 Jul 1844
◦John McNees+2,1 b. 21 Mar 1778, d. 11 Jan 1869
◦Jane McNees+2,1 b. 9 May 1784, d. 16 Jul 1877
◦William McNees+2,1 b. bt 1785 - 1786, d. 1856
◦Florence McNees+2,1 b. 1789, d. 8 Jan 1881


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