Person:William McClelland (10)

m. 1740
  1. William 67-1 McClelland1748 - 1824
m. 16 June 1778
  1. Jean McClelland1779 - ABT 1832
  2. Thomas Sebastian McClelland1781 - 1838
  3. Samuel McClelland1784 - 1867
  4. Anne McClellandABT 1785 - 1852
  5. William McClellandABT 1789 - 1879
  6. Jenny McClelland1791 - 1852
  7. Robert Anderson McClellandABT 1800 - 1861
  8. Elizabeth B. McClellandABT 1802 -
Facts and Events
Name William McClelland
Gender Male
Birth? 1745 Cumberland Township, Adams County, Pennsylvania
Alt Birth? 1748 Gettysburg, Adams County, Pennsylvania
Marriage 16 June 1778 Adams County, Pennsylvaniato Sarah Anderson
Death? 1824 Augusta County, Virginia
Alt Death? 26 JUL 1824 Augusta County, Virginia

William McClelland was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Acquisiton of Land in Virginia

Acquisition of Land in Virginia:

  • Page 124 - William McCellen, 96 acres, Bullpasture River. February 16, 1768. [Abstract of Land Grant Surveys, 1761-1791, Augusta & Rockingham Counties, Virginia, by Peter Cline Kaylor, pg. 45]. (Note: since this William McClellan's son William married into the Wilson family that was located near the Bullpasture, it is likely that this William McClelland acquired this tract).
  • William McClelland - Land Grant, Sep 1772 - Botetourt County, Virginia

Will of William McClelland

Augusta County Courthouse, Staunton, VA
Will: William McClelland's Last Will and Testment 27 Apr 1824 Augusta County, Virginia
In the name of God Amen this twenty seventh of April, eighteen hundred and twenty four. I, William McClelland of Augusta County and a citizen of Virginia calling to mind the mortality of my body, knowing that it is appoointed for all men once to die, do make this my last will and testament in the following manner. First is my Will and Order that all my just debts and funeral expenses be paid and all debts due me be collected by my executors and as touching what worldly estate it hath pleased God to Bless me with in this life, I Will and dispose of as follows-
I give and bequeath to my well beloved son-in-laws John Smiley, William McCormick, William Wilson, Isaac Smith, and Samuel Mynes to each of them one dollar and to my own sons, Thomas, William, and Samuel McClelland one dollar each of them.
I give and bequeath to my well beloved wife, Sarah of my estate one fourth her lifetime and to do with as she pleases, at her death my son, Robert Anderson McClelland two shares and to my daughter Betsy one fourth and I constitute and appoint my wife Sarah and my son, Robert A. McClelland my Executrix and Executor in this my Last Will and Testement.
In witness thereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the day and year above written, signed and sealed in the presence of William (his mark X) McClelland.
Coty Wilson
Nancy M. Wilson
Polly Risk
In the County Court of Augusta 26th July 1824 this Last Will and Testement of William McClelland, was presented in court and being approved by the oaths of Nancy M. Wilson and Polly Risk, two of the witnesses as its is ordered to be recorded.

[Source: Will Book No.14, Page 471]

Information on William McClelland

Husband: William McClelland Born: ABT. 1745 at: Married: 16 Jun 1778 at: Adams Co. PA Died: ABT. 1824 at: Augusta Co. VA Father: Mother:

Wife: Sarah Anderson Born: ABT. 1754 at: Died: at: Father:Thomas Anderson Mother:


Name: Anne McClelland Born: at: Married: 11 Jun 1805 at: Rockbridge Co. VA Died: at: Spouses: William Wilson

Name: Elizabeth Betsy McClelland Born: at: Married: 26 Feb 1826 at: Augusta Co. VA Died: at: Spouses: James Mynes

Name: Sally McClelland Born: at: Married: 1 Sep 1807 at: Died: at: Spouses: William McCormick

Name: Jean McClelland Born: 9 May 1779 at: Married: 11 Feb 1802 at: Died: ABT. 1832 at: Park Co. Indiana Spouses: Nathaniel Steele, John Smiley

Name: Thomas Sebastian McClelland Born: 5 Jan 1781 at: PA Married: 26 Apr 1804 at: Died: 6 Mar 1838 at: Adams Co., Ohio Spouses: Nancy Glasglow, Mary "Polly" Brown

Name: Robert Anderson McClelland Born: ABT. 1782 at: Married: 1 Feb 1825 at: Augusta Co. VA Died: at: Spouses: Elizabeth McAdden

Name: Samuel McClelland Born: ABT. 1784 at: Rockbridge Co. VA Married: 23 Apr 1807 at: Augusta Co. VA Died: 25 Jul 1867 at: Spouses: Margaret Ann Minnick

Name: William McClelland Born: ABT. 1786 at: Married: 16 May 1809 at: Rockbridge Co. VA Died: at: Spouses: Polly Wilson

Name: Jenney McClelland Born: 5 Jan 1791 at: Augusta Co. VA Married: 11 Apr 1812 at: Augusta Co. VA Died: 15 Aug 1852 at: Adams Co. Ohio Spouses: Issac Smith

54. William McCLELLAND, born 1745 in Ireland???; died 1824 in Augusta Co., Virginia. He married 55. Sarah Anderson 16 June 1778 in Adams, Pennsylvania.

55. Sarah Anderson, born 1754 in Pennsylvania; died Bet. 1786 - 1848.

Notes for William McCLELLAND: From Mrs. William Bushman, genealogist, of Staunton, Virginia:

William McClelland died after April 27, 1824 and before July 26, 1824. His will was witnessed on the former date and probated on the latter date in the Augusta County, Virginia Courthouse.

William owned no land in Augusta County. The 1790 Census of Virginia (reconstructed) shows a William McClelland in Princess Anne County, Virginia.

Fothergill and Naugle, Virginia Taxpayers, 1782-1787 (25000 omitted from reconstructed 1790 Census) shows only one William McClelland as resident of Loudoun County, Virginia.

William McClelland's name does not appear in the two earliest tax lists of Rockbridge County, 1778 and 1782.

The following information was found on the GenForum (internet) in a message posted by Caarol McClellan-Ohlweiler:

She states that William and Sarah were married in Adams County, Pennsylvania in the Rock Creek Presbyterian Church in Cumberlaand Township. She also says that she believes that William had a brother named John and another brother whose name is unknown.

Children of William McCLELLAND and Sarah Anderson are:

i. Thomas McClelland, born Aft. 1778.
ii. Jean McClelland, born Abt. 1780.
iii. Samuel McClelland, born 1784.
iv. Anne McClelland, born Abt. 1785.
27 v. Sarah McClelland, born Abt. 1787 in Augusta Co., Virginia; died Bef. 1836 in Augusta Co., Virginia; married William McCormick 1 September 1807 in Augusta Co., Virginia.
vi. William McClelland, born Abt. 1789.
vii. Jenny McClelland, born Abt. 1794.
viii. Robert Anderson McClelland, born 1800.
ix. Elizabeth B. McClelland, born Abt. 1802.