Person:William Linville (1)

William Linville, of Linville's Creek, Augusta County, VA and Linville Falls, NC
b.Est. 1718
m. Abt. 1708
  1. Ann Linville1708 - 26
  2. Thomas Linville, of Linville's Creek, Augusta County, VA and Rowan County, NCEst 1710 - 1773
  3. William Linville, of Linville's Creek, Augusta County, VA and Linville Falls, NCEst 1718 - 1766
  4. Aylee Linville1722 - 1807
  • HWilliam Linville, of Linville's Creek, Augusta County, VA and Linville Falls, NCEst 1718 - 1766
  • WEllender Bryan1722 -
m. Abt. 1738
  1. John LinvilleAbt 1738 - 1766
  2. William Linville1740 - 1799
  3. Morgan Linville1741 -
  4. Ann "Nancy" Linville1744 - 1814
Facts and Events
Name[1] William Linville, of Linville's Creek, Augusta County, VA and Linville Falls, NC
Gender Male
Birth? Est. 1718
Marriage Abt. 1738 Poss. Orange or Frederick County, Virginiato Ellender Bryan
Death? 1766 killed by Indians at Linville Falls, North Carolina

William Linville was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 104.--18th June, 1746. Robert McKay, Josh Hite, Robert Green, and Robert Green, executor and heir-at-law of Wm. Duff, deceased, to William Linwell, £62.10.0 current money Virginia; 1,500 acres, part of 7,009 acres patented to grantors 26th March, 1739. Witnesses, Gabriel Jones, Jno. Madison. Acknowledged, 19th June, 1746.

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 143.--15th August, 1746. William Linwell and Elenor, his wife, to George Bowman, of County Frederick, £100 Pennsylvania currency; 500 acres purchased of Jost Hite & Co. on Linwell's Creek; line of Joseph Bryan (in his possession) ; Wm. Linwell's mark ( ); Elinor Linwell's mark ( ). Witnesses, Gabriel Jones and Benj. Johnston. Acknowledged, 20th August, 1746.
  • Page 152.--20th August, 1746. William Linwell to Thomas Linwell, £12; 500 acres on Linwell's Creek, part of 1,500 acres granted to William by McCay & Co.; land in possession of Joseph Bryant. William ( ) Linwell. Acknowledged by William, and Eleanor releases dower, 20th August, 1746.
  • Page 135.--20th August, 1746. William Linwell to Joseph Bryan, £12; 500 acres on Linwell's Creek between William, and land in possession of Thomas Linwell, part of 1,500 acres granted by McCay & Co. Acknowledged, and dower released by Eleanor, 20th August 1746.

About William Linville

William Linville was an early settler of Augusta County, Virginia, obtaining land in 1746 in what became later known as "Linville's Creek", in current Rockingham County, Virginia. He married Eleanor Bryan, daughter of Morgan Bryan and Eleanor Strode and raised several children in Augusta County and later migrated to an area that became known as "Linville Falls", North Carolina, located in the Blue Ridge Mountains.
In the late summer of 1766, William Linville, his son John, and John Williams, a lad of sixteen whom they employed to go with them, were hunting on the Watauga River about ten miles below Linville Falls, when they were surprised by a party of Indians. William Linville and his son were both killed, and John Williams escaped after being badly wounded in the leg.

Sources: History of Linville Falls, North Carolina (

Records of William Linville in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's:

  • Vol. 1 - February 10, 1745/6. - (6) Wm. Linwell committed and fined for being drunk.
  • Vol. 1 - APRIL 16, 1746. - (42) Sam'l Lockhart and Wm. Linwell--garnishees.
  • 1746, June 29th--Benj. Bryan, 200 acres on the south side of the land of _____ Bryan and Wm. Linvel, at a place called the Rocking ( ?) Spring.
  • Vol. 1 - NOVEMBER, 1747 (A). - Robert McCoy, Jost Hite, Robert Green, Robert Green, being executor of William Duff, deceased, vs. William Linwell, Thomas Linwell and Morgan Bryan.--Debt on bond dated 18th June, 1746. Writ dated 24th August, 1747. Returned not found as to W. and T. Linwell.
  • Page 219.--3d June, 1755. Joseph Bryan and Alice to Jacob Chrisman, of Frederick, £160, 500 acres purchased by Joseph from Wm. Linvil and part of 1500 acres purchased by Linvil from Hite, &c., on Linvil's Creek, cor. to land in possession of Thomas Linvil.
  • Page 376.--5th April, 1761. Same (From Jacob Chrisman and Magdalina ( ), of Frederick County) to Francis McBride, £150, 300 acres on Linvel's Creek, part of 500 acres purchased of Joseph Bryan, which is part of 1500 acres surveyed for William Linvells. Teste: Cuthbert Bullett Delivered: Francis McBride, June, 1762.
  • Page 188.--17th March, 1767. Francis ( ) McBride, fanner, and Mary ( ) to John Bear, farmer, £270, 300 acres on Linvel's Creek, part of 500 acres which Jacob Chrisman purchased of Joseph Bryan; also part of 1500 acres surveyed for William Linvell, being the same 300 acres conveyed by Jacob Chrisman to Francis McBride, 5th April, 1761. Delivered: Obediah Monsey.
  • Page 14.--17th August, 1768. John Bear and Kartharine ( ) to Francis McBride, £190, 200 acres on Linvell's Creek, part of 500 acres patented to William Linwell and by him conveyed to Joseph Bryant, 20th August, 1746, and by him to Jacob Crisman, who conveyed 300 acres thereof to said Francis McBride and by him to said John Bear, 17th March, 1746, 200 acres whereof is bounded, viz., corner Josiah Boon's part. Delivered: Jacob Miller, 7th August, 1771.
  • Page 161.--15th November, 1768. Jacob Bowman, late of Frederick County, but now of South Carolina, yeoman, to Josiah Davidson, £180, 500 acres on Linwell's Creek, sold by William Linwell to George Bowman, father of Jacob and devised to Jacob by George.
  • Page 401.--17th August, 1771. Francis ( ) McBride and Mary ( ) to Thomas Hood, of Frederick County, £248, 200 acres on Linwill's Creek, Between Josiah Boon and Josiah Davison. part of 1500 acres patented to McCay, Hite & Co., and by them conveyed to William Linvil, and by him to Jos. Bryant, and by him to Jacob Chrisman, Sr., by him to Francis McBride. by him to John Bear, by him to Francis again, 17th August, 1768, corner Josiah Boone's part of same tract. Teste: Abraham Miller, Michael Warren, Daniel Smith. John Thomas. Proved by oaths of some and by affirmation of Abraham Miller. Delivered: John Thomas, 7th August, 1772.
  • Page 435.--15th March, 1777. Josiah Boone, Sr., and Hannah H. to Michael Shank, 100 acres, part of 12,009 acres patented to Hite, Green and Duff and conveyed to William Linvil. Deliverd: Jno. Shank, 21st October, 1778.
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