Person:William Lewis (213)

Maj. William Lynn Lewis
d.1812 Virginia
Facts and Events
Name Maj. William Lynn Lewis
Gender Male
Birth? 17 Nov 1724 County Donegal, Ulster Province, Ireland
Marriage 8 APR 1754 to Anne Montgomery
Death? 1812 Virginia[Smith Springs, VA]

William Lewis was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA


William Lewis's land (Beverley Manor NM, 120 acres, (adjoining the 400-acre tract conveyed by his father John Lewis in 1745) patented in 1765) as shown on the map meticulously drawn by J.R. Hildebrand, cartographer. This map is copyrighted©, used by permission of John Hildebrand, son of J.R. Hildebrand, April, 2009.

Acquisition of Land from Orange County, Virginia Records:

  • Pg. 167-170. Indenture 22 July 1745 between John Lewis of the county of Augusta and William Lewis, son of John Lewis, Manor of Beverley of the other part.. for five shillings... sells 400 acres land on the west side of Lewis's Creek and bounded by.. land of Thomas Lewis and Andrew Lewis.... (signed) John Lewis (seal). Witnesses: Robert Poage, Thomas Lewis, Andrew Lewis. Payment of ₤5.. released 25 July 1745. [Orange County Virginia Deed Book 10, Dorman, pg. 44].

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 14.--24th May, 1765. Robert Beverley to William Lewis, gent., £40, in Beverley Manor; corner James Brown, joining the 50-acres lots, the Creek, 620 acres. Delivered: Thomas Lewis, December, 1777. (Note: this tract is not shown on the Hildebrand Map, but from the description appears to be witnin William Beverley's "Mill Tract" (Shown as "Mill Place"), part of his original 2,071-acre tract, shown just to the west of William Lewis' land).
  • Page 16.--22d May, 1765. Same (From Robert Beverley) to William Lewis, £3.12, 120 acres in Beverley Manor between his, Thomas Poage's, John Hannon's and Felix Gilbert's lands, 50-acres lot No. 1. Delivered as above. (Note: this tract, shown on the Hildebrand Map above, is adjoining the 400-acre tract conveyed to William by his father, John Lewis, in 1745).

American Revolutionary War Veteran

Revolutionary War Pension Information

Information from “Virginia/West Virginia Genealogical Data from Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty Land Warrant Records”, Vol. 3, compiled by Patrick G. Wardell, Lt. Col. U.S. Army Ret. :

Lewis, William - Major in Virginia Continental Line; Bounty Land Warrant #1300 issued 8/10/1789; records lost in Washington, D.C., fire; query letter in file staqtes soldier was born 1724 in Ireland, 3rd son of John Lewis & Margaret Lynn, emigrated to America, got medical degree in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, volunteered 1753 in Virginia, wounded at Braddock's Defeat, was physician in Augusta County, Virginia, commissioned 1776 as Colonel in Virginia Continental Line, moved in 1790 to Smith Springs, Virginia, where he died in 1812, was one of the 4 brothers in Revolutionary War, including Gen. Andrew Lewis of Virginia, & their parents were early settlers in Augusta County, Virginia. F-BLW1300, R1559.

Information on William Lewis

7. William4 Lewis (John3, Andrew2, William1) was born Donegal Co., Ireland November 17, 1724.

He married Anne Montgomery April 8, 1754.

William Lewis and Anne Montgomery had the following children:

31 i. Judith5 Lewis. 
32 ii. Margaret Lynn Lewis was born October 14, 1755. Margaret died January 22, 1814 at 58 years of age. She married Andrew McFarlane 1774. Andrew was born 1740 County Tyrone, Ireland. Andrew died 1829 at 89 years of age. (See Andrew McFarlane for the continuation of this line.) 
+ 33 iii. Maj. John Lewis was born August 24, 1758. 
34 iv. Thomas Lewis was born Augusta Co., VA 1761. Thomas died 1804 at 43 years of age. 
+ 35 v. Alexander Lewis was born October, 1763. 
36 vi. Col. William J. Lewis was born Augusta Co., VA July 4, 1766. Col. died October 26, 1828 at 62 years of age. He married Elizabeth Cabell 1828. 
37 vii. Agatha Lewis was born 1774. Agatha died 1843 at 69 years of age. She married Col. Oliver Towles Jr. 1794. Col. was born 1771. Col. died 1823 at 52 years of age. (See Col. Oliver Towles Jr. for the continuation of this line.) 
38 viii. Elizabeth Montgomery Lewis was born 1777. Elizabeth died 1837 at 60 years of age. She married Col. John Archer Trent. Col. was the son of Alexander Trent and Elizabeth Hudson. Col. died July 24, 1828 Vue Mont, Cumberland, VA. (See Col. John Archer Trent for the continuation of this line.) 
+ 39 ix. Dr. Charles W. Lewis was born 1780.