Person:William Jameson (7)

William Jamieson
d.21 March 1753 Augusta County, Virginia
  1. John Jamieson1693 -
  2. Samuel Jamieson1694-1705 -
  3. Sarah Jamieson1696-1707 -
  4. Martha Jamieson1696-1711 -
  5. Adam Jamieson1696-1707 -
  6. Jane Jamieson1696-1711 -
  7. William Jamieson1697 - 1753
m. 28 MAR 1722
  1. John Jameson, of Beverley Manor1722/23 - 1776
  2. William Jameson, of the Calfpasture, Augusta County, VA1722/23 - 1797
  3. Andrew Jameson1724-1735 -
  4. Katherine Jamesonest 1725-1730 - 1796
  5. George Jamesonabt 1732 - 1799
Facts and Events
Name William Jamieson
Alt Name William Jameson
Gender Male
Birth? 1697
Marriage 28 MAR 1722 Christ Church, Philadelphia, Pennsylvaniato Sarah Collins
Death? 21 March 1753 Augusta County, Virginia

William Jameson was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Will of William Jameson

From Chalkley's Augusta County, Virginia records:

  • Page 472.--20th December, 1752. William Jamison's will. Wife, Sarah, executrix. Eldest son, John; 237 acres on Jackson River. Sons, George and Andrew. Son, William. Teate: Saml. Hodge, Thos. Gillham. 21st March, 1753, proved by both witnesses, and Sarah qualified, with sureties David Dryden, Robert Armstrong.

Will Transcript:

20 Dec 1752
Will of William Jameson
Dated 20 Dec 1752, Probated 21 Mar 1753
In the Name of God Amen. The twentieth day of December anno one thousand seven hundred and fifty two being sick in body but of good and perfect memory thanks be to the almighty God, and calling to remembrance the uncertain estate of this transitory life, and that all flesh must yield unto Death when it shall please God to call I do make and declare this My Last Will and Testament in manner and form following.
First being penitent and sorry for all my sins and most humbly desiring forgiveness for the same recommend my soul unto Almighty my saviour and redeemer in whom and by whose mercy I trust and believe will be saved to have full remission and forgivingness of all my sins and born into the Kingdom of Heaven and my body I commit to the earth to be deasently [sic] buried at the discretion of my Executor hereafter named and for the settling of my temporal estate and such goods chattels and debts as it has pleased God to bestow upon me. I do order give and dispose the same in manner and form following, that is to say I devise.
I give and bequeath here set down the first legacy. Item, to my dear and loving wife Sarah I give and bequeath to her her mair [sic] and saddle and bed.
Item, to my eldest son John I give and bequeath a tract of land containing two hundred and thirty seven acres on Jackson's River and also my best suit of close (clothes).
Item, and I also allow four hundred acres of land to be purchased of the estate for my sons George and Andrew.
Item, the plantation I now live on I give and bequeath to my son William.
Item, I constitute and appoint my dear and loving wife to be whole and sole executor and manager of the whole affairs while she remains my widow, but if she marry She shall only have the above mentioned particulars.
William Jameson (seal)
Witness presents: Samuel Hoage, Thomas Gillham
At a court hereto for Augusta County the 21st day of March 1753 this Last Will and Testament of William Jameson being presented into court was proved by the oaths for Samuel Hoage and Thomas Gilham the witnesses thereto subscribed and ordered to be recorded, and on the motion of Sarah Jamison the Executor therein named who made oath according to law certifying and is granted her for obtaining a probate there of in due form giving surety on which she this Sarah Jamison with David Dryden and Robert Armstrong her security entered into and acknowledged their bond according to law.

Records of William Jameson in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 1 - JULY 16, 1746. - (68) New Court--Commission dated 13 June, 1746: James Patton, George Robinson, Robert Cunningham, James Montgomery, Wm. Jameson, Saml. Gay, John Lewis, Peter Scholl, John Wilson, Silas Hart, Richard Burton, Wm. Thompson, John Buchanan, James Bell, Thomas Lewis, Henry Downs, John Christian.
  • Page 517.--19th May, 1748. £23. Robert Black to John Miller. 200 acres, part of Beverley Manor, conveyed by Beverley to Robert, 25th September, 1741; corner to William Skillern; Manor line. Teste: Wm. Preston, Wm. Jameson, Wm. Kerr. Acknowledged, 19th May, 1748.
  • Page 246.--21st April, 1749. William Beverley to James Patton and other justices, John Lewis, John Buchanan, George Robinson, Peter Scholl, James Bell, Robert Campbell, Robert Cunningham, John Wilson, Thomas Lewis, James Mountgomerv, Silas Hart. Henry Downs, William Jameson, Rich. Burton, John Christian, Samuel Gay, William Thompson. Courthouse. 25 acres.
  • Page 518.--28th February, 1749-50. Robert Poage to John Poage, 308 acres. William Beverley. Corner Lewis land. Wallace's land. Corner Daniel Dennison. Part of 773 acres conveyed to Robert by Beverley 28th April, 1739. Teste: William Jameson, Erwin Patterson.
  • JUNE 11, 1751--AUGUST 27, 1751. Page (176) This book begins August 1749, but there are no orders but those of suits and actions until August 27, 1751, when a new Court was organized under a commission from the Hon. Lewis Burwell, President of Virginia, dated 11th June, 1751, directed to James Patton, Peter Scholl,* Robert Cunningham, Wm. Jameson, David Stuart,* John Lynn,* Erwin Patterson,* Thos. English, Benj. Borden,* Joseph Kenady, John Denton, Wm. Christian, Robert Breckinridge, John Lewis,* Silas Hart, Andw. Lewis,* James Rutledge, Alexr. Wright, Ro. McClenahan,* Robert Campbell, John Wilson, Richd. Burton, Patr. Martin, James Lockhart, John Mills, Ro. Ramsey, Richd. Woods, John Anderson, John Ruddle, Thos. Stuart, John Lyle, John Buchanan, Thomas Lewis, Archd. Alexander, John Mathews, Adam Dickenson, Mathias Seltzer, Wm. Harbeson. (Those marked (*) qualified.)
  • Vol. 1 - NOVEMBER 29, 1751. - (216) Wm. Jameson--qualified Justice.
  • Vol. 1 - MAY 20, 1752. - (242) New commission to: James Patton, Thos. Lewis, Wm. Jameson,* James Lockhart,* Benj. Borden,* John Lewis,* Robt. Cunningham,* Andrew Lewis, Erwin Patterson, Richd. Woods, Peter Sholl, John Wilson, David Stewart, Ro. McClenachan,* John Mathews.* (Those marked (*) qualified.
  • Page 480.--20th August, 1752. Thomas Gilham (Gilham) and Margaret to James Lockridge, 168 acres in Great Calfpasture; corner Wm. Jameson; Mill Creek. Teste: George Vance, Robt. Renick.
  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST 19, 1752. - (312) Charles Campbell, qualified Captain of a Co. of Foot; Ebenezer Westcourt, qualified Captain of a Co. of Foot; Daniel Harrison, qualified Captain of a Co. of Foot; Peter Scholl, qualified Captain of a Co. of Foot and Coroner; Wm. Jameson, qualified Coroner.
  • Vol. 1 - MAY, 1755 (A). COUNTY COURT JUDGEMENTS - Ramsey vs. Jamesons and Gay.--John Ramsey, assignee of Charles Donnelly, who was assignee of John Handly, complains of John Jameson and Robert Gay, and Sarah, his wife, late Sarah Jameson. Bond dated 1754. Signed, Sarah Jameson.
  • Vol. 1 - MAY, 1756 (B). - Abercombie vs. Guy and wife.--Sarah Jameson, wife to William Jameson, deceased, in the Cowpasture. Bond dated 5th September, 1754. Sarah married Robert Guy. Suit brought March, 1756. (Note: record proves that William Jameson's wife Sarah married Robert Gay, but which Robert Gay?).

Information on William Jameson

William Jameson & Sarah Collins

A book titled Samuel Ferguson who married Mary Jameson

Page 2-3 Elizabeth Davidson Harbaugh, who wrote Davidson Genealogy, stated on page 291 that the Jameson family was of Celtic origin and that they migrated from Scotland to Ireland in 1616. She further writes that James Jameson, the Scotch-Irish progenitor, migrated to North America , with wife Jane and their seven children, settling in Lancaster county, Pennsylvania. He died prior to 1743, the year his estate was settled. WILLIAM JAMESON, one of their sons, was born 1697 and married SARAH COLLINS 28 March 1722 (Incorrectly said 1772!) (Christ Church, Philadelphia. WILLIAM and SARAH moved to Augusta County, Virginia, circa 1745, where he qualified for Justice November 1751. His will, written 20 December 1752 and proved 21 March 1753, named his eldest son John, sons George, Andrew and William, and wife SARAH, who was executrix (Augusta Co. will Book 1, page 472). Mrs. Harbugh on page 292, also wrote that WILLIAM JAMESON’s eldest son, John born circa 1723, came with his parents to Augusta County and married Jean Erwin, daughter of Matthew and Elizabeth Erwin. … The writer also asserted that Mary Jameson was the daughter of John and Jean (Erwin) Jameson. John Jameson’s Will, written 29 February 1776 and proven 19 March 1776, named his wife Jane (Jean), grandson John Peery, granddaughter Sarah McNabb and nine children—no names given (Augusta County Will Book 5, page 405).

Homer F. Dean finds nothing concrete on Mary Jameson’s parentage. He has chosen the same John Jameson as a possibility for her father, as did the writer of Davidson. He favored this John Jameson because his Will included a grandson who was a Peery. Our Samuel and Mary seemed to have had a relationship with the Peerys. Homer further reasons that in 1776, when John Jameson wrote his will, he was old enough to have nine children and at least two grandchildren. Our Mary Jameson was married in 1760’s, so John should have been the one generation older. Homer also guessed the WILLILAM JAMESON who married SARAH and wrote his will in 1752, to be the father of the above John. His will mentioned a son John. However, it is possible that WILLIAM and John, whose wills are both entered in Augusta County, could be brothers: Mary Jameson could have been a daughter of the WILLIAM Jameson whose will was written in 1752, although daughters are not mentioned in his will. But it does seem probable that WILLIAM JAMESON’s eldest son, John, is the John with wife Jane, and whose will is recorded in 1776.

The Jameson family in America 929.3G G139 on Microfiche

No 715 WILLIAM JAMESON m. March 28, 1722 SARAH COLLINS Christ’s Church, Philadelphia, Pa.

Pennsylvania Births, Philadelphia Co., 1644-1765 Humphrey 974.811

Page 251-2

Jameson, John bp 20 Mar 1723 WILLIAM SARAH 3

Jameson, William bp 20 Ma 1723 WILLIAM SARAH 3

The Davidson Genealogy by Elizabeth Davidson Harbaugh P291-2

WILLIAM JAMESON, b 1697, Ireland, m Mar 28, 1722 to SARAH COLLINS (Christ Church, Philadelphia), moved ca 1745 to Augusta Co., Va. Qualified for justice Nov. 1751, New Commissioner to 1752 and qualified coroner 1752. On 20th Dec. 1752 he made his will which was proved 21st Mr. 1753, an abstract of which follows:

Wife SARAH Executrix. Eldest son John, 237 acres on Jackson River; sons Geo and Andrew, son William. Teste: Samuel Hodge, Thomas Gillham. Proved by both Witnesses 21st 1753.

Record of Pennsylvania marriages Prior to 1810 Volume I

Baltimore Genealogical Publishing Company 1968

page 136 marriages 1709-1806 Christ Church, Philadelphia


Generation No. 2 WILLIAM2 JAMESON (JAMES1) was born 1697 in Ulster, Ireland, and died March 1753 in Augusta County, Virginia. He married SARAH COLLINS March 28, 1722 in Christ Church, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She was born 1697. Children of WILLIAM JAMESON and SARAH COLLINS are:

JOHN3 JAMESON, b. March 20, 1722/23, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; d. March 1776, Augusta County, Virginia.
WILLIAM JAMESON, b. March 20, 1722/23, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.