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William Hutchison
  1. William Hutchison1750 - 1833
  • HWilliam Hutchison1750 - 1833
  • W.  Catherine McDonald (add)
Facts and Events
Name William Hutchison
Gender Male
Birth? 1750 Augusta County, Virginia
Death[1] 23 November 1833 Mecklenburg County, North CarolinaOld Settlers Cemetery

William Hutchison was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Revolutionary War Pension Information

Information from “Virginia/West Virginia Genealogical Data from Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty Land Warrant Records”, Vol. 2, compiled by Patrick G. Wardell, Lt. Col. U.S. Army Ret. :

Hitchison, William - born 1750 in Augusta County, Virginia; moved in 1774 to Mechlenburg [sic, Mecklenburg] County, North Carolina, where entered service; granted Pension there in 1832; died 3/3/1833 or 11/23/1833 or 11/24/1833; married on 2nd Sunday in August 1767 [other records say 2 August 1787] to Catherine, Botetourt County, Virginia; widow granted Pension age 86 Mecklenburg County, North Carolina in 1839; died 2/15/1845 leaving children: Betsy Todd, Polly, Catharine E. & Charles; son Taylor mentioned 1839 age 60; soldier's surname also spelled Hutchinson; query letter in file 1899 from great grandaughter Mrs. W.H. Todd of Mecklenburg County, North Carolina; query letter in file 1933 from descendant Mrs. Maurice Graham, Fredericktown, Missouri, who was also descendant of (1) Revolutionary War soldier Daniel Smith, Tennessee Secretary of State, who married Mary Shockley, (2) Revolutionary War soldier General George Mathews, Governor of Georgia & (3) Revolutionary War soldier George Walton of Georgia, signer of Declaration of Independence; query letter in file 1933 from descendent J.V. Starnes of Charlotte County, North Carolina. F-W10033, R1385.
  2.   Pension application of William Hutchison [Hutchinson] W10133
    Transcribed by Will Graves

    State of North Carolina, Mecklenburg County: Court of Pleas & Order Sessions August Term 1832 On this 28th day of August 1832 personally appeared before the Justices of Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions for the County of Mecklenburg and State aforesaid at the August Term thereof for theyear aforesaid William Hutchinson a resident of the County of Mecklenburg and State aforesaid aged 82 years who being first duly sworn according to law doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the provision made by the act of Congress passed June 7th1832.That he was born in the year 1750 in the County of Augusta State of Virginia and moved to the County of Mecklenburg State of North Carolina in the year 1774 where he resided at thecommencement of the war. That his age was recorded in his father's Bible – but where it is he does not know. That when he entered the service during the revolutionary War he was a resident ofMecklenburg County aforesaid. That he first volunteered as a private in what is here generally calledthe Snow Campaign. That Col. William Thomas Polk was the Colonel and General Richardson the Commanding officer. That they were [several illegible words] of the Tories. That they went out nearthe Saluda River where the Tories were encamped. That the Tories surrendered without a battle. Thatduring this campaign he acted as issuing & providing Commissary for the Regiment. That he was outduring this tour for three months – the term for which he volunteered. That he was again volunteeredin Captain John Brownfield's Company and was appointed Lieutenant in said Company – General Rutherford was the commanding officer. Sanders, Moore and Brandon were Colonels. That he marched with said officers from Charlotte, North Carolina to Purrysburg South Carolina. He was in no engagement that when at Purrysburg the commanding officer was General Lincoln of the Continental line – that during this he served five months and two weeks. That he again volunteered in Captain Mebane's Company under Colonel George Alexander. They marched from Charlotte to Cross Creek –now known as the town Fayetteville where he again was appointed issuing Commissary to the Guard that guarded the prisoners from that place to Hillsboro – he was engaged in active service during thistour about six weeks. That he again volunteered in Captain Jack's Company – from Charlotte that the Colonel was Adam Alexander and Colonel John Phifer and under the command of General Rutherford. That this tour was against the Cherokee Indians that they marched from Charlotte to the head of the Catawba [River] when and where he was appointed an Indian spy – he was out during this tour about five months. That he again volunteered in the company of Captain Thomas Alexander to guard a magazine at Charlotte – that he served upon this duty for three months. That he again volunteered sometime in the year 1781 and raised a company at Charlotte NC, marched to Palmers what was called Palmer's old field in South Carolina the place of Rendezvous and was there commissioned as a Captain in the State Troop of South Carolina by General Sumpter [sic, Thomas Sumter] and belonged to Colonel William Polk's Regiment – and served during 10 months – the time for which he volunteered. That he was at the taking of Friday's Fort on the Congaree River at the taking of Orangeburg – and atthe taking of Fort Mott [sic, Motte] or Thompson's Fort on the Congaree – he was engaged at the battle of Strawberry near Moncks Corner - and was discharged by Colonel William Henderson of the Continental line during the illness of General Sumter. He was discharged at was called Brown's oil field. That this discharge was given in the spring after the term of service expired. That he has yet remains of his commission. That it has got wet - and is now illegible and incapable of being [illegible word] produced as satisfactory evidence of the fact and that the whole time of his service was about 28 months and that his commission was signed by General Sumter (while he was a Captain in Polk's Regiment). That he is old and infirm and as to the particular periods that he served except what is stated in this Declaration he cannot remember - he has no documentary evidence of his service nor of his discharges - all of them being written being lost and some were merely verbal - that he always went as a volunteer - that as to his character for veracity and as to the parol proof his services he refers to in the certificates of Robert Hall Morrison & Isaac Alexander hereunto appended and he has lived in Mecklenburg N.C. since the war.

    S/William Hutchison

    Sworn to and subscribed in open court the day and year aforesaid.