Person:William Henry (69)

William Henry
m. 1746
  1. William Henry1748 - 1835
  2. James Henry1752 - 1809
  3. John Henryabt 1753 - 1836
  4. Elizabeth Henry1754 - 1800
  5. Robert Henry1761 - 1836
m. 14 June 1780
  1. Mary 'Polly' Henry1781 -
  2. John Henry1783 -
  3. Hugh Henry1786 -
  4. William Henry1789 -
  5. Robert Henry1791 -
Facts and Events
Name William Henry
Gender Male
Birth[1] 1 August 1748 Frederick County, Virginia[later Berkeley County]
Marriage 14 June 1780 Botetourt County, Virginiato Elizabeth Jones
Death[1] 1 February 1835 Jones Cove, Sevier County, Tennessee

William Henry was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Revolutionary War Pension Information

Information from “Virginia/West Virginia Genealogical Data from Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty Land Warrant Records”, Vol. 2, compiled by Patrick G. Wardell, Lt. Col. U.S. Army Ret. :

Henry, William - born 1750 in Berkeley County, Virginia [see note below]; moved when small child to Botetourt County, Virginia, where entered service in 1776; granted Pension 1832 in Sevier County, Tennessee; died there 2/1835; married 2/15/1780 to Elizabeth, Botetourt County, Virginia (?) who was born 11/11/1765; widow granted Pension 1839 in Sevier County, Tennessee; died 5/11/1847; children's births: Polly 9/12/1781 (married Mr. Williams, she was living in 1842), John 12/24/1783, Hugh 5/5/1786, William Jr. 2/28/1789, & Robert 8/28/1791; soldier's brother John made affidavit 1839 in Sevier County, Tennessee. F-W364, R1256.
[Note): Berkeley County, Virginia [later West Virginia] was established in 1772. Prior to that date, the area was in Frederick County. Most submissions to Ancestry list William Henry's birthplace in Augusta County, which bordered Frederick to the west for many years.
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  2.   Rootsweb Message Boards.

    William Henry (Elizabeth) W364 William born 1750. Elizabeth his wife (Elizabeth Jones) born 1765 (in application, she says 11 Nov 1865) Children: Polly (now Williams) born 12 Sept 1781, John born 24 December 1783, Hugh born 5 May 1786, William born 28 Feb. 1787, Robert born 28 August 1781.

    This William died Jones Cove, Sevier County, TN, 1 Feb. 1835. William had applied when he was 82 yrs. old on 1st Sept 1832. He said that he had been in no battles. He entered the service from Botetourt Co. VA. He is listed as serving 2 yrs and 3 months. He enlisted in 1776. Daniel Layman, a Baptist Clergyman, swore that he was well acquainted with William Henry and that he believed him to have been a soldier in the Revolutionary War. Daniel Layman does not say so here, but he had previously lived in Botetourt Co. VA before coming to Sevier Co. TN. The pension said that he was married 15 February 1780 to Elizabeth Jones but that is actually not the correct date. The date was actually 14 June 1780. Thomas Locky was the bondsman.

  3.   William Henry married the Elizabeth Jones there [Botetourt County] and came to Sevier Co. TN. He fought in the Revolutionary War and we have a pension file on him. He was born in what became Berkeley Co. VA (was Frederick at his actual birth) and his family moved to Botetourt at an early age. There are no existing 1800-1820 censuses for Sevier Co.TN. You can find William on the 1830 Sevier Co. TN census.