Person:William Gay (13)

William Gay, of the Little Calfpasture of Augusta County
b.ABT 1720
m. Bef. 1715
  1. John Gay, of the Little Calfpasture of Augusta CountyAbt 1715 - Abt 1776
  2. James Gay, of the Little Calfpasture and Cowpasture, Augusta CountyEst 1719-1723 - Bef 1776
  3. William Gay, of the Little Calfpasture of Augusta CountyABT 1720 - Bef 1755
  4. Robert Gay, of the Calfpasture, Augusta County, VAest 1722 - bef 1762
  5. Samuel Gay, of the Little Calfpasture, Augusta Countybef 1729 - 1799
  6. Eleanor Gay1740 - 1825
  • HWilliam Gay, of the Little Calfpasture of Augusta CountyABT 1720 - Bef 1755
  • WMargaret "Mary" Walkupbef 1722 - ABT 1795
m. ABT 1740
  1. John Gay1739/40 -
  2. Robert Gay1741-1760 -
  3. Mary GayEst 1743 -
  4. Samuel Gayest 1750-1760 -
  5. Agnes GayAbt 1752 -
Facts and Events
Name William Gay, of the Little Calfpasture of Augusta County
Gender Male
Birth? ABT 1720
Marriage ABT 1740 to Margaret "Mary" Walkup
Death? Bef. 20 August 1755 Calfpasture Valley, Augusta County, Virginia

William Gay was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 477.--27th February, 1749. Same (From William Beverley) to William Gay, of Calfpasture, 490 acres in Col. Beverley's part of Calfpasture. Little Calfpasture. Corner Samuel Gay. Corner James Stephenson; line of the patent. Teste: William Long, John Alexander, William Robinson.
  • Page 281.--15th May, 1751. Beverley to Wm. Gay, 410 acres in Calf Pasture on both sides Little River; corner Wm. Gay's land; lines of Rev. Mr. Hindman's land.

Will of William Gay

  • Page 113.--9th May, 1755. William Gay's will of the Calf Pasture-- Wife, Margaret; eldest son, John, the plantation George Campbell lives on, formerly held by James Stevenson; to son, Robert, plantation testator lives on; to daughter, Mary; to daughter, Agness. Executors, wife and brother John Gay. Teste: Wm. Elliot, Jno. Fulton, James Stevenson. Proved, 20th August, 1755, by all witnesses. Executors qualify, with sureties Wm. Eliot, Ro. Campbell. Robert Gay.
  • Page 119.--19th November, 1755. William Gay's (of Calf Pasture) appraisement, by James Lockridge, Saml. Hodge, Joseph Vachub.

Records of William Gay in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's:

  • Page 447.--26th February, 1749. Same (From William Beverley) to Jacob Martin, farmer, 141 acres on branch of Little Calfpasture, called Hall's Branch. Teste: William and James Gay.
  • Page 285.--15th May, 1754. Same (From William Beverley) to Samuel Gay, 354 acres in Calf Pasture on Little River; corner Wm. Elliot's land; corner Wm. Gay. (Note: the Samuel Gay in this record was William Gay's brother).
  • Page 279.--12th November, 1758. John Gay's receipt to Alex. Hamilton for what was in his and his wife's hands belonging to the children of William Gay.

Information on William Gay

GAY - William Gay, who fought at the siege of Londonderry, had at least six children who came to the Calfpasture. These were William, John, James, Robert, Samuel, and Eleanor. Robert and Samuel did not long remain in the locality. Eleanor married William Kincaid. William Gay, who owned 900 acres on what is wrongly called Guy's Run, died in 1755. His wife, who was Margaret Walkup, afterward married William Hamilton. James Gay, son of the pioneer James, and his brothers-in-law were the first men to introduce cattle of an improved breed into Kentucky. The Gays of Kentucky are derived from the Rockbridge families. They are among the largest landholders in the Bluegrass region and are connected with scores of the historic families of that state. Henry Gay, who married Jane Henderson, was a brother to the pioneer Gays, or at least a near relative, and he lived a while on the Calfpasture. His son, John H., born in 1787, became a millionaire merchant of St. Louis. Edward J. Gay, son of John H., was the largest sugar planter in Louisiana, and left an estate worth $12,000,000. The sugar mills and plantation are still in the Gay family.

Source: "A History of Rockbridge County, Virginia". by Oren F. Morton, published in 1920.

Transcribed and submitted by: "Marilyn B. Headley" <>, 1997