Person:William Fulton (35)

William Fulton
d.BEF 13 APR 1821 Gallia County, Ohio
  1. John Fultonest 1725 - BEF 1804
  2. William FultonABT 1730 - BEF 1821
  3. Robert Fulton, Schoolmaster1731-1735 - AFT 1765
Facts and Events
Name William Fulton
Gender Male
Birth? ABT 1730 Prob. Pennsylvania or New England
Death? BEF 13 APR 1821 Gallia County, Ohio
Occupation? 1821 Elected Justice Of The Peace in Gallia County, Ohio

William Fulton was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Possible Clue to Identity of Wife

The identity of the wife of this William Fulton is apparently undetermined.

The following Chalkley's record refers to a William Fulton, "Bigham's son-in-law". This may provide a clue for further research.

  • Page 244.- (undated, abt. 1788-89) -List of book debts due Thomas Stuart--By John Allison (Middle River); William Fulton (Bigham's son-in-law).

A related record appears to tie-into this. William Fulton, father John Fulton lived near "North Mountain" in Augusta County, which is near "Muddy Creek", which sits at the foot of North Mountain (according to some Chalkley's records), and there just happened to have been a George Bigham that lived on Muddy Creek, per the following:

  • Page 472.--3d June, 1762. George Bigham, late of Augusta, to Robert Erwin, yeoman, £32.6, 251 acres on Muddy Creek of Shanando. Teste: Andrew Cowan, Robert Hamilton and James ( ) McNabb. Acknowledged, 17th August, 1762. Delivered: Francis Erwin, 9th July, 1773.