Person:William Elliott (45)

William Elliott, of the Calfpasture, Augusta County, VA
m. abt. 1719
  1. Andrew Elliott, of Augusta County, VA and Craven County, SCABT 1719 -
  2. William Elliott, of the Calfpasture, Augusta County, VA1721 - 1771
  3. Richard ElliottABT 1722 -
  4. Archibald Elliott, of the Calfpasture, Augusta County, VA and Anson County, NC1726 -
  5. George Elliott, Sr.est 1728-1745 - ABT 1804
  6. James Elliott1735-1748 - Bef 1799
  7. Robert Elliott1743 - 1802
  • HWilliam Elliott, of the Calfpasture, Augusta County, VA1721 - 1771
  • WJane Clark1726 - 1780
m. ABT 1743
  1. William Elliott, Jr.ABT 1743 - 1795
  2. James Elliotabt 1744 - 1830
  3. Ann Elliottabt 1745 -
  4. John ElliottABT 1746 - ABT 1829
  5. Jane 'Jean' ElliottABT 1750 -
  6. Elizabeth Elliott1752 -
  7. Archibald Elliott1754 - 1777
  8. Lancelot Elliott1758 - 1777
  9. Margaret Elliott1760 -
  10. Sarah Elliott1762 -
Facts and Events
Name William Elliott, of the Calfpasture, Augusta County, VA
Gender Male
Birth? 1721 prob. Ireland
Marriage ABT 1743 Augusta County, Virginiato Jane Clark
Death? 7 Jul 1771 , Augusta, Virginia, USA

William Elliott, Jr. was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • William Elliott, Jr., planter (from Wm. Beverley, # of acres not listed, corner James Carlisle, 4 Feb. 1748

Based upon the following records, William Elliott's land acquired in 1748 appears to have been in the "Calfpasture" in Augusta County, VA:

  • Page 516.--14th June, 1762. Samuel ( ) Gay, of Anson County, North Carolina, and Jean ( ) to James Gay, £70, 354 acres on Little River of Calfpasture in Beverley's patent. Cor. William Elliott; cor. William Gay. Teste: Samuel Crockett, Alex. Hamilton, Jno. Stinson. Proved by witnesses
  • Page 241.--19th April, 1763. James Gay to David Martin, £116.10, 354 acres on Little River of Calf Pasture; corner William Elliot's land; corner Wm. Gay; same purchased by said James from Samuel Gay, who purchased from William Beverley.

Will and Estate of of William Elliott, Jr.

Augusta County wills WB 4

  • Page 417.--7th July, 1771. William Elliott's will--To wife; to son, James; to son, John; to son, William; to rest of the children; to son, Archibald, schooling and smith's trade; to son, Lanty, schooling and choose a trade. Executors, wife Jane and son John. Teste: Robert Clark, John Stephenson, James Clark. Proved, 21st August, 1771, by the witnesses. Executors qualify (Jane's mark ) with Archibald Armstrong, Jno. Dickinson.
  • Page 448.--20th November, 1771. William Elliot's appraisement by James Graham, Christopher Vachub, John Graham, recorded--Jane and John Elliot, executors. My Note: Vachub AKA Walkup-- Ann Armstrong Elliott/wife of James/ married Christopher Walkup after the death of James.
  • AUGUST 16, 1780. (269) John Elliot appointed guardian of Margaret and Sarah Elliot, orphans of William Elliot.
  • NOVEMBER, 1782 (C). - Margaret Elliott and Sarah Eliott, children and orphans of Wm. Elliott, deceased, and now infants by John Elliott, their guardian and brother, vs. James Elliott, eldest brother of Margaret and Sarah.--Chancery writ, 21st November, 1780. Wm. Elliott died, 1771, leaving widow, Margaret, who died, 11th January, 1780. Margaret had a brother John. Jas. administered on the mother's estate and bill for accounting. (Was the widow's name Jane?)
  • Page 521.--20th March, 1786. William Elliot's estate settled--To legatees, viz: James, William, Jean, Elizabeth, Archibald (dead), Ann, Lanty (deceased in minority), Margaret, Sarah; the estate of Jane Elliot, Dr. To Robert Givens, £33.5; Contra: by one negro, £66.10; to Sarah Elliot, £33.5. We have examined the above account as stated, of John Elliot. guardian to Margaret and Sarah Elliot, and find vouchers for the equal division of the above £66.10 which appears to have been left them by their mother, Jean Elliot, deceased. Given under our hands 20th March, 1786.

Information on William Elliott

4. William2 Elliott, Jr. (William1) was born 1721, and died 1771. He married Jane Clark Abt. 1743 in Augusta County, Virginia, daughter of James Clark and Elizabeth Summers. She was born 1726 in Augusta County, Virginia, and died January 11, 1780 in Staunton, Virginia.

Notes for William Elliott, Jr.: William Elliott, Jr. first purchased land from William Beverly on 4 Feb 1748, fought in the French and Indian War, and was quite well known. He died in 1771 leaving a number of minor children (two of which were cared for by his son John.

Children of William Elliott and Jane Clark are: + 28 i. William3 Elliott III, born 1740 in Augusta County, Virginia; died 1795 in Woodford County, Kentucky. + 29 ii. James Elliott, born Abt. 1744 in Augusta County, Virginia; died 1830 in Marshall County, Tennessee. + 30 iii. John Elliott, born Abt. 1746; died Abt. May 1829 in Woodford County, Kentucky.

 31 iv.   Jane Jean Elliott, born Abt. 1750; died Bet. 1751 - 184
 32 v.   Elizabeth Elliott, born 1752; died Bet. 1753 - 1846. 
 33 vi.   Archibald Elliott, born 1754; died February 15, 1785. 
 Notes for Archibald Elliott:

Archibald Elliott was a soldier in Captain Hay's Co. who saw action in Germantown. He was killed in battle.

 34 vii.   Ann Elliott, born 1756; died Bet. 1757 - 1850. 
 35 viii.   Lancelot Elliott, born 1758 in Augusta County, Virginia; died December 15, 1778. 

+ 36 ix. Margaret Elliott, born January 26, 1760; died Bet. 1790 - 1854.

 37 x.   Sarah Elliott, born 1762; died Bet. 1763 - 1856. 

From Genforum post:

Elliott's in Augusta Posted by: William Elliott Jr. (ID *****9847) Date: February 24, 2007 at 21:26:14

  of 1540  

Hello, Is there anyone who would have information on Elliott's who lived in Augusta county in a period of time between the 1740's and 1760's? Specifically a William Elliott who had two brothers named Abraham an Edward. Also William had possibly four sons; two of them were named Thomas and Abraham. Thank you for any help. Wm. Elliott

Re: William Elliott of Augusta Co., VA Posted by: Patsy Weikart (ID *****6873) Date: February 01, 2003 at 13:47:19 In Reply to: Re: William Elliott of Augusta Co., VA by Brian G Holland of 8776

You are correct. William & Archibald Elliott were brothers and William Sr. their father and grandfather named Archibald. William married Jane or some say Jean Clark and Archibald married her sister, Sarah Clark. Their father was James Clark and he married Elizabeth Summers. Elizabeth Summers the daughter of John Summers & Elizabeth Thompson. They each had children all with same names so its very hard to tell them apart. This is my family line.