Person:William Christall (1)

William Christall
b.Est. 1715-1725
  • HWilliam ChristallEst 1715-1725 - bef 1796
  • W.  Anne (add)
m. est. 1743-1746
  1. Jean ChristallEst 1745-1755 -
  2. Margaret Bird Christall1748 - abt 1793
Facts and Events
Name William Christall
Alt Name William Christal
Gender Male
Birth? Est. 1715-1725
Marriage est. 1743-1746 to Anne (add)
Death? bef. June 1796 Greenbrier County, Virginia

William Christall was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • William Christall received a patent for 320 acres "on Jennings Creek" on 10th July 1767, (as listed in the dispositions below):

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 224.--24th January, 1772. William Christall and Anne ( ) to Henry Reaburn and Charles Harris, their sons-in-law, £150; William divides 320 acres whereon he now lives between Henry and Charles equally. Teste: William and Margaret Edmiston.
  • Page 199.--__ October, 1773. William Christall (Christal) and Ann ( ) to Charles Harris and Henry Reaburn, 320 acres on Jennings Creek, patented to William, 10th July, 1767. Teste: John Madison, Jr., George Mathews. Thomas Patterson, Richard Madison.
following records:
Page 202.--Henry Reaburn and Margaret ( ) and Charles Harris and Jean, to James Camphell, conveys above.
Page 227.--16th October, 1773. Privy examination of Margaret, wife of Henry Reaburn, and Jean, wife of Chas. Harris.
Page 229.--16th October, 1773. Same as to Ann Christall, wife of William.

Will of William Christall

  • William Christal, Will, 06 Apr 1795; probated June 1796. - Dau. Margaret Reburn; grandchildren: John Harris, Wm. Harris, Wm. Reburn, John Reburn, Eliza Harris, Sarah Jones, Margaret Christal*, Betsey Christal*, Henry Crhistal*, James Christal*, Ruth Christal*, Rebecka Christal*, Matty Christal*, Nancy Christal*. Exec.; John Humphreys Sr., John Gray Jr. [Greenbrier County Will Book I, pgs 118-119, "Greenbrier Co., Deed and Wills", page 158].
  • William Christal, Appr.; Sep 1797 by Saml Williams, John Gardiner. [Greenbrier County Will Book I, pgs 130-131, "Greenbrier Co., Deed and Wills", page 159].
  • - Note: A source on Genforum states that there was a "major transcription error in "Greenbrier Co. Deeds and Wills", claiming that the children listed with asterisks were children of Henry Reyburn and Margaret Christal, and did not bear the surname of Christal, should have read "Reyburn".

Records of William Christall in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 2 - (undated, appears to be abt. 1754/5) - Page 145.--Parish Levy: To Mr. Jones, £100.0.0. To Wm. Christall, Clerk of the Church. 2,662 tithables at 2 shillings.
  • Vol. 2 - abt. November 1763 - Page 372.--George Skillern chosen Vestryman vice Randall Lockhart. John Christian resigns as Vestryman. John Buchanan and Sampson Mathews chosen Wardens. George Mathews chosen Vestryman vice Jno. Christian. William Christall, Clerk of the Parish, is declared unfit, and another to be designated. Parish Levy, 2,562 tithables at 2/ 6d. To John Buchanan, schoolmaster.
  • Page 527.--19th August, 1766. Thomas ( ) Kirkpatrick to John Kirkpatrick, his son, £20. 200 acres in Beverley Manor on head branch of Middle River of Shanandore, part of 390 acres conveyed to Thomas, 25th March, 1741, patent line, McCleerey's line. Teste: Wm. Christell. Delivered: Jno. Kirkpatrick, May Court, 1767.
  • Page 413.--22d November, 1766: Vestry met. Thought inconvenient to continue Col. Preston as Clerk, and Walter Cunningham is chosen and qualifies. Mr. Peyton Randal and Mr. Waller are of the opinion that the Parson's Sallery ought to be paid at three farthings per pound. Edward Sampson to be paid for officiating as Clarke to the Church for 9 months. William Christal's petition for his sallery is rejected.
  • Vol. 2 - Delinquents - 1766--Col. Smith's List: James Anderson, overcharged 1 tithable; Joseph Butcher, one; Wm. Christal, runaway, one; Igramenus Howard, not found, one; John McVay, poor, one; John Pharis, poor, one; James Blair, taylor, one; Wm. Kraun, twice charged, one; David Means, not found, one; Elisha Pepper, poor, one; James Duer, Constable, one.

Records of William Christall in Greenbrier County, VA

  • Feb. 21, 1781 - Ordered that William Christal and John Davis, if on the list of titheables, be removed as they are no longer bound to pay these levy fees.
  • Nov. 21, 1781 - William Christle is found exempt of parish and county levy due to old age and infirmities.
  • August 19, 1783 Court - William Christle vs. George Clendenin in debt. Suit dismissed with George Clendenin paying costs.
  • Nov. 16, 1784 - William Christal serves as security for David Williams
  • Nov. 1793 - William Christal vs. Martin Turpine in debt.
  • entry was for an Allison Christall, dec'd, in the yr. 1794.

Other Christall Records in Augusta County

  • Whitlock vs. Whitlock--O. S. 30; N. S. 10--Petition for Certiorari filed September, 1799. Agness and Hanna, infant daughters of Charles Whitlock, decd., by Wm. Davies, their guardian, complains that Thomas Whitlock, father of Charles, owned land on Reed Island in Wythe County and promised to convey it to Charles, if Charles would marry Mary Davies, the daughter of Henry Davies, which marriage took place. James Ingram deposes in Wayne County, No. Ca., 10th March, 1804. Richard Christal deposes in Wayne County, No. Ca., 10th March, 1804. John Hammons deposes in Wayne County, No. Ca., 10th March, 1804. Thomas Brooks deposes in Wayne County, No. Ca., 10th March, 1804, son-in-law of Thomas Whitlock. Charles Whitlock was killed by the fall of a tree. (Note: relationship to William Christall is unknown).