Person:William Chipley (1)

Dr. William Chipley
m. abt. 1769
  1. Dr. William Chipley1771 - 1823
  2. Jonathan` Chipleyabt 1773 - bef 1811
  3. James Chipleyabt 1775 - bef 1829
  4. Elizabeth Chipleyabt 1776 -
  5. George Washington Chipleyabt 1778 -
  6. Mary M. 'Polly' Chipleyabt 1779 -
  7. Hannah Chipleyabt 1781 -
  8. Sarah 'Sally' Chipleyabt 1784 -
  • HDr. William Chipley1771 - 1823
  • WAbigail Herronabt 1775 - bef 1806
m. est. 1800
  1. William Benton Chipley1801 -
  2. Elizabeth Chipley1802 -
m. abt. 1808
  1. Heil Chipley1809 -
  2. George Washington Chipley1810 -
  3. Jonathan Marshall Chipley1812 -
  4. Jonathan Sylvester Chipley1815 - 1886
  5. James Sharpe Chipley1816 - 1876
Facts and Events
Name Dr. William Chipley
Gender Male
Birth? 13 May 1771 Dorchester, Caroline County, Virginia
Marriage est. 1800 to Abigail Herron
Marriage abt. 1808 to Isabella Sharpe
Death? 8 October 1823 Old Cambridge, South Carolina

William Shipley was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Will Excerpt of William Chipley

...He shall pay a sum of not less than $200. per annum until the whole value being fully paid up; and upon such value being paid up, the said land, slaves, stock etc. shall vest in and become the sole property of James Chipley. The money to be paid and distributed to my sons and daughters, William, Geroge Washington, Elizabeth Kerfoot, Polly Hardesty, Hannah Bokels and Sally Hoque in equal portions, first charging them to wit: William 370 pounds, Virginia currency, George W. $200., Elizabeth, $336.331/3, Polly $66. 66 2/3, and Hannah $500. and Sally $500

Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 2 - Alexr. Herring vs. Chipley et als.--O. S. 280; N. S. 99--Bill, 23d February, 1810, by orator for title to part. of his father's (William Herring's estate of Rockingham. Orator married in 1793 and his father gave him part of his estate, but never made title. William died July, 1806, intestate, leaving Elizabeth, his widow, and children, viz: Sarah Huston, wife of orator R. Huston, Elizabeth, Rebecca, Edith, Margaret and William S. Herring; and grandchildren, William and Elizabeth Chipley, infant children of William's daughter, Abigail, who married William Chipley and had died in Carolina in William's lifetime. Sarah and R. Huston were married in 1797.


Dr. William Chipley, son of Captain William Chipley, was born in Maryland on May 13, 1771. He moved with his father to Frederick County, Va., where he lived until not later than 1799, as he appears as witness to a will probated in Montgomery County, Va., in that year. Marriages in Rockingham County, Va. by Harry M. Strickler shows that in 1800 William Chipley married Abigail Herring, daughter of Wm. Herring, with David Stephenson as Surety. They moved to North Carolina, near Statesville, where his wife died before 1806. Records of Augusta County, Va. by Lyman Chalkley gives reference to a suit for partition of estate of William Herring and names “his grandchildren William and Elizabeth Chipley, infant children of Wm. Herring's daughter, Abigail, who married William Chipley and had died in Carolina in William Herring's lifetime.
On March 4, 1808 he married Isabella Sharpe of Iradelle County, N.C., who was born July 22, 1776. About 1820 they moved to Old Cambridge S. C. [1820 South Carolina Census lists in Abbeville CC 003 320001-20010], where they lived until his death on Oct. 8, 1823, which, according to tradition he contracted while attending his children who were ill with this disease. This tradition is supported by the fact that his oldest son by his second wife died the following day. His wife and children returned to North Carolina where she died on April 4, 1865 (1860 North Carolina Census lists her in Catawba County Jacob's Fork P.O.).