Person:William Cavendish (12)

William Hunter Cavendish
b.1740 Ireland
  • HWilliam Hunter Cavendish1740 - ABT 1818
  • WJane McCoyABT 1755 - 1800
m. ABT 1775
  1. Mary 'Polly' CavendishABT 1775 -
  2. William Hunter Cavendish, Jr.BEF 1776 - ABT 1794
  3. Jane Cavendish1779 - 1828
  4. Sarah CavendishABT 1783 -
  5. Andrew Cavendish1787 -
  6. Rebecca Cavendish1790 -
m. 1800
Facts and Events
Name William Hunter Cavendish
Gender Male
Birth? 1740 Ireland
Marriage ABT 1775 Poss. Virginiato Jane McCoy
Marriage 1800 to Alice 'Else' Mann
Death? ABT 1818 Bath County, Virginia
Reference Number? Q8012695?

William H. Cavendish was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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William Hunter Cavendish (c. 1740–1818) was an American politician. He represented Greenbrier County in the Virginia House of Delegates 1790–1799 and 1802–1803, where he was affiliated with the Federalist Party.

Will & Estate Records in Bath County, VA

Pg. 228 - Will of William H. Cavendish, dated Aug. 8, 1818
Wit: Alexander McClintic and Nancy Lovejoy
Probated November 1818 Court
Exec: wife Alice
Beq: to beloved wife Alice all household furniture "that I brought her since I was married to her", revoking any claim to any property to hers
Executors to sell plantation of 1,000 acres on Meadow Mountain in Greenbrier County
to daughter Nancy $100 and his riding horse
everything else equally to all children except Nancy
[Abstract of Wills and Inventories of Bath County, 1791-1842, Bruns, pg. 92].

Pg. 241 - Inventory - William H. Cavendish:Submitted Jan. 20, 1819 by William McDean, Adam Givin and Samuel Vance
law library, books on military history, biography, dictionaries and grammars, tools, 2 saddles, clothing, shotgun, horse and bridle, saddlebags, bed, desk, bureau and folding leaf table.
[Abstract of Wills and Inventories of Bath County, 1791-1842, Bruns, pg. 94].

Pg. 243 - Bonds - William H. Cavendish, William McClintic, adm.
Robert McClintic, James D. Littlepage, Edward Syerson, John Dun, James William Mathews, Silvenus Odle, John Keyton, Mark Bigs, Enich Cotten, Richard Dyche, William Handley, Michael Rader, Anthony Bowen, Phillip Ballard.
[Abstract of Wills and Inventories of Bath County, 1791-1842, Bruns, pg. 94].

Pg. 257 - Sale of estate of William H. Cavendish, August 1819
Buyers: Moses, William, and Alexander McClintic, Andrew CAvendish, Charles L. Francisco, James Knight, Robert Ptomey, Robert Kincaid, Henry Taylor, Andrew Lemons, Alice Cavendish, Elisha B. Williams, Joseph Mays, James T. Myers, S. Richards, John Brown, J. Stuart, G. Mayes.
[Abstract of Wills and Inventories of Bath County, 1791-1842, Bruns, pg. 95].

Records in Greenbrier County, VA

  • James McCOY, Will; 17 Feb 1777 prob 21 Nov 1788. Wife Jane McCOY: sons; John McCOY, William McCOY, James McCOY, David McCOY: daus; Jane McCOY, Sarah McCOY, Elizabeth McCOY, Mary McCOY. Plantation in Cowpasture. Wit; Wm. H. CAVENDISH, John WILLIAMS, Charles HOWARD. Exec: wife Jane, son James. (Note: some sources have this James McCoy as the father-in-law of William Cavendish, father of William Cavendish's first wife, Jane).
  • 30 April 1794 - William H. Cavendish with Jas. McCoy security obtained letters of administration of Wm. Cavendish deceased. Appraisers John Williams, James McCoy Jr. and James Jourdain. [Note: the William Cavendish deceased that is referred to in this record is this William's son, William, Jr.).

Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 2 - Mays vs. Law--O. S. 190; N. S. 67--Deed 9th April, 1805, by Nicholas Steel of Montgomery County, Ky., to John Steele of same place, conveys undivided part of land purchased by James Steele, deceased, from James Armstrong in Bath County on Jackson River, corner Else McClintock, alias Cavendish; Wm. Cavendish, 450 acres. Recorded In Montgomery County (Ky.), 2d September, 1805. Deed 7th October, 1806, by Henry Steele of Bath County to Edith Steele of same place, conveys his share of land descended to Henry from his. father, James Steel, Sr., deceased; and also by purchase from brothers, John and Nicholas Steel. Recorded in Bath, January, 1807. (Note: record proves that William Cavendish's wife Alice "Else" had been previously married to William McClintock).
  • Vol. 2 - Wm. H. Cavendish, Attorney for Silvanus Walker, vs. George Clendennin's Heirs--O. S. 172; N. S. 61--Greenbrier. George Clendennin died intestate, leaving Jemima (widow), children, Parthenia Meggs, wife of John Meggs; Cynthia and Margaret Clendennin.
  • Vol. 2 - Fleming vs. Cavendish--O. S. 279; N. S. 98--Bill, 4th January, 1806, by Thomas Fleming of Frederick County. Francis Mara of Greenbrier died, testate, in June, 1791, leaving wife Hanna and only child, daughter Margaret (child with which wife was supposed pregnant was not born. She was not pregnant). William H. Cavendish was co-executor. Hanna married orator Thomas. Accounts current of a store in Lewisburgh, 29th July, 1791.
  • Vol. 2 - McClintic vs. Mann--O. S. 270; N. S. 95--Bill, 26th July, 1807, by Robert McClintic and Jane, his wife; W. H. Cavendish and wife, Alice; Alexander McClintic and wife, Sarah; which Jane, Alice and Sarah are daughters of William Mann, Sr., deceased, and sisters of William Mann, Jr., deceased. William, Sr., died, testate, will dated 3d February, 1778, and recorded in Botetourt. William Mann, Jr., died 1794 under age. Moses and John Mann are sons of William, Sr. Deed, 10th December, 1799, by Moses Mann and Sarah; John Mann and Archibald Mann, devisees of William Mann, deceased, of Bath County to Alexander McClintic, 163 acres, patented to William Mann 15th September, 1789, in Bath on Jackson's River. Recorded in Bath County, December, 1799. William Mann, Sr., had a son Thomas, who had a son William Thomas Mann. Will of William Mann of Botetourt. Wife, Jane; oldest son, Moses, infant; second son, Thomas, infant; third son, William, infant; fourth son, John, infant; eldest daughter, Ealse; second daughter, Jenny; third daughter, Sarah. Thos. Madison, James Graham, Ro. Armstrong, Jr., executors. Dated 3d February, 1778. Recorded in Botetourt, November, 1778. Jane Mann deposes, at house of Robert Kincaid in Bath, 28th April, 1808. William Mann died 20th March, 1778. Jane is the widow. Their son William died an infant. William, Sr., also had a son Archibald. Wm. H. Cavindish married the widow McClintick Jane's daughter. John Kincaid deposes, at John Mann's house on Jackson's River in Bath County, 6th June, 1818, remembers that he came to this section 12 or 18 months before battle of Guilford, at which time Mrs. Mann, mother of defendant Moses, was in possession of the land.
  • Vol. 2 - Bourland vs. Dean--O. S. 342; N. S. 124--Bill, August, 1812, by William Bourland and wife Mary, William Crawford and Margaret. John Kincaid and Alice, James Kincaid and Elizabeth, James Anderson and Nancy, James Venable and Sarah, Andrew McClung and Jean. The females are daughters of John Dean, deceased, of Bath, who died 1810 or 1811 at age of nearly 90, testate. Suit against Wm. McC. Deane, the only other child to set aside the will, and certain deeds. Will of John Dean. Wife, Agness; son, William; daughter, Elizabeth, Elzse, Sarah, Jane; daughter, Margaret Crawford; daughter, Molly Borland; daughter, Nancy. Dated 7th August, 1790. Recorded in Bath, March, 1811. Deed, 10th April, 1807, by John Dean to William Dean, 1,660 acres on Jackson's River joining Andrew Bourland. Recorded in Bath, April, 1807. Deed, 9th April, 1806, by same to same, 1,661 acres on Mill Run and other branches of Jackson's River. Recorded in Bath, April, 1806. William Ward deposes, in Bath, 17th July, 1813, knew John Dean from time Wm. was a small boy. John was sheriff of Bath. 1794. Wm. has lived in Kentucky. 22d January, 1814, Anthony (Anton) Courtner deposes, in Lewisburg, at house and tavern of James and Hugh McLaughlin. 22d January, 1814, Catherine Courtner deposes, knew John 16 years before his death, living his neighbor. John McClenachan deposes, John Dean died 20th November last, 3 years ago. 26th February, 1814, Capt. Wm. Byrd deposes, in Botetourt, at house of Jno. Allen, Sr., was born, raised and lived within two miles of John Dean. 3d November, 1821, John Byrd deposes, James Blackburn left the County before death of Jno. Dean. James Venable left 10-12 years ago. 3d November, 1821, Alexr. McClenachan deposes, Lewis Myers left the County in 1803. Thos. Barker left the County in 1803-4. Jas. Blackburn left the County in 1808 or 3. 3d November, 1821, Andrew Bourland deposes, William Bourland is his brother. Wm. moved to Kentucky. 26th October, 1822, Wm. Bourland deposes, at house of Benj. Vance in Woodford County, Ky. 20th May, 1813, W. H. Cavendish deposes, he knew Jno. Dean more than 40 years. 20th May, 1813, Alexr. McClintic deposes, he knew Jno. Dean more than 30 years. 20th May, 1813, Henrietta Taylor deposes, she knew Jno. Dean more than 20 years. 20th May, 1813, John Byrd deposes, he knew Jno. Dean 45 years. 20th May, 1813, Jeremiah Burns, deposes, he was a preacher.


Husband: William Hunter Cavendish
Born: ABT 1740 at: Ireland 1

Married: ABT 1770 at: Greenbrier Co., WV (then Botetourt Co., VA)

  Died: ABT 1818         at: Bath Co., VA  1  
Father:? Cavendish
Mother:Margaret ?
       Other Spouses: Jane Murphy  Alice Mann  

Wife: Unknown
Born: at:
  Died: BEF 1780         at: Virginia  
       Other Spouses: 

Name: Mary Polly Cavendish
  Born: BET 1765 AND 1775at: Greenbrier Co., (W)Va (then Augusta Co., VA)  

Married: 25 AUG 1792 at: Greenbrier County, (W)VA 2

  Died: AFT 1840         at: Greenbrier Co., (W)VA  

Spouses: Isaac C. Callison

Name: William Hunter Cavendish, Jr.
  Born: BEF 1776         at: Virginia  

Married: 6 FEB 1794 at: Greenbrier Co., (W)VA

  Died: ABT APR 1794     at: Greenbrier Co., (W)VA  

Spouses: Jane McCoy

Name: Jane Cavendish
  Born: 1779             at: Virginia  

Married: 1 MAY 1804 at: Greenbrier County, (W)VA 3

  Died: 4 DEC 1828       at: Nicholas Co., (W)VA  

Spouses: Joseph McClung


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