Person:William Bryan (49)

William Bryan, of Roanoke, VA
m. 1 JUN 1708
  1. Mary Bryan1710 - 1772
  2. John Andrew Bryan1712 - 1799
  3. James Bryan1714 - 1816
  4. William Bryan, of Roanoke, VAABT 1716 - 1806
  5. Margaret Bryan1718 - 1758
  6. Benjamin Bryan1720 - 1752
  7. David Bryan1721 - Bef 1767
  • HWilliam Bryan, of Roanoke, VAABT 1716 - 1806
  • WMargaret Watson1724 - 1804
m. 2 APR 1750
  1. William Bryan1750 - 1835
  2. John Bryan1750-1767 -
  3. David Bryan1750-1767 -
  4. Catherine Bryanbef 1769 -
  5. Margaret Bryanbef 1771 -
  6. James Bryanbef 1773 -
  7. Mary A. Bryanest 1775-1785 -
m. 6 June 1785
Facts and Events
Name William Bryan, of Roanoke, VA
Gender Male
Birth? ABT 1716 Banbridge, County Down, Ireland
Marriage 2 APR 1750 to Margaret Watson
Marriage 6 June 1785 Botetourt County, Virginiato Elizabeth Phillips
Death? 2 JUL 1806 Botetourt County, Virginia

William Bryan was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 313.--11th October, 1765. William Bryan, Sr., to William Bryan, Jr., son of William, Sr., £5.5, 133 acres on Roanoke River adjoining Joseph Love. Delivered: Thos. Madison, January, 1771.

Will Abstract

Bryan, William. Probate October, 1806.
Names wife Elizabeth, and children: William, Catherine Cole, Jamea and John.
[Source: Early Marriages, Wills and some Revolutionary War Records, Botetourt County, Virginia, Compiled by Anne Lowry Worrell, pg. 53].

Records of William Bryan in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 1 - ORIGINAL PETITIONS AND PAPERS FILED IN THE COUNTY COURT. - 1750 - Petition, 1752, of inhabitants from Forks of Roanoke to James Neiley's Majority have to travel 25 to 30 miles to work on ye road from Reed Creek to Warwick. Petition to have road laid off into precincts. William Bryan, John Bryan, James Bryan, William Walcker, James Campbell, Alexander Ingram, Robert Bryan, Henry Brown, James Bane, William Bryan, Jr., Joseph Love.
  • Vol. 1 - NOVEMBER 24, 1753. - (76) Road ordered--Wm. Bryan overseer--from Wm. Carravan's plantation to Wm. Bryans on Roan Oak. These workers: James Campbell, Joseph Love, Wm. Bryan, Jr., John Bryan, James Bane, Henry Brown, Jr., James Neilly, Henry Brown, Sr., Alexr. Ingram, Edward Patterson, Jacob Patton, John Wood, Erwin Patterson, Andrew Cox, Jasper Terry, Wm. Terry, John Woods, Edward Moore, Peter Craven, Aron Hart, Miles Hart, Wm. Graham, Neal McNeal, Malcom Campbell, Wm. Armstrong, Tasker Tosh, Thomas Tosh, Daniel Evans, Uriah Acres, Thos. Acres, John McAdoe, Wm. Akers.
  • Page 98.--20th March, 1755. Patrick Lynch's additional appraisement, by James Nealey, Henry Brown, Wm. Bryan, Jr.
  • Page 217.--26th September, 1765. William Robinson's (above) estate appraised, by Walter Crockett, William Bryan, James Neelly.
  • Page 489.--17th March, 1767. Tasker Tosh's appraisement (by David Bryan, Wm. Bryan. Wm. Culton), recorded.
  • Page 271.--14th March, 1768. William Bryan to James Bryan, £100, 267 acres on Roanoke, alias Goose Creek; corner William Bryans, Jr., James Burk's line. Teste: William Ingles, William Tutt, Samuel Woods, William Preston. Delivered: Mr. Samuel Lewis, 16th January, 1772.
  • Vol. 1 - page 223 - Bryan vs. Lewis and Johnston--O. S. 303; N. S. 108--Bill, April, 1820, by James Bryan, Jr., of Botetourt. Prior to 1771 Wm. Bryan owned 400 acres on Roanoke River, near Salem, and divided it between his sons, William and James, who entered 190 acres adjoining and patent issued in name of James, 16th February, 1771. James sold out all to Andrew Lewis, 28th March, 1788, who sold to his brother William . James moved to Mason County. Wm. Bryan, Jr., died July , 1806, testate, devising his interest to his son, orator . James, Sr., had a son Andrew. Wm. Lewis sold to Dr. John Johnston and moved to Alabama. Will of William Bryan of Roanoke in Botetourt County. Wife, Elizabeth; sons, William, James, John; daughter, Catherine Cole, wife of John Cole; grandson , Wm. Cole. Dated 27th June, 1805. Recorded in Botetourt, October, 1806.

Information on William Bryan

Wiliam Bryan Birth: 1716 31 31 Banbridge, Down, Ireland Death: 2 July 1806 (Age 90) Botetourt, Virginia, USA Marriage 2 April 1750 (Age 34) Margaret Watson - Jersey, Channel Islands Marriage 1785 (Age 69) Elizabeth Phillips - Botetourt, Virginia, USA

Fourth Generation William Bryan and wife, Margaret Watson, also settled on Roanoke River soon after. He was known as 'William Bryan of Roanoke'. Their children were : ' 1 William, died 1806. 2 John. 3 James, married Elizabeth Vineyard: had Andrew and Alexander. 4 Catherine, married Samuel Cole. 5 Daughter married Andrew Lewis. (See Deed). 0 David. 7 Daughter, married, first, Martin; second, Boyd. William, James and David Bryan were in the Revolution. William was a Captain. He came into possession of David Bryan's place at Big Lake, while James inherited his father's place at Lake Springs. S'ome of the descendants of William Bryan settled in Mason County, West Virginia. The Post office of Bryan was doubtless named for some of them. James moved to North Carolina then to Kentucky, and his sun, Alexander and wife, Elizabeth Parker moved from Montgomery County to Putnam County, Indiana, in 1834. Had the following children:

George, married Eliza. 2 James. 3 Harvey. 4 Barton. 5 Nancy, married Jacob Cox. 6 Ellen* married Parker Coffmon. 7 Alexander S., born Sept. 24, 1824, in Montgomery County. Kentucky, married Jane Farrow. Augusta County Records, Vol. III, p. 97. Will of Derrick Bry'an, of Roanoke. Doc. IS, 177(5. Ex. wife. and Brother William. Daughter, Mary. Son. William. Son, David. Proved March 18, 1767, by Barnes and William Bryan. Elizabeth (her mark). Augusta County Records. Vol. 1, p. 135. Elizabeth Bryan, Ex. of David Bryan. May 25, 1767. In 1771, widow had married John Bowman. Augusta County Records, Vol. II, p. 223. Prior to 1771. William Bryan owned 400 acres on Roanoke River near Salem, divided between sons William and James. Jame? sold to Andrew Lewis, and moved to Mason County. William Bryan, junior, died 1806. James had a son, Andrew. Will of William Bryan, of Roanoke. in Bolelourt County, wife Elizabeth (second wife), sons, William. James and John; daughter, Catherine Cole. Augusta County Records, Vol. I, p. 61. Road ordered, William Bryan, overseer, from William Carravans plantation to William Bryan's on Ronu Oak. Workers: William Bryan, junior, and. John Bryan, same p. 123. 1765. Willam Bryan exempt from County 'Levy (which moans he was an old man), Oct. 11, 17C5. William Bryan, senior, to William Bryan, junior, son of William, senior, 133 acres on Roauoke River, adjoining James Love. John Andrew Bryan, and wife Mary Morrison, moved to Burden County, near Fairfield, Rockbridge County ( which was founded in 1737), about the same time Unit William and Margaret Watson Bryan 'moved to Staunton River settlement. This John Bryan is thought to have been at the battle of Great Meadows, 1754, Captain Peter Hogg's Company. (Virginia County Records, Vol. II. p. HI, Augusta County. 'After Battle of Great Meadows, returned to Captain Stobo's Company, 1754. Men fit for duty, John Bryan').

After living a few years at the Borden Colony, John Andn'w and Mary and family proceeded tu the Staunton River, where he became owner of land upon a part of which Salem is now situated. He left the Slaunton River in 1863-4, traded his land' for a pair of cart-wheels, and moved with his family to (present) Campbell County, Va., Here he bought 329 acres of Richard Stith and 439 acres of Benjamin Arnold. On the last named tract, he at once erected a bark hut about two miles Southeast of Rust- burg, and la'ter built a house fart hei' down on the other branch (Molly's Creek). A lot on the place was used us a muster ground for many years after the Revolution). The children of John Andrew and Mary Morrison Bryan were : 1 William, born 1774, married Mary. 2 Andrew Morrison, born April 25, 1748. died April 20, 1821 ; married' Mary Akers. 3 Mary, born May 27, 1750. died young. 4 Margaret, born March 14. 1752, married first. Daniel Mitchell; second. Patrick Gibson. 5 John, married Catherine Evans. (> Jane, born May 16, 1761. married John Davison. 7 Agnes, born August 9, 1763. nwrried first. John Akers; second, Reuben Bagby. 8 Catherine. born Oct. 21, 17(55