Person:William Adair (20)

William Adair
b.est. 1700 Probably Scotland
d.bef. 15 November 1763 Augusta County, Virginia
  1. William Adairest 1700 - bef 1763
  • HWilliam Adairest 1700 - bef 1763
  • WJanet Boyd
m. est. 1725
  1. Sarah Adair1717 -
  2. Anne Adairest 1725-1729 -
Facts and Events
Name William Adair
Gender Male
Birth? est. 1700 Probably Scotland
Marriage est. 1725 to Janet Boyd
Death? bef. 15 November 1763 Augusta County, Virginia

William Adair was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Will of William Adair

  • Page 294.--17th October. 1763. William Adair's will--Daughter, Sarah Keys; to Roger Keys; to John Keys; to Saml. Keys; to Benj. Keys; to Sarah Keys; to Margaret Keys; to Wm. Wilson, Ann Poage, Nancy Wilson, the note of James Park, the money due by David Dredan; to Alex. McMolan; to Wm. McMolan; to William Wolson; to Ann Poage and Easter McMolan, Easter McMolan Poage, Ann Poage Baxter; to John Rays, whom I appoint executor. "Wolison on ye Sacrament." Executors, Roger Keys. Teste: John Paul, Sarah Keys, Margt. Keys. Proved, 15th November, 1763, by the witnesses. Executor qualified, with John Paul. (Note: John, Samuel, Benjamin, Sarah and Margaret Keys were all children of William's daughter Sarah with her husband Roger Keys).
  • Page 309.--29th November, 1763. William Adair's (Gentleman) estate appraised--Watt's Philosophical Essays; 1 Medical Dictionary; 1 Ambrous Looking to Jesus; 1 Practical Physician; 1 Baley's Dictionary; 1 Complete English Dispensitory; 1 Landon Dispensitory; 1 Art of Surgery; 1 Confession of Faith; 1 The Divine Attributes; 1 The of the Sacraments; 1 Arithmetic; 1 The Dying Man's Testament; 1 Collection of Sermons; 1 The Sovereignty and Wisdom of God; 1 Death and Heaven; 1 Medicinal Experiments; 1 The Intrist of England; 1 Being Born Again; 1 Hyme Book; 1 Music Book; 1 Christian's Interest; Explanatory Chatechasm; 1 The Return of Prayer; The Demision of Sin and Grace; 1 Psalm Book; Direction to Communicants; 1 Durham on Death; 1 Divine Breathings; 1 The Wars of England; 1 Sacramental Directory; 1 To Walk with God; 1 Eleven Sermons; 1 Free Happiness; 1 The Free Nonconformist; 1 The Sacrifices of Moses; 2 bookcases.

Records of William Adair in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 16.--26th June, 1746. Robert Sayers, late from Pennsylvania. Will--Sons, William, Alexander; wife, Cathren; daughters, Margaret, Ann, Elizabeth. Executors, John Buchanan and Joseph Culton, Gent. (desiring Col. Patton to assist if he will grant me the favor). Teste: Jno. Buchanan, Wm. Adair, Francis McCown, Thos. Beard. Proved, 20th August, 1746, by all except Beard. Wm. and Alex. Sayers qualify executors 20th August, 1746, with sureties John Buchanan and John Hays.
  • Page 159.--21st August, 1746. Samuel McCutchen and Francis, his wife to James Shields, cordwinder, £18.5.0; 298-1/2 acres, part of 600 acres on Moffetts Creek bought from Borden; corner to Nathan Lusk, adjoining patent line of Beverley Manor. Witnesses, William Adair, Rob. Graham, James Trimble. Frances ( ) McCouchen. Acknowledged by both, 21st August, 1746.
  • Vol. 1 - SEPTEMBER, 1747. - John Carmichael vs. John Wilson.--Debt on bond by defendant to Mary Anne Campbell, dated 25th March, 1746. Witnesses, John Hays and Wm. Adair. Assigned to plaintiff last day of March, 1747. Morgan Camell.
  • Page 250.--19th May, 1758. John Wilson's account, by Ann Wilson, administratrix--Paid Edward McColgan, Edward Tar, Samuel Buchanan, John Jones, Wm. Adair.
  • Page 328.--20th September, 1758. Vendue of John Snodgrass' estate, by Agnes Patton--To David Edmund, Wm. Parris, Robt. McRandolph, John Wardlaw, Wm. Adair, Peter Angel. Paid to John Mountgomery, Edmond Tarr, James Henry, Jno. Rosamond, Patrick Hays, James McCown, Andrew Steel.
  1.   Baptism Record for Sarah Adair, in Old Parish Records, Kirkmaiden by Drummore, Scotland.