Person:Walter Cunningham (3)

Walter Cunningham
b.abt. 1730
m. abt. 1730
  1. Walter Cunninghamabt 1730 - 1808
  2. Isabella CunninghamAbt 1736 -
  3. Margaret Cunninghambef 1747 - 1827
  4. Elizabeth Cunningham1749 - 1823
  • HWalter Cunninghamabt 1730 - 1808
  • WJean Steele1746 - Aft 1807
m. 1774
  1. Sarah CunninghamAbt 1777 - Bef 1807
  2. Mary Cunningham1777 - 1846
  3. William Cunninghamabt 1779 -
  4. John Cunninghamabt 1781 -
  5. Isabel Cunninghamabt 1782 - 1847
  6. Jane Cunningham1784 -
  7. Emeline Cunninghamabt 1788 -
Facts and Events
Name Walter Cunningham
Gender Male
Birth? abt. 1730
Marriage 1774 Staunton, Augusta County, Virginiato Jean Steele
Death? 1808 Jessamine County, Kentucky

Walter Cunningham was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Image:CunninghamWalter BeverleyNMiddle.jpg

Walter Cunningham's land (Two Tracts in Beverley Manor - 1) Woodland Lot #2, 50 acres acquired in 1761; 2) 107-acre tract in "Mill Tract", adjoining James Miller and William Beverley's tracts acquired in 1761/1765) as shown on the map meticulously drawn by J.R. Hildebrand, cartographer. This map is copyrighted©, used by permission of John Hildebrand, son of J.R. Hildebrand, April, 2009.

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 392.--20th May, 1761. John Cunningham and Sarah, of Staunton, to Walter Cunningham, of Staunton, £50, lot No. 1 in Staunton; also lot 2, of Woodland, 50 acres. Delivered. [Note: the exact location of "Lot No. 1" in Staunton listed cannot be determined on the Hildebrand Map, but is likely located somewhere in the town of Staunton, which was comprised primarily of William Beverley's 2,050-acre original patent].
  • Page 394.--23d May, 1761. John Cunningham and Walter Cunningham, covenants, 107 acres in Beverley Manor, part of 1550 acres called Mill tract whereon Court House stands; cor. James Brown, adjoining Staunton, James Miller's line; cor. Beverley; cor. Col. Lewis' lot. Lease, 89 years. Delivered: Walter, June, 1762.
  • MAY 23, 1761. - (47) John Cunningham to his son, Walter--deed acknowledged.
  • Page 301.--15th October, 1765. Robert Beverley by Thomas Lewis to Walter Cunningham, of Town of Staunton, Gent., £45, 107 acres, part of 1,550 acres part of the Mill tract in Beverley Manor adjoining the lots of the Town of Staunton; corner James Brown's lease land, James Miller's line; corner William Beverley's land; corner Col. Lewis' lot. [Note: this record appear to duplicate the 1761 record listed below, refers to same 107-acre Mill Tract patent].

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 202.--Walter Cunningham and Jane to Alexander Sinclair, lot 1 in Staunton conveyed to Walter by his father, John Cunningham, 30th May, 1761. Teste: Owen Owens.

Records of Walter Cunningham in Augusta County, Virginia

From Chalkley's:

  • 1751-1752 Petition recites that last fall the Court sent James McKay and Richard Harrill to view a road. They accordingly viewed a road to strike out of McKay's road at Reuben Paget's and so to keep down the River on the east side to the County line. Prays an order to appoint Philip Crum, William Hurst or William Harrill to be surveyor, and order all tithables on Flint Run and its branches and Gowny's run and its branches from Walter Cunningham's down to the County line: Jacob Harrill, Peter Emlie, Anthony Horton, Reuben Paget, Richard Harrill, Sr., William Owens, John Kelly, Howard Gibson, James McCoy, Philip Crame, Joseph Hokens, William Hurst, Thomas Lann, Richard Harrill, William Harrill, Thomas Monmon, William Colbee, Thomas Harrill, John Harrill, John Jones, Joseph Ballinger, James Land, Moses Harrill.
  • Page 448.--9th June, 1753. Robert Coningham, Esq., and Martha to Walter Davis, 328 acres in Beverley Manor on Cedar Spring. Teste: Pat Cunningham, Wm. Johnston, Walter Coningham .
  • 1754---(Augusta County Fee Books) Page 3, Robert Jackson, Merchant, (March, 1754); page 15, Wm. Miller, Frederick, (March, 1754), Record Dunbarr's deeds; page 19, John Buchanan, Miller, (March, May); Walter Cunningham, Hampshire (among others)
  • Page 156.--28th May, 1755. William McCutchen to Thos. Meek, plantationer, £40, 310 acres on Little River in Calf Pasture, part of William's 895 acre tract; corner Ro. McCutchon. Teste: David and Walter Coningham.
  • AUGUST 16, 1763. (212) Andrew Lewis, qualified Lieut. of the County; Wm. Preston, qualified Colonel of the County; Walter Cunningham, qualified Captain of Militia; Alexr. McClenachan, qualified Captain of Militia; William Crow, qualified Captain of Militia; John McClenachan, Michael Bowyer and David Long, qualified Lieutenants of Militia; James Ward, qualified Ensign of Militia.
  • Page 301.--15th October, 1765. Robert Beverley by Thomas Lewis to Walter Cunningham, of Town of Staunton, Gent., £45, 107 acres, part of 1,550 acres part of the Mill tract in Beverley Manor adjoining the lots of the Town of Staunton; corner James Brown's lease land, James Miller's line; corner William Beverley's land; corner Col. Lewis' lot.
  • OCTOBER 16, 1765. (12) Handley vs. Thomas Kelley } Walter Cunningham, garnishee, states that if defendant's pay as a soldier comes into his hands he will have £8.
  • Page 85.--7th June, 1766. Samuel Cowden to Sampson Mathews on account of Wm. McClure, of Pennsylvania, £19, bill sale of personal property conditioned to pay £19. Teste: Walter Cunningham and Jno. Murray.
  • AUGUST, 1766 (A). Clendenning vs. Cunningham.--9th July, 1764. This day Samuel Crockett came before me and made oath that he (Samuel) served as Sergeant at Capt. John Dickinson's, on Cow Pasture River, under the command of Capt. Walter Cunningham, and that John Clendennin served as a soldier from the 27th of November, 1763, to the 20th March, 1764, in said Company.
  • NOVEMBER, 1766 (A). John Clendenning vs. Capt. Walter Cunningham.--To pay as a soldier.
  • NOVEMBER 1766 (A). Clendenin vs. Cunningham.--This day Samuel Crocket made oath before me that the return he made to Capt. Walter Cunningham was just and yt John Clendenon was one in the return. Given under my hand this 1st April, 1766. (Signed) John Dickinson. As a soldier, &c., and yt ye time he was in Greenbrier he allowed good, &c.
  • NOVEMBER, 1766 (A). Capt. Walter Cunningham, debtor, to my pay as a soldier from ye 29th November, 1763, to ye 20th March, 1764, being 111 days, at 1/6 per day. (Signed) E. E., per John Clendenning. This day Samuel Crockett came before me and made oath that he, the said Samuel Crockett, served as Sergeant at Capt. John Dickinson's, on the Cow Pasture River, under the command of Capt. Walter Cunningham, and further declares that John Clendennen served as a soldier from the twenty-seventh of November to the 20th of March in the said Company, and the said John Clendennen, being neglected from the former to the latter date of being returned in the pay-roll and was out of his pay. Given under my hand this 9th day of July, 1764. (Signed) John Dickinson.
  • Page 413.--22d November, 1766: Vestry met. Thought inconvenient to continue Col. Preston as Clerk, and Walter Cunningham is chosen and qualifies. Mr. Peyton Randal and Mr. Waller are of the opinion that the Parson's Sallery ought to be paid at three farthings per pound. Edward Sampson to be paid for officiating as Clarke to the Church for 9 months. William Christal's petition for his sallery is rejected.
  • Page 176.--15th January, 1767. Samuel Moor to John Hunter, £62, beds, tables, trunks, and other personalty. Teste: Wat. Cunningham, Robert Brown. Jno. Patterson.
  • Page 513.--24th January, 1767. James Hughes' estate appraised, by Robt. McClenachan, Wm. Crow, Robt. Reed, Walter Cunningham.
  • AUGUST, 1767 (D). August, the 31st day, 1764. Sir: To Capt. Walter Cunningham, please to pay George Dare seven pound ten shilling as soon as my pay comes in to your hand, without Eney Dout, for it is justly due him, and in so doing you will veray much oblige your humble friend to serve. (Signed) James McElhiney. Test, Robert Gilipe.
  • AUGUST 18, 1767. (211-212) The following produced certificates for hemp: Alexr. Gibson, Francis Brown, Thos. Paxton, Saml. Newberry, Saml. Henderson, Nichs. Sollace, Edward Sharp, Henry Larkin, Alexr. Walker, John White, John Black, James Trimble, Saml. Downey, Walter Cunningham, Moses Trimble, James McClung, John McClure, Halbert McClure, Joseph Long, David Campbell, James Walker, Joseph Lapsley, Israel Christian, Henry Lung, Jonan. Whitley, John McElwroth.
  • Page 40.--24th August, 1767. Account of administration of estate of Col. John McNeill, recorded--Cash paid Wm. Duncan for board of servants under cure; to gold watch sold George Weedon. 1765, April 1st-- Cash paid Joseph Gamble for riding express for Col. McNeile to Dr. Jameson. July 4th--Cash paid in part of Farghagh Cambel's account. November 5th--Cash paid James Hughes the balance of Farghagh Camil account. Cash paid Hector McNeil. 1766, January 1st--Cash paid Mr. James Melvin. 1766, January 9th--To cash paid Wm. Lewis for 750 pounds flower for ye use of ye detachment Col. McNeil marched to Fort Pitt. July 2d-- Cash paid John Coke. Credits--1765, February, by 5 ounces, 3 pennyweights of gold, £25.16.0.; by 35 dollars and 2 half johannos, £14.13.9.; by 1 moidon, 6 Inglish shillings; by cash from Col. Bouquet, £90.0.0.; by cash from Capt. Walter Cunningham, £12.16.9.; by cash from John Mann. August 20th, by cash from Edward Long for blankets. 1766, May 22d, by cash from Wm. Hyde.
  • AUGUST, 1768 (A). Fulton vs. Mann.--Fort Defiance, August 28, 1764. Sir:--Please pay to William Fulton £4, 15, 0, for a rifle gun, and you will much oblige, sir, your humble servant. (Signed) Thomas Mann. To Capt. Walter Cunningham.
  • AUGUST, 1768 (C). William Crow vs. Capt. Walter Cunningham.--Sundries. 1762, 1763, 1764; 1762, March 25, to one pair shoes for your sister Betty; June 19, to your provision account, 174 rations, at £1; 1763; 1764; 1765; 1766, January 21, to cash stopped for James and John Ward; January 23, stopped for Thomas Carpenter, Alexander Tilford, Wm. Daucherty, Archey Handley; 1767, April 10, your assumpsit for David Graham; May 15, to club at Poaking; November 20, to club at Vestry; 1768, April 26, to George; March 15, to cash answered for Captain Lynch. Credits--1766, February 11, by cash at Strother and McPherson's frolic; February 22, by cash answered for your son, £15. (Between the dates above scarcely a day passed without several charges for drinks. I have only noticed a few items of an extraordinarily long account.)
  • Page 402.--6th May, 1769. Col. Andrew Lewis and George Matthews, executors of David Stewart, to Samuel Cowdon, one moiety of 321 acres conveyed by Patrick Martin and Jane, 17th September, 1763, to Samuel Cowdan and Andrew Greier, this moiety of 160-1/2 acres conveyed to David by Andrew Greer and Ruth, 23d August, 1766, on Back Creek. Teste: Sampson Mathews, John Cawley, Pat. Lockhart, Mathew Read. Walter Cnnningham.
  • Page 126.--__ _____, 1769. Sampson and Geo. Mathews to William Bowyer, £15, lot No. 9 in Staunton; also 13 acres of wood land at south corner of one of Thomas Fulton's lots numbered 6 and conveyed by Thomas Fulton to William Howard and by him to S. and G. Mathews; conveyed to Thomas Fulton by Alexander Wright, 17th May, 1760. Teste: Wat Cunningham, Pat. Lockhart. Delivered: Wliliam Bowyer, Esq., 25th April, 1775.
  • MARCH, 1769 (A). Robert and Mathew Reed, Administrators of George Rodgers, vs. William Watterson.--Attachment, 7th June 1768. Plaintiffs "have reason to believe that defendant is about to leave the County or so absconds." Walter Cunningham, surety.
  • AUGUST 16, 1769. (324) Following recommended as Justices, viz: Mat. Harrison, Wm. Ingles, Wm. Christian, George Mathews, John McClenachan, James Robertson, Stephen Trigg, Wm. Herbert, Philip Love, Anthony Bledsoe, John Bowman, John Thomas, Robert Doage, John Montgomery, Alexr. Thompson, James Craig, Waiter Crockett, Andrew ockridge, Walter Cunningham and James McGavock. The following to be left off, reasons to be given by the Clerk and former order discharged, viz: John Chiswell, John Buchanan, John Wilson, John Archer, John Maxwell, Charles Lewis, Alexr. Boyd.
  • Page 78.--22d March. 1773. Walter Cunningham's bond (with Robert Armstrong) as administrator of John Cunningham.
  • MARCH 22, 1773. (49) Walter Cunningham qualifies (with consent of the widow, Sarah,) admr. of his father, John Cunningham.
  • 1774 - July 4, Walter Cunningham, marriage license obtained in Augusta County, VA
  • Page 112.--Teste: Walter Cunnningham, John Todd, Jr., Thomas Smith, Samp. Mathews, Thomas Jones, Joseph Love, Thomas Douglass, Lawrence Van Hook, Timothy Hughes, Privy Examination of Rachel, wife of Samuel Love before Thomas Douglass, Lawrence Van Hook, and John See in North Carolina, 6th February, 1775.
  • NOVEMBER 20, 1776. (132) Elenore Askins complains of Walter Cunningham for not using her child well.
  • Page 202.—(undated, appears to be sometime in 1777) Walter Cunningham and Jane to Alexander Sinclair, lot 1 in Staunton conveyed to Walter by his father, John Cunningham, 30th May, 1761. Teste: Owen Owens.
  • FEBRUARY 16, 1779. (396) Elenore Askins, mother of a child bound to Walter Cunningham, complains of Walter for not using her child well.--Summoned. Witnesses: Rosana Steel, David Steel, and Mary, his wife, Hanna and Mary Lessley.
  • NOVEMBER 17, 1779. 147) Walter Cunningham, who served as a Lieutenant in the First Virginia Regiment, commanded by Colonel Wm. Byrd, heretofore obtained a warrant for 2,000 acres, agreeable to Proclamation of 1763, now makes further proof of having served as a Captain of Independents in the expedition commanded by Colonel Boquet against the indians in 1764, and is now allowed 1,000 acres additional.
  • Tithables, 1781; (among several others)Wm. Hunter, Wm. Baird, Wm. Seewright, David Buckwhannon, Jacob Cail, Philip Olinger, Sr., Joseph Nelson, Robert Patterson, James Hathorn, David Trotter, Deeter Cail, Abraham Goodpaster, Samuel McCleerey, Moses Hays, Robert Hanah, Jno. Burners, Martha Downey, Wm. Shields, Jr., Robert Clark, James Phillips, Jno. Brown, James Cunningham, Samuel Haws, Robert Wallace, Wm. Bell, Martin Dickson, James Elliott, Jno. Brown, Samuel Rennick, Valentine Joanes, Wm. Crawford, Deeter Lowrey, Wm. Allen, Jno. Tilley, Jno. Trimble, Alex. McElroy, James McKnit, James McChesney, Robert Lester, Wm. Rush, Wm. Logan, Alex. Sprowl, Patrick Haul, James Ewing, Wm. Buckwhannon, David Cail, Wm. Blair, Philip Olinger, Jr., James Callison, Walter Cunningham, Thos. McGragor, Jno. Vininger, Samuel Moffett, James Trotter, Jr., James Crow.
  • Page 229.--10th April, 1782. Alex. Cunningham's estate appraised by Samuel McCutchan, Wat. Cunningham, David Trotter.
  • Page 4.--28th September, 1786. Philip (X) Olinger's will, farmer--To son, Jacob, 186 acres, home place; to wife, Juliana; to son, Stophel; to daughter. Barbara, and her son, John Palmer, infant; to daughter, Katharine; to grandson, Jacob Casner, infant, to be taught both Dutch and English, and to cypher, and a trade; to son, Philip, deed to be made for 148 acres he now lives on. Executors, Jacob Gabord and Augustine Argenbright. Teste: Jacob Maxwell, Wat. Cunningham, Frederick Hanger. Proved, April, 1787, by Cunningham and Hanger. Argenbright qualifies.
  • Page 82.--28th November, 1786. Stephen Beck's (Bek--German) will-- To wife, Catherine, £70 out of money due by Peter Frenger; to son, Peter Beck; to daughter, Mary Leedekey; to daughter, Catharine Frenger; to granddaughter, Anna Cleary Beck, daughter of son Peter Beck. Executors, John Hawpe, Jacob Teaford. Teste: James Mitchell, Wat Cunningham, Samuel Hay. Proved, 15th July, 1788, by Cunningham and Hay. Executors qualify.
  • Page 158.--14th November, 1787. James Callison's will (Sr.)---To wife, Isabella; to son, Robert; to daughter, Dorothy; to son, James; to granddaughter, Isabella Callison, daughter to son John, unmarried; to son, John; to son, William; to daughter, Jean; to daughter, Agness; to daughter, Mary; to daughter, Eloner; to daughter, Isabella; to daughter, Margaret. Teste: Wat Cunningham, James Peerey, Joseph Blair. Proved, 16th June, 1789, by Blair and Peery. Executors qualify.
  • MARCH, 1795 (A to H). Atkinson vs. Donnelly.--Walter Cunningham, now of Kentucky, March 3, 1795. Letter of Andrew Donnelly dated Kanawha County, 3d March, 1795.
  • CIRCUIT COURT CAUSES ENDED--OLD STYLE. (undated, about 1796), No. 23 (or 22?).
Kinkade vs. Cunningham.--Bill filed 1803. Thomas Kinkade was a very ignorant and illiterate man. Walter Cunningham bought the land from Andrew Donnelly and is now living in Kentucky. Margaret Reid, who married George Mathews, is aunt, or near relative of Walter Cunningham. John Beard deposes: That in 1762-3 he worked a crop with William McClenachan on a plantation on Spring Creek, called Spring Lick plantation. An improvement had been previously made by Christopher Landiss. Andrew Donnelly testifies: That in 1753 John and Robert Fulton planted four acres of corn on a plantation now (1802) owned by William Reenick, called Cave Place. The Fultons lived there with their families and deponent lived there with them for the purpose of digging quisang. Boughman's fort was broken up by Indians in 1754. William Kincaid was son of Thomas. James Burnsides was an early settler. Eve Johnston deposes: That she lived on Potts Creek in 1782, and several years before she lived within a mile of Christopher Landiss (Landers) in 1753-54. Christopher Persinger deposes: That he, with Landers, first improved the land.

Information on Walter Cunningham

Family Group Record FamilySearch® Ancestral File™ v4.19

Husband's Name


Born:  1740 (NOTE: s/b abt. 1730)
Place:  Staunton, Augusta, Virginia 
Died:  1808  Place:  , Jessamine County, Kentucky 
Married:  1774  Place:  Staunton, Augusta, Virginia 

Father:  John CUNNINGHAM (AFN:1H9F-6LJ)    
Mother:  Sarah DAVIS (AFN:1H9D-4JM)   

Wife's Name

Jane Jean STEELE (AFN:FNWH-5J)    

Born:  1746  Place:  Staunton, Augusta, Virginia 
Died:  Aft 1807  Place:  Jessamine Co., KY 
Buried:    Place:  Ebenezer Cemet, Jessamine County, Kentucky 
Married:  1774  Place:  Staunton, Augusta, Virginia 

Father:  Samuel STEELE (AFN:FNWH-N4)    
Mother:  Margaret FULTON (AFN:FNWH-P9)   


1. Sex Name


Born:  9 Mar 1777   Place:  Of, Augusta, Virginia  
Died:  7 Oct 1846   Place:  , Jessamine County, Kentucky  
Buried:    Place:  Ebenezer Church, Troy, Jessamine County, Kentucky  

2. Sex Name


Born:  Abt 1777   Place:  , Augusta, Virginia  
Died:  Bef 1807   Place:   

3. Sex Name


Born:  Abt 1779   Place:  , Augusta, Virginia  

4. Sex Name


Born:  Abt 1781   Place:  , Augusta, Virginia  

5. Sex Name


Born:  Abt 1783   Place:  , Augusta, Virginia  

6. Sex Name


Born:  9 Feb 1784   Place:  Staunton, Augusta, Virginia  

7. Sex Name


Born:  Abt 1782   Place:  , Augusta, Virginia  
Died:  1847   Place:   

8. Sex Name


Born:  Abt 1788   Place:  , Jessamine County, Kentucky