Person:Thomas Paxton (10)

Thomas "Buffalo" Paxton, of Buffalo Creek on the James River, Augusta County, VA
m. 1715
  1. Mary Paxton
  2. John Paxton, Jr.1716 - 1787
  3. Mary Paxton1717-1735 -
  4. Thomas "Buffalo" Paxton, of Buffalo Creek on the James River, Augusta County, VA1719 - 1788
  5. Joseph Paxton1726 - 1755
  6. Samuel Paxton1730 - 1756
  7. Maj. William Paxton1733 - 1795
  • HThomas "Buffalo" Paxton, of Buffalo Creek on the James River, Augusta County, VA1719 - 1788
  • WElizabeth McClungABT 1724 - 1773
m. 1746
  1. John Paxton1747 - 1832
  2. Samuel Paxton1752 - 1833
  3. Mary PaxtonABT 1754 - 1789
  4. William Paxton1757 - 1838
  5. James PaxtonABT 1759 -
  6. Thomas Paxton1761 - aft 1842
  7. Sarah PaxtonABT 1763 -
  8. Jane 'Jean' Paxton1765 - 1841
  • HThomas "Buffalo" Paxton, of Buffalo Creek on the James River, Augusta County, VA1719 - 1788
  • WMary 'Polly' Barclayabt 1754 - 1828
m. 5 July 1774
  1. Joseph Paxton1775 - 1817
  2. Hugh Paxton1777 - 1838
  3. Hannah Paxton1779 -
  4. David Paxton1781 -
  5. Isaac PaxtonABT 1782 -
  6. Rachel PaxtonABT 1786 - 1843
  7. Elizabeth 'Betsy' PaxtonABT 1787 -
Facts and Events
Name Thomas "Buffalo" Paxton, of Buffalo Creek on the James River, Augusta County, VA
Gender Male
Birth[1] 1719 Ballymoney, County Antrim, Ireland
Marriage 1746 Rockbridge County, Virginiato Elizabeth McClung
Marriage 5 July 1774 Botetourt County, Virginiato Mary 'Polly' Barclay
Death[1] 27 SEP 1788 Falling Springs, Rockbridge County, Virginia

Thomas Paxton was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 249.--10th June, 1763. Nathaniel Evins and Mary ( ) to Thos. Paxton, £100, 190 acres on North Branch of James, part of the tract where Nathaniel now lives, mouth of Buffalo Creek; corner Alexander Baggs. Teste: James Trimble, Sarah Trimble, Mary Preston. Delivered: Thomas Paxton, June, 1766.
  • Page 711.--11th August, 1764. James McDowell and Francis, of the County of James City, Virginia, to Thomas Paxton, £250, 400 acres patented to James, 1st March, 1743, said river. Delivered: Thomas Paxton, June. 1766.

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 197--8th November, 1768. Thomas Paxton and Elizabeth ( ) to John Paxton, their son, £100, 230 acres on James River, corner another tract of Thomas Paxton. Teste: William Paxton. Delivered: Thomas Paxton, your father, 31st [sic] June, 1773.
  • Page 401.--14th November, 1774. Thomas Paxton and Mary, of Botetourt, to William Paxton, son of Thomas. Teste: Nathaniel Evans, Joseph Snodgrass, James Alexander. (Note: based upon this record, Thomas' first wife Elizabeth McClung had died and he re-married to Mary Barclay prior to this date (Mary died in March 1773 according to information below))

Will of Thomas Paxton

Rockingham County, Virginia
Dated: 13 Sept 1788
Probated: 2 Dec 1788
A synopsis: He first commits his spirit to God, orders his debts paid, and states that he has given to his children,their full shares:
1. John
2. Samuel
3. William
4. James
5. Thomas
6. Sarah
7. Mary,
He therefore, gives gives to easch $25; Mary's share to be in clothing.
To Jean, he gives a negro and $100.
To Mary, his wife, he gives a negro, $250 in furniture, and maintenance out of the home plantation, during her widowhood.
To Joseph, his homeplace, subject to the maintenance of the widow, also his livestock, and farming utensils, requiring him to support the minor children, including one unborn.
To Hugh, a farm and a Negro
To Isaac, 170 acres of land at the forks of James River, and land in "Caintucky", located by Nathaniel Evans, and two negroes.
To Hannah, a negro and $250
To Elizabeth, a negro, a horse, and $250
To his sons, Hugh, David and Isaac, a horse each.
To his unborn child, he gives an unborn negro. The remainder of his estate is to be divided equally among his last wife's children.
He appoints his widow, his son, Samuel, and David Edmondson, his executors.
The witnesses are: William Paxton, John McNutt, and Eleanor Paxton.

Records of Thomas Paxton in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's:

  • MAY 21, 1752. - (250) Thomas Paxton petitions that his son, Samuel, is listed as a tithable, but is under 16. Exempted.
  • AUGUST 19, 1761. - (55) Thomas Paxton, reason of great age and infirmity, relieved of levy.
  • Vol. 2 - Page 159--John McCroskey, aged over 90, deposes, 1806, the land when he first knew it was sixty years ago, and was called Paxton's land. Thos. Taylor, son-in-law of Thos. Paxton, was the first settler. Samuel Paxton, aged 73, deposes, ditto. Son of Thos. Paxton. About a year in the spring before Thomas came there had been a battle with the Indians, in which John McDowell fell. Taylor's wife's name was Elizabeth. James Buchanan, aged 65, deposes, ditto. He was bom October or November, 1739. Jno. McDowell was killed three years and five months after his birth. James McCoon, aged 74 years, deposes, ditto; has known the land 58 years.

Information on Thomas Paxton

From post:

From the book "We Are One" No.26 Thomas Paxton Son of John Paxton and Phoebe Alexander was born in Ireland in 1719, died 27 Sept 1788 in Rockbridge County, VA. He married 1st to Elizabeth McClung, b)1724, died 3 March 1773. He married 2nd to Mary Barclay on 17 June 1774. Mary died 1 Sept 1828. Mary remarried to James Woods who died on 28 Jan 1817, leaving her twice a widow. Mary was the daughter of Hugh Barclay. Nothing is known of the early life of Thomas Paxton, nor of the circumstances of his first marriage. He came from Pennsylvania about 1747, and settled on North River (VA) at the mouth of Buffalo Creek. Hence he was distinguished from his cousins, of the same name as "Buffalo Thomas Paxton". He kept a boatyard, and had Flour and Saw Mills. He was also a thrifty farmer, and acquired wealth and influence. Presbyterian in faith, he was an Elder in the old Falling Spring Church, and there, his dust reposes. His epitaph is but his names and dates. "Here lies the interred body of Thomas Paxton, who departed this life Sept 27, 1788, aged 69 years". His first wife lies at his side. Her epitaph reads "Here lieth the body of Elizabeth Paxton, who departed this life March 3, 1773, her age being 49 years."

6. Thomas John3 Paxton (John2, Samuel1)32,33 was born 1719 in Ballymoney, Antrim, IR34, and died 27 September 1788 in Rockbridge Co.VA. He married (1) Elizabeth McClung 1746 in August Co.. She was born 1724 in IR, and died 03 March 1773 in Rockbridge Co.. He married (2) Mary Barclay 05 July 1774 in Botetourt Co. VA35. She was born ca. 1754;36 died 01 September 1828 in Rockbridge Co. VA.

The Paxton Family, by W. M. Paxton:- Thomas Paxton b Ireland 1719 died in Rockbridge Co, Va 9/27/1788 married 1st Elizabeth McClung b 1724 died March 3, 1773. He then married Mary (Polly) Barclay who died in 1828. Thomas Paxton was the son of James Paxton and Elizabeth Alexander. James who married Eliabeth Alexander had the following five sons: Joseph who never married- will leaves all to brothers and provides for mother; Samuel who married Mary Moore; John who married Mary Blair (his daugher Elizabeth married Major Houston); Thomas who married Elizabeth McClung and William who married Eleanor Hays.

More About Thomas John Paxton: Burial: Paxton Cemetery, Rockbridge Co. VA37

More About Elizabeth McClung: Burial: 1773, Falling Springs, VA (unverfied)

Children of Thomas Paxton and Elizabeth McClung are: 28. i. John4 Paxton, born 1747; married Sarah Walker d/o Joseph Walker and Nancy McClung. Joseph's father was John Walker of Wigton, Scotland the seta of the Rutherfords he married Catherine Rutherford. They came to America about 1740 and settled on Kerr's Creek, Va. Their children were John, James, Samuel,Alexander, Joseph who married Nancy McClung and Jane Walker who married James Moore (Their daughter Mary Moore married Samuel Paxton, after his death she married Maj. Alexander Stuart). Courtesy of Gayle G. Eckert, who cited The Paxtons, We Are One.

+ 29 ii. Samuel Paxton, born 11 July 1748 in Rockbridge Co. VA. 30 iii. James Paxton, born ca. 1750. + 31 iv. William Paxton, born 07 April 1757, died 27 Dec. 1838 in Rockbridge Co. VA; 32 v. Jane Paxton, born 1758. 33 vi. Thomas Paxton, born ca. 1760. 34 vii. Sarah Paxton, born 1763. 35 viii. John Paxton, born 1747. 36 ix. James Paxton, born ca. 1750.

Children of Thomas Paxton and Mary Barclay are: 37 i. Joseph4 Paxton, born 11 April 1775; died 1817. 38 ii. Hugh Paxton, born 16 January 1777; died 04 November 1838. 39 iii. Hannah Paxton, born 17 January 1777. 40 iv. David Paxton, born 18 February 1781. 41 v. Isaac Paxton, born ca. 1782. 42 vi. Bessie Paxton, born ca. 1785. 43 vii. Rachel Paxton, born ca. 1786; died 27 November 1843 in Mississipi38.

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