Person:Thomas Patton (27)

Thomas Patton, Sr.
b.abt. 1742
d.bef. December 1812
m. abt. 1740/41
  1. Thomas Patton, Sr.abt 1742 - bef 1812
  2. Maj. Henry Pattonbef 1748 - aft 1824
  3. James Pattonabt 1752 - abt 1818
  4. David Pattonabt 1759 -
  • HThomas Patton, Sr.abt 1742 - bef 1812
  • W.  Sarah (add)
  1. Thomas Patton, Jr.abt 1765 - bef 1830
  2. John Pattonabt 1767 -
  3. Mary 'Polly' Pattonabt 1771 -
  4. Henry Patton1773 - 1849
  5. Sampson Pattonabt 1777 -
  6. Martha Patton1780 -
  7. Sarah 'Sally' Pattonbef 1784 -
Facts and Events
Name Thomas Patton, Sr.
Gender Male
Birth? abt. 1742
Death? bef. December 1812

Thomas Patton was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

  • Page 137 - Thomas Patton, 400 acres at Sams Spring, settled 1768. [see surveys, p 241] [Source: Kegley, Mary "Early Adventurers" vol II]

Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 1 - Page 104. 19 Feb. 1763. Thomas Patton appointed Constable.
  • Vol. 1 - Page 149. 19 May 1768. Constables-Mathias Yoakam; Thomas Patton on New River.

Records in Montgomery County, VA

  • B:206. 6 Oct 1795. Thomas Patton Sr (wife Sarah) of Montg., to George Vineyard of sd county, 50 pounds, 150 acres, lower end of Elk Spring, branch of Spring Waters of Peak Creek... corner to Henry Patton land. (See original) This tract surveyed 1787, assigned from Henry Patton, prev assigned from James Patton.
  • C:273. 21 Jan 1800. John Shell (Margaret, ux) and William Hickman of Montgomery Co, to Thomas Patton of same... $200- 40 acres granted to John Bingamon by Commonwealth of Va, survey dated 29 April 1754. in Co of Augusta, on Sams Spring, a br of New River, part of Loyal Company survey. No adj landowners cited.
  • C:289. 1 July 1800. Thomas Patton Sr of Montgomery to Henry Patton Jr of second part, $200- 350 acres, 311 of which is part of a patent granted to Thos Patton dated 16 Sept. 1784 for 400 acres (see plat); the other 39 acres part of a 600 acre plat patented to Thos 15 Sept 1784 on Sams Spring. (See plat book 2- both adjoining). [Note: Henry Patton Jr. listed in this record is the son of Thomas. Henry was called "Jr." to distinguish him from his Uncle, Henry Patton].
  • C:290. 1 July 1800, Thomas Patton Sen of Montg. to George Helms of same, $200, 220 acres, on waters of Thorn Spring (see original for metes and bounds)
  • C:477. 9 Apr. 1797. Exec's of William Preston, Gent, dec'd., to Thomas Patton Senr of 2nd part, for 55 pounds, 110 3/4 acres, part of 650 acres granted Wm Pr. 6 Apr 1769, south fork of Johns Creek, branch of Craigs Creek.
  • D:206. 7 May 1805. Thomas Patton of Co of Montgom to Sally Patton of sd co., "in consid of natural love and affection he bears to his daughter the said Sally"... 87 acres, part of 600 acres (pat Sept 1784)
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    a. Thomas Patton Sr., born around 1740, surely a son of Henry Patton, Sr., was a constable in 1763 in Augusta County. As seen above he was living at the Back Creek Fort in August of 1765. In 1768, he was a constable on the New River; on tithable lists of 1770 and 1772. In 1774, he was a juryman in the Fincastle County Court. He served with (his brother) Henry during Dunmore's War. (Illustration in Kegley, p 315). In 1777, he was in Captain Jas. McCorkle's Company of the Montgomery County militia along with his brother James Patton. In 1786, he was recommended as a captain, and in 1793 is listed as the fifth captain in the second battalion of the Militia of Montgomery County. He resigned his commission in October of 1795. Beginning in 1783, Thomas had various tracts of land surveyed in the same area of Montgomery County that Henry and James were living. (21, II, p 241) In 1787, he had a tract of 150 acres surveyed on Elk Spring, a branch of Thorn Spring, adjacent to the Peak Creek land. This tract was assigned by Henry Patton and this had previously been assigned to him by James Patton<. He was living next to Henry and David in 1789, with two sons age 16-21. (63) In October of 1795, Thomas and his wife Sarah sold land on Thorn Spring. Thomas Sr. sold three tracts of land in Montgomery County, totaling 875 acres in July of 1800. (27) Some descendants claim Thomas married twice.

    Thomas Patton Sr. was on Montgomery County tax lists at least through 1812 and was evidently deceased by December of 1812 when his heirs sold 547 acres of land on Thorn Spring, parts of two tracts which had been patented to Thomas (Deed Book E:376). Children of Thomas as given by a descendant in 1896 (742); note that three children married Trinkles.

    1) Thomas Patton Jr., born around 1765, married Eleanor Trinkle.
    2) John Patton, born around 1767, married Barbara Rains.
    3) Sarah Patton, born around 1769, married John Trinkle.
    4) Mary (Polly) Patton, born around 1771, married George Helms.
    5) Henry Patton Jr, born in 1773, married Eliz Hickman.
    6) Sampson Patton, born around 1777, married Elizabeth Trinkle.
    7) Martha Patton, born in 1780, married Samuel Maxwell.

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