Person:Thomas Kirkpatrick (16)

Thomas Kirkpatrick
b.est. 1705-1715 Dumfries, Scotland
d.bef. 6 August 1783 Rockbridge County, Virginia
  • F.  Kirkpatrick (add)
  1. Thomas Kirkpatrickest 1705-1715 - bef 1783
  2. John Kirkpatrickest 1710-1720 - bef 1765
  • HThomas Kirkpatrickest 1705-1715 - bef 1783
  1. Thomas Kirkpatrickabt 1736 -
  2. Samuel Kirkpatrickabt 1739 - bef 1814
  3. William Kirkpatrickabt 1740 -
  4. John Kirkpatrick1742 -
  5. Robert Kirkpatrick1742 -
  6. George Kirkpatrick1743 -
Facts and Events
Name Thomas Kirkpatrick
Gender Male
Birth? est. 1705-1715 Dumfries, Scotland
Death? bef. 6 August 1783 Rockbridge County, Virginia

Thomas Kirkpatrick was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Survey in Augusta County, VA

  • Vol. 2 - (73) 9 ber ye 16, 1738, survey for Thos. Kirkpatrick, Cor. Patt Cook, Buchanin's line.

Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA


Thomas Kirkpatrick's land (Beverley Manor NW, 2 Tracts: 1) 390-acre tract, patented in 1742, 2) 282½-acre tract adjoining the previous tract to the south, patented in 1749; adjoining Thomas Kirkpatrick's tract acquired in 1742 is a tract acquired by John Kirkpatrick, probable brother of Thomas) as shown on the map meticulously drawn by J.R. Hildebrand, cartographer. This map is copyrighted©, used by permission of John Hildebrand, son of J.R. Hildebrand, April, 2009.

Acquisition of Land in Augusta County, VA:

  • Pages 101-06. 24 March 1741 - 25 March 1742. William Beverley of Essex County, Gent., to Thomas Kirkpatrick of Orange County, Farmer. Lease and release; for £11.14.1- current money. 390 acres in Beverley Manor... nigh the Back Creek... Moses Thomson's line on the top of the Ridge... John Brown's corner... George Hutchinson's line... (signed) Wm. Beverley. Wit: Wm. Russell, Charles Campbell, John Young. 25 March 1742. Acknowledged by William Beverley, Esq. [Orange County, Virginia Deed Book 5, Dorman, pg. 6].
(expanded description):
24 March 1741 lease between William Beverly & Thomas Kirkpatrick of Orange, farmer, for 390 acres. For 5 shillings current money of Virginia land lying in Beverly Manner bounded as follows viz:
Beginning at a hicory & white oak Saplin standing nigh the Back Creek
thence S64 poles to one white oak & one red oak
thence S20 deg W240 poles to one white oak
thence S56degW128 poles to one white oak
thence N78degW150 poles to Moses Thompsons line on top of the ridge
thence with said line to John Brown's Corner
thence with Browns line N20degE240 poles to George Hutchison's line
thence with Hutchisons line N27degE to the beginning. Witnesses Wm Rufsell, Charles Campbell & John Young. (Orange County, Virginia Deed Book 5, p101-105) In the margin ["Beverly to Patrick Release"]
  • Page 494.--28th February, 1749. Same (from William Beverley) to Thomas Kirkpatrick, 282-1/2 acres in Beverley Manor, Back Creek. Corner to his old plantation. John Wilson's line. [Chalkley's Vol. 3].

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 527.--19th August, 1766. Thomas ( ) Kirkpatrick to John Kirkpatrick, his son, £20. 200 acres in Beverley Manor on head branch of Middle River of Shanandore, part of 390 acres conveyed to Thomas, 25th March, 1741, patent line, McCleerey's line. Teste: Wm. Christell. Delivered: Jno. Kirkpatrick, May Court, 1767.

Estate Records

  • 6 Aug 1783 - Elizabeth Kirkpatrick adm for Thos dec'd vs James McCollam. Deft to pay costs 136 lb tbo (Rockbridge Order Book)

Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • 1742: List of Musters, Capt. John Willson's Lists: John Wilson, Captain; Sam Calehison, Nathan Lusk, John Shields, John Greer, John Patterson, George Davison. John Hunter, Wm. Hunter, James Hunter, John Rusk, James Clark, Wm. Vance, Rob Croket, John Trumble, Wm. King, Sa. Walace, John Spear, Thomas Peery, Alex. McConnel, Rob. Young, James Young, Jacob Lockard, Patt. Cook, James Lockard, William McCutcheon, James McCutcheon, Rob. McCutcheon, Alex. Crocket, Wm. Camble, Nathl. Davis, James Philip, John Barclay, James Lusk, James Trumble, Benj. Walker, Wm. Leadgerwood, Morris Offral, Rob Davies, John Brown, Wm. McClantok, Wm. Johnson, John Young, Hugh Young, Thos. Kirkpatrick, David Camble, John McCutcheon.
  • Page 544.--27th February, 1749. Same (from William Beverley) to Thomas Peerie, planter, 375 acres in Augusta County, Shennadore in Beverley Manor. Corner John Campbell; corner Robert Young; corner William McClintock. Delivered: Thomas Kirkpatrick, January, 1752. Teste: Jacob Lockhart, Nathaniel Davis.
  • Page 565.--28th February, 1749. Same (from William Beverley) to James Peevie, planter, 220 acres in Beverley Manor; formerly James Montgomery's; former survey of said Montgomery and Thomas Peevie's land; John Campbell's line; William McNabb's line; John Lynn's land. Teste: Thomas Henderson, Thomas Rutlidge, Robert Ramsey. Delivered: Thomas Kirkpatrick January 1st, 1752.
  • Page 47.--28th November, 1750. Same (from Borden, etc.) to Robert Kirkpatrick, 612 acres, John Moore's line. Delivered: Thomas Kirkpatrick, January, 1751.
  • Page 452.--14th November, 1752. Nathan Patterson's appraisement by Andrew Steel, Saml. McCutchon, Thos. Kirkpatrick, James Clark. Due by Robert Plesent, Jane Jackson, Geo. Wilson, and James Mease.
  • Page 508.--12th March, 1755. John McLeary, yeoman, to James McLeary his son, plantationer, love and affection and £10; 200 acres, part of 420 acres, conveyed by Beverley, 4th February, 1748, in Beverley Manor Thos. Kirkpatrick's line, a head branch of Middle River of Shanandoe, James Clerk's line. Livery, &c., John McLeary. Delivered: James McLeary, November 1758.
  • Page 127.--20th May. 1755. Beverley to John Kirkpatrick, £3, 200 acres in Beverley Manor; Thomas Kirkpatrick's old line by the Back Creek; Saml. Sprouls line.
  • Page 135.--21st May, 1755. John Kirkpatrick to John Parry (Peery), plantationer, £3, 100 acres in Beverley Manor on Back Creek in Thos. Kirkpatrick's old line (see p. 127, supra). Delivered: Jno. Kilpatrick, 1760.
  • Page 320.--8th December, 1755. Thos. Waterson and Mary ( ), farmer, to Israel Christian, merchant, £155, 300 acres on a branch of Naked Creek, James Wood's line. Teste: Thomas ( ) Kirkpatrick.
  • Page 125.--28th March, 1762. John Peery's will--To Thos. Kirkpatrick, £10; to brother, James Peery; to Mary Peery and her children. Remaining time James Gilmer has to serve to be disposed of. Executors, John Kirkpatrick, John Peery. Teste: Saml. Downey, Saml. Kinkead, John Campbell. Proved, 18th May, 1762, by the witnesses. Executors qualify, with Thos. Kirkpatrick, John Jamison.
  • Page 292.--26th September, 1763. Naphtalim Gregory's appraisement and settlement of estate recorded--Debts due the estate, by James Rusk, Jno. Rusk, Jno. Martin's estate. Account of sales on 13th September, 1763--To Jas. Williams, Michael Weaver. Wm. Fitzjarrell, Thos. Kirkpatrick, Richd. Morrison. Jno. Jordan, Joshua Ewing. Articles kept in hands of widow Mary--Some hooks. Paid Jno. Humphries.
  • 1765 - Thomas Kirkpatrick, heir of John Kirkpatrick for whom surveyed 6 Nov 1764, 480 acres on S side of Blue Ridge; adj. Thomas Suddon, Doctor Turner, Francis Dade. 1 May 1765 Mr John Kirkpatrick, decd, devised to his Brother, Mr. Thomas Kirkpatrick as Mr Robert Donaldson advises. (Northern Neck Warrants & Surveys, Joyner,Vol IV p101)
  • 1767 - Thomas Kirkpatrick a Hemp Certificate for 1784 pounds of dry, winter-rotted hemp. (Morton p461)
  • 1768 - Processioned for Thos. Kirkpatrick. (Chalkley's Vol. 2, pg. 456)
  • 1781 - Thos Kirkpatrick Sen exempted from County services (Rockbridge Order Book)
  • 1783 - Rockbridge Marriage Record = Elizabeth Kirkpatrick and James Thompson; she called d/o Thomas Kirkpatrick (Rockbridge Marriages)