Person:Thomas Kincaid (7)

Thomas Kincaid
Facts and Events
Name Thomas Kincaid
Gender Male
Birth? 03 APR 1704 Kinkead,,Stirlingshire,Scotland
Marriage 21 Jun 1735 Pennsylvania[likely, source?]
to Margaret Lockhart
Death? 1750 Augusta County, Virginia

Thomas Kincaid was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

  • Thomas Kincaid acquired 263 acres of land on the Calfpasture River joining John Preston, Robert Lockridge, Robert Gwin, in Augusta County in 1747, (as listed in the Chalkley's record below):

Estate Records

From Chalkley's:

  • Page 520.--17th August, 1753. Thomas Fulton's bond as guardian (appointed) to William Kinkade, orphan of Thos. Kinkade, with sureties Robert Bratton, Wm. Hamilton.
  • Vol. 1 - MARCH, 1754 (B). - Kinkead vs. Lockridge.--William Kinkead, an infant under the age of 21 years, son and heir-at-law of Thomas Kinkead, late of County of Augusta, by James Lockhart, his next friend. Bill filed May, 1753. Thomas Kinkead, in 1747, removed from the Province of Pennsylvania with orator and Thomas's family. On 19th November, 1747, Thomas bought 263 acres joining John Preston, Robert Lockridge, Robert Gwin, in Augusta County. Thomas died in 1750 intestate, leaving a widow and ____ children, of whom orator is eldest. Bond of James Lockridge, of Augusta County, with Thomas Kinkead of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, dated 19th November, 1747.

Notes on Thomas Kincaid

Kincaid History, by Richard Bradley (e-mail:

Thomas Kincaid of Augusta County

Thomas Kincaid (1704-1750) came from Carlisle, Cumberland Co., Pennsylvania to Augusta County, Virginia in 1747 where he purchased 263 acres on the Calfpasture River. This land joined 520 acres which David and John (son of David) Kincaid had purchased in 1764. Thomas died an intestate in 1750 leaving a widow Margaret (Lockhart) Kincaid and at least one child. Court records document that he had a son named William Kincaid but there is no documentation for other children. Some researchers have suggested that our Thomas Kincaid was a probable son of the above Thomas and Margaret Kincaid but this does not appear to be correct. Larry Shuck, in his book Our Families, places the Thomas Kincaid who came to Augusta County in 1747 as a brother to the immigrant David Kincaid. The following are three different lineages proposed by researchers for the Thomas Kincaid who married Margaret Lockhart:

I. Samuel Kincade = Eliz. Stone

He, born 1687, she 1686 in Devonshire, Scot.; married 1704; Eliz. died in OH or VA*5


II. James Kincaid = ______ Of Scotland, son of James, Laird of-that-ilk*4


III. Robert Kincaid = Eliz. North

He, 1686-1760.Father Joseph Kincaid went to near Dublin, Ireland in 1701. Robert married married Eliz. In 1705. *6

A son of one of the above lineages:

Thomas Kincaid = Margaret Lockhart*7

B. 1704-1705 d. 1750, Came from Carlisle, Cumberland Co., PA*8 to Augusta Co., VA in 1747.

The children and probable children of Thomas and Margaret Kincaid, according to Larry Shuck, were William, Thomas, John and Andrew. According to Doug McGuire, there were two William Kincaids in Augusta County, one who married Eleanor Guy and whose children were the victims of a famous Indian abduction which has been written about extensively. The other William, according to Doug McGuire was William the Stiller *8a who remained in Augusta County while the other William went to Woodford County, Kentucky. There is documentation that a William was the son of Thomas Kincaid and Margaret Lockhart. It is the information about his brothers and sisters which seems to be as much speculation as fact. Doug McGuire has provided me with information on his research in which he traces another Thomas Kincaid, Jr., the one married to Isabella, as the son of Thomas Kincaid and Margaret Lockhart. This Thomas Kincaid, Jr. was referred to as a Blacksmith in deeds in mid 1770's. He and his brother, William Kincaid, the Stiller, owned land on the Calfpasture River. Thomas was born about 1741, according to Doug McGuire, and the children of Thomas & Isabella were Elizabeth, Andrew, Thomas,