Person:Thomas Hicklin (2)

Thomas Hicklin, of the "Bullpasture", Augusta County, VA
  • HThomas Hicklin, of the "Bullpasture", Augusta County, VAabt 1689 - 1772
  • WDianna Donaghebef 1704 -
m. Abt. 1722
  1. Jane Hicklinabt 1722 - Abt 1795
  2. Hugh HicklinAbt 1725 - 1811
  3. Thomas Hicklin1727 - 1804
  4. Capt. John Hicklin, of the BullpastureABT 1728 - 1820
  5. Roseanna Hicklin1732 -
  6. Diana Hicklinabt 1736 -
  7. Sarah HicklinBET 1738 AND 1740 - BET 1821
Facts and Events
Name Thomas Hicklin, of the "Bullpasture", Augusta County, VA
Gender Male
Birth? abt. 1689 Scotland or Ireland
Marriage Abt. 1722 Chester County, Pennsylvaniato Dianna Donaghe
Death? 31 Jan 1772 Augusta County, Virginia

Thomas Hicklin was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 323.--6th January, 1756. Andrew Lewis to Thomas Hicklin, £60, 348 acres on a branch of Cowpasture River called Newfoundland Creek, patented to Andrew, 11th June, 1750, cor. Jno. Willson. (Note: Newfoundland Creek would later be known as the "Bullpasture").

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 452.--18th August, 1761. Thomas Hicklen to John Hicklen, £50, 217 acres, part of 348 acres on Bull Pasture patented to Andrew Lewis. 1st June, 1750, and since conveyed to said Thomas. Delivered: Jno. Hicklen, August, 1768.
  • Page 455.--22d March, 1770. Thomas Hicklen, Sr., to Thomas Hicklin, Jr., £100, 131 acres on Newfound Creek of the Cowpasture and now known by the name of the Bullpasture, part of 348 acres patented to Andrew Lewis, 1st June, 1750, and coneyed by him to Thomas, Sr.; corner land formerly in possession of John Wilson; corner land in possession of Samuel Givens. Teste: John Carlile, Robert ( ) Carlile, William Black.
  • Page 289.--20th May, 1772. Hugh Hicklin, son and heir by descent of Thomas Hicklen, deceased, to Samuel Givens, on waters of Newfoundland known by name of Bulpasture. Teste: Ralph Lofftus, John Malcom, Robert Stewart.

Will of Thomas Hicklin

  • Page 454.—7th September, 1771. Thomas (mark) Hicklin. Sr.'s will, of the Bull Pasture—To son, Hugh; to son, John, Thomas; to daughters; Rosannah Johnston, Jane Laverty; to daughters, Dinah Botkin, Sarah Black. Executor, eldest son Hugh. Teste: James Bradshaw, Agness Bradshaw, Wm. Steward. Proved, 20th November, 1771, by the witnesses. Executor qualifies with Charles Lewis, John Wilson.

Records of Thomas Hicklin in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 1 - 1753-1754, Pt. 2. - Petitioners for a road from William Wilson's mill, on Jackson's River, to Captain Ashton's mill, in the Bull Pasture, being direct road to market and also convenient for the head of Green Bryer settlers. John Miller, William Wilson, Stephen Wilson, Samuel Gay, Robert Gay, Robert Carlile, John Carlile, Hugh Hicklin, John Hicklin, Lostus Pullin, Thomas Hicklin. May, 1753.
  • Page 301.--16th May, 1759. Thomas Hicklin's bond (with James Hall, Robert Hall) as administrator of John Smith.
  • Page 37.--19th May, 1761. John Smith's estate to Thos. Hicklin, administrator--Paid Bowd Estill for 66 lbs. flour to make cakes at the burial. Paid James Burnsides; various articles given to the brother of deceased.
  • Page 286.--26th February, 1763. Robert Graham's will--Wife, Jean; son, Thomas, infant; daughters, Elizabeth and Margaret, Rebecca and Jean; son, Christopher Graham; brother, Jno. Graham. Executrix, wife. Teste: Jno. Carlile, Robt. Carlile. Thos. Hicklin. Proved, 21st September, 1763, by the witnesses. Jane qualifies, with Jno. Graham, Hugh Hicklin.
  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST 19, 1766. - (196) Thomas Hicklin, Sr., exempted from levy by reason of great age and infirmity.

Information on Thomas Hicklin

Source of some family information: History of Highland County, Virginia, by Oren Frederic Morton, pg. 297-298

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Hello Anna, Believe we are cousins. Saw your posting, and will be happy to correspond. I am descended from Hugh, your Dinah's brother. My line comes down as follows: Thomas Hicklin, b. ca 1689 & wife Diannah Hugh Hicklin, b. ca 1725-35 & wife Elizabeth (Carlisle ?) John Hicklin, b. 1757-63, Sr., d/ Feb 1824 & wife Hannah Rupe Leah Hicklin, b. 1790-1800/d. 1847 Cass Co, MO & husband Richard Edmundson Mary Louisa Edmundson b. 12 May 1817-d. ca 1885 Ellis Co, TX. & husband Hiram Graham Hester Ann Graham, 8 Aug 1836, MO-d 6 Feb 1906, Comanche, TX mar George Washington who died in Ellis Co, TX. Oma Lena Garner 18 May 1900, Brown Co, TX-8 Apr 1999 Coleman Co, TX Aline Loudermilk, 3 Mar 1927.

Renee Waldmann Mon Sep 23 01:21:57 1996 I have Hicklin's in My Husbands Line...They are 1..Thomas Hicklin SR ....1689 SCOTLAND ....2.Thomas Hicklin JR ....1727 PA ......3.Captain Thomas Hicklin.... Augusta County VIRGINIA 1747 ........4.Charles Hicklin.... Botetourt County VA 1775 ..........5.Thomas Jefferson Hicklin...Bath County Kentucky Jan 19, 1813 .............6.Louisa Jane Hicklin...Danville Ky Sept 12, 1845 Looking for People related to these Lines.

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Re: Thomas Hicklin(g), Penn., born abt 1694 Posted by: Childers Date: May 31, 1999 at 05:28:30 In Reply to: Thomas Hicklin(g), Penn., born abt 1694 by Gene Hicklin of 207

Hope your still at this address. I am going to send you this direst and then post it as a follow up to your message on the web. I also descend from Thomas through he son son John and have been searching for more data on his father Thomas who Married a Diannah Donaghe 1725/25 Chester County, PA. This is what I have 1 Thomas HICKLIN Sr. ————————————————————————————————————————————— Birth: abt 1689, Scotland, Ireland Or USA? Death: 31 Jan 1772, Augusta County, Virginia Thomas Hicklin Sr. was born ca 1689 whether in this country or Ireland as it has been stated. There has been no proof shown as to where he was born, some say he came to this country in 1714 from Ireland but no proof has been found. Some have said that he came to Pennsylvania in 1700, this would have made him 11 years old and he would have had to come with his parents. If he did come to Pennsylvania In 1700 as was stated there was a John Hicklin whom the sheriff delivered a deed to on 26 APR 1702 for 124 acres of land in Chester County, Pennsylvania John could have been the father of Thomas. He is first found in Chester county, Pennsylvania in 1734. He received a land warrant for 120 acres on the 16 Aug 1734. This is the first proof of Thomas in Chester County, Pennsylvania. He married about 1723/24, place unknown to the daughter of Hugh and Elizabeth Donaghe Sr. In 1744 the following advertisement was placed "Plantation of 313 acres in Chester County near Hamiltons Mill is for sale; apply to Thomas Cearell at the Crooked Billet in Philadelphia or William Hamiltons at the mill or Thomas hicklin living on the premises". Taken from Ben Franklin's Pennsylvania gazette 1728-1749 by Kenneth Scott. Thomas hicklin, and his family, later moved down the valley and we find him next on a draft of Newfoundland creek, now called Bullpasture river in Virginia. Thomas Hicklin Sr. Sold to Thomas Hicklin Jr. 131 acres of land on the river 22 Mar 1770, this was part of 348 acres patented to Andrew Lewis on 1 Jun 1750 and sold to Thomas Sr. 6 Jan 1756. Lewis also sold to Thomas 217 acres in Aug 1768. During the French and Indian wars, 1757, he was on the rolls of the Highland Fort, according to Vickna' Compendiu, of American Genealogy, Vol. V , P.728.. On 19 Aug 1766 Thomas Hicklin Sr. was exempted from levy by reason of his great age and infirmity. Thomas Hicklin Sr. Died in Augusta County, Virginia in the year 1771 as his estate was proven 31 Jan 1772. He signed his will with an X . This is believed to be because of his ill health not because not could not write, the mark was beautiful and complex unlike one who couldn't write. From the "History of Highland County, Virginia" by Oren F. Morton Clearfield Company, Baltimore MD History of Highland County 70 Thomas and Hugh Hicklin, who lived below the Carliles, are named in 1756. Robert Graham, also a little below the Carliles, was here by 1755, although he did not buy out the Wilson patent until 1761. Samuel Given purchased the Bodkin homestead in 1762 It is possible that several other persons came quite as early as those already named. Be this as it may, the settlement received many accessions during the next fifteen years, even in spite of the Indian peril during the latter half of this period. In some instances they appear to have arrived before we find definite mention of them. History of Highland County Pages 91 & 92 The pioneers of the Bullpasture must very speedily have had a bridle-path along the river bottom, but a direct way to the courthouse soon became a necessity. So Wallace Estill was directed, May 29, 1751, to clear a road from his mill to a road already opened to the head of the Calfpasture. The settlers appointed by the court to help him were Loftus Pullin, Richard Bodkin, Samuel Ferguson, Matthew Harper, John Miller, William Price, James Anglen, James Hall, Philip Phegan, John Shaw, Hackland Wilson, two John Carliles, and Robert and William Carlile. By petition of May 18, 1753, this road was extended from Estill's mill to William Wilson's mill on Bolar Run. Stephen Wilson and Hugh Hicklin were overseers for this section, and to work under them were John Miller, William and John Wilson, Samuel and Robert Gay, Robert and John Carlile, John and Thomas Hicklin and Loftus Pullin. History of Highland County 167-169 Abbreviations: CP for Cowpasture; BP for Bullpasture and BPMn for Bullpasture Mountain; JR for Jackson's River; CB for Grabbottom; BC for Back Creek; SC for Straight Creek; br for branch or draft; n for near; mo for mouth; NF for North Fork; SF for South Fork; SB for South Branch; h'd for head; adj for adjoining; cor for corner; NW. for northwest, etc., etc. "Adj. himself" refers to a tract surveyed or patented by the person at an earlier date. Graham, Christopher: 127 - 1782 - BP - P. 1789. Graham, John: 44 - 1782 - BP, on Jordan's Run Hicklin, Thomas: (1) 68 - 1756 - BP, adj. Lewis - P. (2) 85 - 1773 - br. of BP, adj. Bradshaw. (3) 82 - 1782 - BP, adj. himself. (4) 150- 1783 - BP, adj. himself. Hicklin, Hugh: (1) 100- 1758 - br. of BP - P. (2) 130 - 1769 - CP - P. Hicklin, James: 100 - 1783 - adj. John Hicklin.

History of Highland County Pages 175-176 Land Sales Recorded In Augusta County, Virginia Carlile: Robert to John - same tract as above for same price and in same year. Hicklin: Thomas of John - 217 - $166.67 - BP - 1761. Hicklin: Thomas of Andrew Lewis - 348 - $200 - BP - 1766. Hicklin: John of Samuel Given - 239 - $500- BP - 1768. Hicklin: Thomas'of Thomas, Jr. - 131 - $333.33 - BP - 1770. Lockridge: Andrew of Samuel Given - 679 - $900 - BP - 1774. History of Highland County Pages 191 & 192 Roll of Captain George Wilson's Company, August 11th, 1756: George Wilson--------------- Captain Hugh Hicklin------------------Lieutenant Thomas Hughart-------------Ensign Charles Gilham----------------Sergeant William Johnson----------------Corporal