Person:Thomas Henderson (66)

Thomas Henderson
b.Est. 1715 Prob. Ireland
m. 7 February 1705
  1. John Henderson1705/06 - 1766
  2. James Henderson1708 - 1784
  3. Bruce Henderson1710 - 1719
  4. Samuel Henderson1713 - 1782
  5. Thomas HendersonEst 1715 - 1786
  6. Jean Henderson1719 - 1729/30
m. bef. 1735
  1. Jane Henderson1735 - 1810
  2. Michael HendersonAbt 1741 -
  3. Thomas HendersonAbt 1742 -
Facts and Events
Name Thomas Henderson
Gender Male
Birth? Est. 1715 Prob. Ireland
Marriage bef. 1735 to Dorcas Unknown
Death? Poss. Abt. 1786 Smith River, Wilkes County, North Carolina

Thomas Henderson was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Survey for Thomas Henderson

From "Hume's Survey Book", listed in Chalkleys's:

  • (36) Survey for Thos. Hendersone, beginning at Jno. Davison's Cor., Christy's Kreek.

Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA


Thomas Henderson's land (Beverley Manor SE, 391 acres, 1738) as shown on the map meticulously drawn by J.R. Hildebrand, cartographer. This map is copyrighted©, used by permission of John Hildebrand, son of J.R. Hildebrand, April, 2009. Note land of William Henderson is adjoining Thomas Henderson's land to the east. William Henderson may have been a half-brother of Thomas, more research necessary.

Acquisition of Land from Orange County, Virginia Records:

  • Pages 112-14. 20-21 Feb. 1738 [1739]. William Beverley of Essex County, Gent., to Thomas Henderson of Augusta County. Lease and release; for ₤9.15.6 current money. 391 acres, part of Beverley Manner... corner to Jno. Davidsone... on the side of Christie's Creek on the south side thereof... to Thomas Black's line... (signed) W. Beverley. Wit: Robt. Slaughter, John Lewis, G. Home. 22 Feb. 1738 [1739]. Acknowledged by William Beverley, Gent. [Orange County Virginia Deed Book 3, Dorman, pg. 8].

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 823.--31st March, 1750. Thomas Henderson, planter, of Albemarle, to Wm. Beverley, 391 acres, in Beverley Manor; corner Jno. Davison, Christie's Creek, Thos. Black's line. Teste: Richard Pringle, Jno. Rutlidge. (Note: Thomas Henderson conveyed the 391-acre tract back to William Beverley that Beverley had patented to Henderson in 1738. Beverley then (four days later) re-patented the same land (plus an additional 49 acres) to George Rutledge in the following record):
Page 826.--3d April, 1750. Wm. Beverley to George Rutledge, planter, 440 acres in Beverley Manor: corner James Armstrong, Christie's Creek; corner Thos. Black and Wm. Henderson. Teste As above.

Records of Thomas Henderson in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 2 - "Muster List of 1742" - Capt. John Christian's List: John Christian, Captain; William Christian, Lieutenant; Fran Betty, Ensign; Jhn. Holms, Josep Read, Finley McClewr, George Camble, George Caldwell, Wm. Caldwell, Alex. Thompson, Jas. Caldwell, Isaac McCulough, Jas. Armstrong, Wm. Armstrong, Thos. Henderson, Wm. Henderson, Rob Conigham, Wm. Conigham, Thos. Black, Wm. Johnston, Joh Davison, And. Cowin, Jas. Moody, Jas. Willson, Niol. Leeper, Jno. Turk, Wm. Adams, David Mitchel, Rob. Ramsey, George Breakinsed, John Mitchel, Jas. Fulton, John Fulton, John Brownlee, Chas. Camble, Jas. Camble, Will Camble, Jno. Buchanan, Nathan McClewer, Jas. Robinson, Antho Black, Will Long, Thos. Bell, Jas. Bell, Jno. Black, Wm. Robinson, Thos. Shields, And. McCord, Thos. Beans, Arth. Hamilton, And. Scott, John Maxwell, Pat. Barney, Alex. Brackinsedg, Rob. Brackinsedg, James Brackinsedg, _____ McCoulough, Jas. Miler, Rob. McClenachan, Jno. Doacke, Sam Doacke, Patt Hayes, And. Boyd, Jas. Black, Alex. Fordice, David Steel, Moses Thompson, John Thompson, And. Russell, Rand McDonel, Hug Martine, Joh Robinson, Jas. Beans, Rob. Alexander, Ths. Lewis.
  • Page 538.--27th February, 1749. Same to William McClintock, 360 acres in Beverley Manor, cor. Robert Young, a branch under the Sugar Loaf. Delivered to William McClintock August, 1775. Teste: Thomas Henderson, Thomas Rutledge, Robert Ramsey.
  • Page 828.--3d April, 1750. Wm. Beverley to John Madison and James Lockhart, Gents., Church Wardens, hill above a spring, joining lots X and XI. 2-3/8 acres, as a place to erect and build a church, adjacent to Staunton. Teste: Wm. Russell, Jno. Rutlidge, Thos. Henderson. (Note: this record was on the same day that William Beverley had re-patented Thomas Henderson's tract in Beverley Manor to George Rutledge).
  • Page 425.--10th February, 1762. Jeremiah Hadley, of Orange County, North Carolina, to John Reid, of Amherst, £42.10, 115 acres patented to James Patton, 3d November, 1750. and conveyed to Joshua Hadley and devised by Joshua to Jeremiah, on James River. Teste: Alex Reid, Thos. Henderson, Alexander Reid, Jr., John Lyon. Proved by witnesses. Delivered: Thomas Reed, May, 1765.

Information on Thomas Henderson

From post:

Thomas Henderson married Dorcas (unknown surname) in 1740 in Augusta, Virginia.

THOMAS Henderson **born 1720's or bef
Michael 22 Feb 1741, could be Michael in Madison Co KY?
Thomas 14 Mar 1742
From the Henderson Survey:
Thomas Henderson
Born probably Scotland
Died after 1750, Albemarle County?
Married Dorcas ______ before 1740
Children: 2 known
Michael, baptized 22 February 1741, by Rev. John Craig
Thomas, baptized 14 March 1742, by Rev. John Craig
Howard M. Wilson, The Tinkling Spring, Headwater of Freedom
page 84, Thomas Henderson on congregation list of 12 November 1744
page 418, Appendix A., Beverley Manor Purchasers - recorded Orange County, Virginia
Thomas Henderson, 391 acres, 21 September 1738 page 476, Baptisms as above
DB 2, page 823, 31 March 1750 Thomas Henderson, planter, of Albemarle, to William Beverley, 391 acres, Beverley Manor; corner John Davison, Christians' Creek, Thomas Black's line
From Spooner:
33. Thomas Henderson was born 1722-1724 and died 1771 in Pittsylvania Co, VA. [NOTE: there is no proof of a will in Pittsylvania for this Thomas Henderson] He married "Unknown". Their children are:
i. Thomas Henderson, b. Abt 1742; d. probably in TN (possibly in Hawkins or Grainger Co); m. "Unknown