Person:Thomas Dryden (11)

Thomas Dryden
d.bef. 8 April 1777 Botetourt County, Virginia
m. Est. abt. 1739
  1. Ellinor DrydenEst 1740 - 1773
  2. Thomas Drydenest 1741 - bef 1777
  3. Mary Dryden1742 -
  4. David Dryden1743 - 1818
  5. James DrydenBef 1745 - 1810
  6. Nathaniel Dryden1746 - 1780
  7. Jane Dryden1747 - 1811
  8. William DrydenAbt 1747 - 1805
  9. Joel Dryden1749 -
  10. Elizabeth Dryden1750 - 1811
m. bef. 1775
  1. Nathaniel Dryden
  2. David Dryden
  3. Thomas Dryden
Facts and Events
Name[1] Thomas Dryden
Gender Male
Birth? est. 1741 Augusta, Virginia, USA
Marriage bef. 1775 to Agness Unknown
Death? bef. 8 April 1777 Botetourt County, Virginia[Will Proven]

Thomas Dryden was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 87.--August, 1775. Thomas Dryden and Agness, of Botetourt, and Nathaniel Dryden and Mary, of Augusta, to William Dryden, of Augusta.

Will Abstract

Dryden, Thomas, Will probate April 1777.
Names wife, Agnes, and children: Nathaniel, David, Thomas, and others, names not given.
[Source: Early Marriages, Wills and some Revolutionary War Records, Botetourt County, Virginia, Compiled by Anne Lowry Worrell, pg. 55].

Will Transcript

In the name of God. Amen, the tenth day of November in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and seventy-six, I, Thomas Dryden of Botetourt County, being sick and weak in body but of perfect mind and memory, Thanks to Almighty God, and calling to Mind my Mortality knowing that it is appointed for all Men once to die, do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament and First I recommend my Soul to God who gave it & my Body to the Dust to be decently interred at the Discretion of my Executors, and as to such worldly Estate as God has blessed me with, I leave and dispose of it in the following Manner:
First, I order that all my just Debts and funeral charges be paid by my Executors out of my Estate. Imprimis, I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife, Agnes, one third part of all my moveable Estate & I do likewise bequeath to her living on my Plantation while she remains a widow, also that a white Horse called “Diamond” & her riding saddle, be her entire property, the horse to be for the use of the plantation while she remains on it.
Item, I give & bequeath unto my oldest sons, Nathaniel & David, the Plantation I now live on, containing two hundred and sixty acres, more or less, to them & their Heirs or assigns forever, to be divided equally in Quantity between them by my Executors, and the difference in Quality to be estimated by them also, and at David’s becoming of age each of them shall have a fair and equal chance by Lot to the different Divisions, and I do will and require that each of them (viz.:) Nathaniel and David do pay unto their Brother Thomas the sum of fifteen pounds cash at the time when Thomas comes of age, and I do also will & require that all my Children shall have their living on the Plantation until my son David comes of age, That they shall be taught to read and write, the Expenses of which shall be paid out of the Profits arising from the Plantation while they live on it.
That the servant Man named William Cherry remain on the Plantation to assist in working it.
And that all the Horse creatures be kept thereon until my son David comes of age, and then to be sold and equally divided among all my children and that all utensils necessary for working the Plantation that are now on it do still remain for the Use thereof and to be disposed of in the same manner with the Horses, and that so many cattle as my Executor shall judge necessary to support the family be kept for the use of it and also such of the Household Furniture, and on my son David coming of age that they be disposed of in the Manner above related, Nathaniel and David to be excluded from any share.
Item, I order & it is my Will that all the Remainder of my moveable Estate be sold and divided equally amongst all my children, Nathaniel, David and Thomas excepted, and if my wife should now be with child it shall be entitled to an equal share with my daughters in my moveable Estate.
And I do will and require that if any of my children should die in Nonage their Part as willed above shall be divided equally amongst the rest of their Brothers and Sisters. But on coming of age they shall have full Power to dispose of it in what Manner they please.
And lastly I constitute and appoint my wife, Agnes, together with James Dryden and David McClure to be my Executors and Executrix to this my last will & testament, and I do revoke & disanull all former & other Will or Wills by me made, confirming this to be my last Will & Testament.
(Signed) THOMAS DRYDEN (Seal)
Published and Pronounced in the Presence of:
Wm. Paxton, Alexr. Baggs, John McNutt, John Trimble.
Proved, April 8,1777
[Source: Will Book “A”; pg. 68—Botetourt County Clerk’s Office, Fincastle, Virginia].

Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 1 - MARCH 16, 1768. - (504) Thomas Dryden appointed guardian to Margaret McClure, infant orphan of Nathaniel McClure. (Note: some sources claim that Thomas Dryden was born abt. 1755, but since he would have been of legal age to have been appointed Margaret McClure's guardian in 1768, he would have been born earlier, before 1748).
  • Page 87.--16th March, 1768. Thomas Dryden's bond (with Joseph Reed, Patrick (mark) McCollom) as guardian to Margaret McClure, orphan of Nathl. McClure.
  • Page 521.--2d June, 1772. David Dryden's will--To wife, Dorothy, large Bible to be left by her to Nathaniel, and also both Boston's Works; to son, Thomas, 1 dollar; to son, James, 1 dollar; to son, David, 1 dollar; to daughter, Elinor; to daughter, Jane; to daughter, Elizabeth; to sons, Nathaniel and William. Executors, Saml. Lyle and son James. Teste: John and William Thompson, John Moor. Proved, 18th August, 1772, by J. and W. Thompson. Executors qualify.
  • Page 193.--13th March, 1774. Recorded. David Dryden's appraisement by Alex. McClure, James Thompson, Wm. Ramsey--1 note on Patrick Porter, of North Carolina, payable November, 1772. Legacies appraised, viz: To wife, Dorothy, son Nathaniel, son William, son Thomas.
  • Page 527.--19th August, 1777. David Dryden's estate settled by Samuel Lyle--1773, March 2, paid John McCollom, Jr.; legacies paid August 27th, to James Dryden, Elliner Dryden, Thomas Dryden, Nathan Dryden, Wm. Dryden, Dorothy Dryden, David Dryden; 1772, September 10th, received from Thomas Leekey; October 31st, Mathew Elder; 1776, August 27th, Dominick Moran.
  • Vol. 1 - MAY 20, 1780. (242) Thomas Dryden's death abates suit. (Note: establishes that Thomas Dryden had prior to this date, likely in the Revolutionary War).
  • Vol. 1 - MAY, 1780 (B). - McClure vs. McClure.--Chancery. Writ, 30th June, 1773. Oratrix Margaret McClure, an infant, by Thomas Dryden, her guardian, daughter of Mary McClure, deceased, with will dated 10th September, 1767. Oratrix had brothers and sisters. Halbert McClure qualified as administrator and died and his widow, Mary, qualified. Suit for accounting.
  • Vol. 2 - SEPTEMBER, 1805 (A to D). - Dryden vs. Lyle--Ejectment. Deposition of James Dryden: Thomas Dryden was eldest son of David Dryden, deceased. Nathanl. Dryden, plaintiff, is eldest son of Thomas. Both Thomas and David are dead. Nathaniel and Wm. Dryden, younger sons of David, are both dead. Defendant, with Saml. Lyle, father of defendant, was executor of his father's will. Thos., father of Nathaniel, died before 1787. (Note: this record establishes Thomas Dryden as his eldest son, estimated birthdate as "abt. 1741").
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    Record for David Dryden