Person:Thomas Adams (112)

Thomas Adams, of the Calfpasture, Augusta County, VA
m. Abt 1718
  1. Richard AdamsAbt 1719 - 1721
  2. Bowler Adams1722 - 1726
  3. William Adams1724 - Bef 1763
  4. Col. Richard Adams, Sr.1726 - 1800
  5. Tabitha Adams1728 -
  6. Thomas Adams, of the Calfpasture, Augusta County, VAAbt 1730 - Bef 1788
  7. Anne AdamsAbt 1731 - 1775
  8. Sarah Adams1734 - 1775
  • HThomas Adams, of the Calfpasture, Augusta County, VAAbt 1730 - Bef 1788
  • WElizabeth Fauntleroy1736 - 1792
m. Bef Jun 1777
Facts and Events
Name Thomas Adams, of the Calfpasture, Augusta County, VA
Gender Male
Birth? Abt 1730 New Kent County, Virginia
Marriage Bef Jun 1777 prob. Virginiato Elizabeth Fauntleroy
Death? Bef 22 Oct 1788 Deerfield, Augusta County, Virginia

Thomas Adams was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's (unless otherwise listed):

  • Page 54.--22d August, 1766. John Carlile and Mary ( ) to Thomas Adams, of the County of New Kent, £117.10, on both sides of Great River of Calfpasture, 200 acres, bounded according to the ancient known and reputed bounds, purchased by John of Gilliam. Delivered: Sampson Mathews, 19th March, 1772. (Note: p. 489 (Deed Bk 15, p.531) says it was Thomas Gilham)
  • Page 52 - Thomas Adams, 340 acres, Warms Spring Valley. Adjoining Lewis. November 1, 1766. [Abstract of Land Grant Surveys, 1761-1791, Augusta & Rockingham Counties, Virginia, by Peter Cline Kaylor, pg. 20].
  • Page 64 - Thomas Adams, 235 acres, Calfpasture River. Adjoining William Kinkade. March 25, 1767. [Abstract of Land Grant Surveys, 1761-1791, Augusta & Rockingham Counties, Virginia, by Peter Cline Kaylor, pg. 25].
  • Page 64 - Thomas Adams, 190 acres, Calfpasture River. March 27, 1767. [Abstract of Land Grant Surveys, 1761-1791, Augusta & Rockingham Counties, Virginia, by Peter Cline Kaylor, pg. 25].
  • Page 138.--9th December, 1770. John Carlile. of the Calfpasture, to Thomas Adams, gent., of St. Peter's Parish, New Kent County, £100, 250 acres purchased by John from John Campbell, on Great Calfpasture. Delivered: Sampson Mathews, 19th March, 1772.
  • Page 171.--19th March, 1772. John Carlisle and Mary ( ) of the Calf Pasture to Thomas Adams of Parish of Saint Peter and County of New Kent, £100, tract purchased by said John Carlisle of John Campbell, 250 acres on Great Calfpasture.
  • 1772 - Thomas Adams acquired a 110-acre tract on the Calfpasture from William Wills [Source: "Waddell's Annals of Augusta County, Virginia, from 1726 to 1871", pg. 331].
  • Page 240 - Thomas Adams, 545 acres, Calfpasture River. Adjoining Robert Gays, William Campbell, William Lockridge. July 15, 1774. [Abstract of Land Grant Surveys, 1761-1791, Augusta & Rockingham Counties, Virginia, by Peter Cline Kaylor, pg. 85].

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 355.--17th November, 1780. Thomas Adams; to Moore Fauntleroy, diverse good causes and considerations, especially 5 shillings, on Calfpasture, 235 acres patented to Thomas, 6th April, 1769.

Will of Thomas Adams

From Chalkley's:

  • Page 99.--14th October, 1785. Thomas Adams' will, of the Calfpasture, being about to take a perilous journey to the Ohio River; to wife, Elizabeth, lands in Augusta and Amherst; to only brother, Richard Adams; to nephew William Adams Fry, all lands on Western Waters; to William Smith, son of my highly esteemed and much lamented nephew, William Smith, lately of County of Essex, deceased; to nephew, William Adams; to friend, John Blair, Chancellor, lands he purchased of testator in Albemarle County known by name of Mountain Plains; to Ralph Wanlass, lands whereon Ralph lives and to support Ralph's mother while she lives; to niece, Tabitha Epps; to slave, Joe, freedom --"As there is no man to whom I consider myself under Greater obligations than to my slave Joe." Executors, Maj. Thos. Massie, of Frederick, nephews Wm. Adams and Wm. Adams Fry. Written with own hand. Proved, 22d October, 1788. Executors Massie and Fry qualify; other executor is dead. Handwriting is proved by Thomas Hughart and Archibald Stuart.

The following three records are listed consecutively in Chalkley's and indicate that Thomas Adams had land in Augusta, Amherst and Buckingham County, VA when he died:
  • Page 312.--31st October, 1788. Thomas Adams' estate appraised--19 negro slaves, &c. Above is appraisement of estate in Augusta.
  • Page 316.--Appraisement, ditto, in Amherst County--12 negro slaves.
  • Page 317.--Ditto, ditto, in Buckingham County--6 slaves.

  • Page 45.-- (undated, prob. between 11 Nov. 1799 and 12 Sept. 1799) Estate of Thomas Adams in account with Wm. A. Fry, executor, Dr.--1788, paid to William Britt.

Records of Thomas Adams in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's:

  • Page 531.--8th April, 1769. Samuel Campble and Ellenor to William Lockridge, £114, 208 acres on Great River of Calf pasture, part of 308 conveyed by James Patton and John Lewis to William Campble, 100 acres being conveyed to Thomas Gilham and since conveyed to Thomas Adams, John Campbell's land (John Carlile's now); also 50 acres, part of entry of 100 acres patented to John and Samuel Campbell, and John sold to John Carlyle, his 50 acres. Teste: Thomas Hugart, Andrew Lockridge, Wm. Kinkead.
  • Page 117.--3d October, 1769. John Kinkead of parish _____, County _____, Province of Philadelphia, to Samuel Griffin of Henrico County, Va., £250, 530-1/2 acres bounded by lines of John Kinkade, Thomas Hagert, James Campbell, Andrew Hamilton, being 1/2 of tract purchased by John from Patton and Lewis (deed recorded in Orange County). Teste: Richard Adams, Samp. Mathews, Wm. Armstrong, Wm. Kinkead, Jas. Vaughan, J. Meredith. (Certificate says was proved by witness William Kimsey.) Delivered: Thos. Adams.
  • Page 241.--30th April, 1774. Robert Graham's estate appraised by Robert Bratton, William Lockridge, James Bratton--To money due by Wm. Anderson, overseer for Thos. Adams.
  • Page 123.--21st June, 1777. John Hodge to James Hodge. Whereas Samuel Hodge, late of Calfpasture, deceased, devised to his younger son. James Hodge, plantation Samuel lived on, and James is advised only a life estate passes passes; John, eldest son and heir of Samuel and brother to James, releases the reversion. Teste: Thomas Adams, Andrew Hamilton, Henry McDonnald, Elizabeth Adams.
  • AUGUST 19, 1778. - (353) Thomas Adams recommended Colonel of Second Battalion; John Dickinson as Lieutenant of same, and Andrew Lockridge as Major of same.
  • OCTOBER 20, 1778. Page (361) New Commission of the Peace, viz: Thomas Adams, John Christian, George Moffet,* Alexr. McClenachan, Michael Bowyer, Thos. Hugart, John Lewis, John Kinkead,* Wm. McPheeters, John McCreary,* Joseph Bell, Samuel Vance, David Henderson,* James Trotter, Jr.,* Jonas Friend, Smith Tandy, John Dickenson, John Poage, Sampson Mathews,* William Bowyer, Alexr. Robertson,* Elijah McClenachan, Alexr. St. Clair, James Tate,* James Steele,* Joseph Humphreys, Pat. Hanger, John Wilson, James Tremble, Benj. Wilson, John Davidson, Wm. Lowther, Andrew Davidson. (Those marked (*) qualified.)
  • NOVEMBER 19, 1779. - (174) Thomas Adams, John Dickinson, Michael Bowyer, William McPheeters and Peter Hanger to be summoned to the next March Court to show cause why they will not swear into the Commission of the Peace.
  • MARCH 21, 1780. - (187) Andrew McCaslin qualified Constable. Thomas Adams qualified Justice.
  • AUGUST, 1780 (A). Thomas Kinkade vs. Sarah Cocke.--Slander. Elizabeth Adams, wife of Thomas Adams and mother of Sally Cocke, deposes, 29th April, 1780, that her daughter was baptized by the name of Sally and not Sarah.
  • NOVEMBER, 1782 (B) - Samuel Vance's commission (in place of Archibald Stuart) as commissioner for the purpose of adjusting titles in the District of Augusta, Botetourt and Greenbrier, 2d April, 1782. Commissions, 1st March, 1782, to Wm. McKee, Robert Davis, Thomas Adams and Archibald Stuart.
  • Page 492.--10th May, 1783, Robert (mark) Bratton's will--To wife, Anne Bratton; to son, James, the land James lives on; to son, George, tract on Jackson River, 240 acres; to son, John, tract on branches of the Little River, 700 acres; to son-in-law, Wm. Givens, and Agnes, his wife; to son, John, in trust, £200 for support of unfortunate daughter Mary; to 4 children, Adam, George, John, and Agnes (Givens); to son, Adam, home plantation, executor. Thomas Adams to be overseer. Teste: Joseph Fauntleroy, Will. R. Fleming, Jno. Dunlap, William Given, Jno. Poage, Wm. Given. Proved, 18th October, 1785, by Poage and Dunlap. Executor
  • MAY 17, 1785. - (18) New Commission, viz: Thomas Adams, William Bowyer, Thomas Hughart,* Alexr. St. Clair, Charles Cameron, William McPheeters,* Joseph Bell, Samuel Vance, John Givens, David Stephenson, Richard Mathews, Robert Porterfield, Jacob Warrick, George Moffet, Alexr. Robertson, Elijah McClenachan,* Thomas Hughes,* George Poage, James Steel, John Wilson, Samuel Lewis, John Taite,* Robert Gamble, James Crawford, Jr., James Davis, Alexr. Crawford, John McKemey. (Those marked (*) qualified.)
  • APRIL, MAY, JUNE, 1785 (B). - James Kerr vs. Thomas Adams.--Writ, 22d April, 1784. Not executed by reason of the defendant being a Senator. Writ, 24th May, 1784, not executed by reason of his being at the Assembly. Writ, 23d June, 1785, not executed by reason of his being a member of the Senate.
  • Page 260.--15th February, 1788. Andrew Hamilton's will, of the Calfpasture--To wife, Martha; to son, William; to son, Andrew; to each grandson named Andrew, 250 acres in Kentucky; to all my daughters; to sons William and Andrew, all books. Executors, son William and son-in-law Wm. Rennocks, wife Martha. Teste: Wm. Lockridge, Samuel Lockridge, Thos. Adams. Proved, 21st September, 1790, by the Lockridges. Hamilton and Wm. Renocks qualify.
  • APRIL 20, 1778. - (281) New Commission of the Peace, viz: Thomas Adams, John Poage, Sampson Mathews, Wm. Bowyer,* Michael Bowyer, Thos. Huggart, John Lewis, John Kinkead, Wm. McPheeters, John McCreerey, Joseph Bell,* Samuel Vance, John Dickenson, George Moffet,* Alexr. McClenachan,* George Mathews, Alexr. Robertson,* Elijah McClanachan,* Alexr. St. Clair, James Tate,* James Steele, Joshua Humphreys,* Peter Hanger, John Wilson.* (Those checked (*) qualified.)
  • EXECUTIONS - SEPTEMBER, 1794 (K to Z) - Samuel McDowell vs. Thomas Massie and William Adams Fry, executors. Thomas Adams, deceased--Case. Writ, 4th October, 1791. No inhabitants.
  • (Undated, appears to be approx. 1803) - Marshall vs. Hunter--O. S. 43; N. S. 15--Bill filed 22d June, 1799. Fairfax had set aside 800 acres for himself which he contemplated giving to a certain _____ Beal (?), but Beal removed out of Berkeley (Frederick). Fairfax devised it to Denny Martin, who conveyed to James M. and John Marshall and others by deed recorded in General Court. The Commonwealth confirmed to purchasers the lands set apart by Lord Fairfax to his own use. Philip Pendleton and David Hunter are in possession of the tract by a treasury warrant, and the parties leave the controversy to the Court. Copy of survey, 1775, for John Ullam of Berkeley County, of a tract lying something more than one mile and three-fourths from the Potomac and adjoining lands of Thomas Adams, Col. John Carlyle, Michael Shively. Copy of survey 1775, for tract adjoining old patent of John Van Meter on drains of Opecon in Berkeley County formerly surveyed for Robert Beal. Copy of survey 1775, for Morrice Gibbons of Berkeley County. Copy of grant by Fairfax to John Owlent, in 1753. Copy of grant by Fairfax to Cap. Richard Pearis, in 1763. Thomas Rutherford deposes at house of Thomas Flagg, in Charles Town, that from 1752-1763 he was surveyor for Fairfax. Beall returned to England whence he came, and there died. Robert Stephen deposes that after 1768 he was a rent collector for Fairfax. William Rush deposes (1802) that for 30 years he has lived on a tract joining the land in controversy. He is thirty-five years old. Richard Morgan deposes (25th September, 1802) aged 41 years, that he was born within one and one-fourth miles of the land in controversy, and has lived there ever since. His father was Jacob Morgan. John McCool of the society of Friends deposes. Peter Light, Senr., deposes. Robert Cockburn deposes. Copy of deed dated 20th February, 1784, Saml. Oldham and Anne of Berkeley County, to Moses Hunter, a tract on drains of Opeckon, conveyed to Samuel by John Linden (Snider) by deed 11th and 12th September, 1772. Cor. Moses Keywood, Cor. Cap. Richard Pearis, cor. John Newland, 150 acres. Recorded in Berkeley 23d April, 1784. Letter from Richard Rigg to Jacob Morgan, dated 26th July, 1777.
  • (Undated, appears to be approx. 1804) - Henry Bedinger vs. Strode-O. S. 31; N. S. 11--Bill 1796. On 2d May, 1763, James Strode entered land in Northern Neck with Thomas Rutherford, then a surveyor for Fairfax in Berkeley County. Jonas Hedges deposes (in Berkeley) 10th March, 1798, that thirty-five years ago he showed the land to James Strode. May 2, 1763, James Strode enters 400 acres adjoining James Davis and Thomas Adams. Copy of deed 20th January, 1795, James Strode and Elizabeth, his wife, of Norborne Parish, Berkeley County, to Henry Bedinger. Proved in Berkeley, 20th January, 1795.
  • SEPTEMBER, 1805 (A to D). - PACKAGES MARKED ISSUES NO. 27. - Lange vs. Adams--Full account of names of heirs of Col. Thos. Adams.

Information on Thomas Adams

From "Waddell's Annals of Augusta County, Virginia, from 1726 to 1871", pg. 331:

THOMAS ADAMS, a native of the county of Essex, England, was in early life clerk of Henrico County Court, Virginia, and later a merchant in London. Returning to Virginia, he settled in New Kent county. In 1766, he purchased from John Carlyle two hundred acres of land on the Great Calfpasture river, in Augusta. In 1771, he purchased from Carlyle two hundred and fifty acres in the same valley; and in 1772, he acquired from William Wills one hundred and ten acres on a “branch of the Great River of the Calfpasture.” He also acquired lands from the government by patent. All the deeds describe him as “Thomas Adams, of New Kent.” It is well known that most of the African slaves imported into Virginia in former times were brought over by New England “skippers”; and from a bill of sale which has been preserved, it appears that on the 12th of May, 1773, in consideration of £42, 10s., Thomas Adams purchased a negro girl from “Joseph Hanwood, of Newbury, in the Province of New Hampshire, Marriner.” (Virginia Historical Collections, Vol. VI, page 23.)

From "Adams Family Papers, 1672–1792, Henrico County, Virginia:

Correspondence, 1762–1788, of Thomas Adams (of the Calf Pasture [Augusta County], Winslows [New Kent County], and Richmond, Virginia, and at Bremo [Henrico County], Richmond Hill [Richmond], and Williamsburg, Virginia, and London, England, and while serving the U.S. Continental Congress at Philadelphia and York, Pennsylvania). The correspondence is with Elizabeth (Griffin) Adams (of Richmond Hill, Richmond, Virginia, and at Winslows, New Kent County, and Williamsburg, Virginia, concerning William Byrd III, tobacco, Richard Adams’s election to the Virginia House of Burgesses and the burning of a warehouse in Richmond, Virginia, belonging to Richard Adams). (Note: Richard Adams was an older brother of Thomas Adams of the Calf Pasture),