Person:Swain Paulson (1)

Swain Paulson
b.bef. 1750
  • F.  Polson (add)
  1. Benjamin Paulsonbef 1744 - bef 1770
  2. Swain Paulsonbef 1750 -
Facts and Events
Name Swain Paulson
Alt Name Swain Pollston
Alt Name Swain Polson
Gender Male
Birth? bef. 1750

Swain Paulson was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 1 - 1779-80. - Jailor's account, 1780. To keeping the following: Will Hinton, confined for treason, 23d March to 30 May, 69 days; William Stonate, confined for desertion; George Lair, confined for desertion; Barnebas Tandy, confined for desertion; John Potter, confined for desertion; Mathias Miller, confined for desertion; William Cook, for desertion; Patrick McCimsy, for desertion; James Bridget, for desertion; Henry Lorance, for desertion; Thomas Moreson, Toryism; Duncan Gullion, treason; Swain Palson, treason; James Care, treason; Nathaniel Buton, treason; Joseph Patterson, desertion; Barnebas Barnbloom, desertion; Francis Simson, desertion; John Hikkey, desertion; Peter Bever, desertion; William Douglas, desertion; Charles Millard, desertion; William Brown, desertion; Zack Price, desertion; Samuel Bates, desertion; William Awty, desertion; Samuel Davis, desertion; Thomas Womsby, desertion; Alexander Nelson, desertion; Elkener Moland, desertion; John Cravin, desertion; Dennis Regin, desertion; Barnebas Ackling, desertion; William Graham, desertion; William Hinton, Toryism; Josiah Cockrin.

Records in Botetourt County, VA

  • Botetourt County Will: Pollston, Benejamin. Will Probate August 1770. Names wife Mary, a dau. Margaret (under age) and brother Swain Pollston. [Source: Early Marriages, Wills and some Revolutionary War Records, Botetourt County, Virginia, Compiled by Anne Lowry Worrell, pg. 61].
  • Swain Poulson, Fincastle Co., VA, served in Capt. Joseph Cloyd's Co. in Lord Dunmore's War, 1774. [Source: The Library of Virginia. DUNMORE'S WAR (1774). <>]
  • 13 Aug 1771. Botetourt Co. VA Ct. Min. 1769-1800 [Annals p.128]: Ordered that John Craig, John Henderson, Samuel Robinson, Giles Jackson, Thomas Rafferty, David McGee, Swain Polson, John McCormack, Robert McGeehee, John Smith, Robert Ritchie, Abraham Fulder, David Robinson, John Vanlear, Samuel McGeehee, William Robinson, Joshua McCormack be summoned to the next court to shew cause why they refused to obey Robert Alexander, Sheriff, in retaking Joseph Alexander after breaking prision.


In 1771, William Robinson appears on the North Fork when he along with his neighbors: John Craig, John Henderson, Samuel Robinson, Giles Jackson, Thomas Rafferty, David McGee, Swain Paulson, John McCormack, Robert McGee, John Smith, Robert Ritchie, Abraham Fuller, David Robinson, John Vanlear, Samuel McGee, Joshua McCormack were summoned before the court for not obeying Robert Alexander, the sheriff, in retaking Joseph Alexander after breaking prison. From 1773 to 1784 he served regularly on the jury and was fined in 1783 for not serving. In 1780 James Wood succeeded him as captain, and 1781 Thomas Rowland succeeded him at Lieutenant Colonel. (Kegley's VA Frontier, pgs 615 & 616)