Person:Susan Beck (3)

Susan Beck
m. 29 MAR 1845
  1. Henry C Beck1842 - 1913
  2. Daniel Beck1846 -
  3. Elizabeth Jane Beck1847 - 1923
  4. Hannah Catharine Beck1849 - 1923
  5. Adaline Beck1851 -
  6. Mary Saffiah Beck1853 -
  7. Susan Beck1855 -
  8. Roseann Beck1855 -
  9. William Sheldon Beck1857 - 1938
  10. Alcinda Beck1859 - 1862
  11. Sarah M Beck1861 -
  12. Althea Beck1864 - 1864
Facts and Events
Name Susan Beck
Gender Female
Birth? 24 JUN 1855 of Sycamore Twp., Wyandot, Ohio
Death? Y
Other? Notes

!CENSUS: 1860 - Sycamore Twp, Wyandot, OH

                born abt 1855 (5) OH
         1870 - Montgomery Twp, Wood, OH
                born abt 1856 (14) OH - listed as a servant
         1880 - In Chicago, Cook, IL - ED 187, Ancestry Image 13 of 54.  In the home born in OH were Suzie and Rosie Beck (noted as twins)  22 who were servants in the home of the George Beck family (no relations).

NOTE: She and Roxanna (Roseanna) as shown with the same age in 1860 census.

      This indicates they are twins and supports the family tradition that
      there were twins and one was Rose.

MARRIAGE: See notes under husband. NAME-BIRTH: The name Susan and the full birth date are from the John Beck family Bible. A photocopy is in my possession. NAME: AKA - Susannah. BIO: From Paul Nordeen - He sent pictures of Susan Beck Smith and her husband George. He said the following in a letter in 1999:I have enclosed copies of two photos that were given to me by my oousin Flossy May (Henion) Weinberg last year. The copies are the same size as the originals. The originals had no writing on the back, so the sole source for identifying these photos was Flossy. She told me that these pictures were of George Smith and his wife Susan (Beck) Smith, and that Susan was a sister of William Sheldon Beck. She also said that "George Smith had a saloon in Chicago." That was all she told me about these photos. I found out a few weeks ago that Flossy died on 9 May 1999. There is one additional story regarding the twins, Susan and Rose, that was told to me by my mother. She said that her father, when he was a child, was sent to live with various relatives from one family to another after his mother died. He said that they all treated him very cruelly, except Susan and Rose. He also said that Susan and Rose operated a brothel. I am repeating this story exactly as it was told to me.