Person:Stephen Wilson (7)

Stephen Wilson, of Jackson River, Augusta & Bath County, VA
b.Bef. 1732
  • F.  Wilson (add)
m. Bef. 1740
  1. William Wilson, of Jackson's River, Augusta & Bath County, VAabt 1700-1704 - Bef 1795
  2. Stephen Wilson, of Jackson River, Augusta & Bath County, VABef 1732 - 1801
  • HStephen Wilson, of Jackson River, Augusta & Bath County, VABef 1732 - 1801
  • WJane 'Jenny' Dinwiddie1750 - 1803
m. Bef. 1767
  1. James Perot Wilson1767 - 1857
  2. Elizabeth Wilson1773 - bef 1846
  3. Charles Wilsonabt 1774 - abt 1850/57
  4. Thomas Wilsonabt 1773/74 - 1850
  5. Robert Wilson1775 - 1842
  6. Margaret Wilsonabt 1778 - 1844
  7. William Tunnell Wilsonabt 1780/86 - 1857
  8. Samuel Wilson1785 - abt 1853
  9. Stephen Wilsonabt 1788 - 1842
Facts and Events
Name Stephen Wilson, of Jackson River, Augusta & Bath County, VA
Gender Male
Birth? Bef. 1732
Marriage Bef. 1767 Virginiato Jane 'Jenny' Dinwiddie
Death? 1801 Gallia County, Ohio

Stephen Wilson was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

  • Stephen Wilson acquired land in Augusta (later Bath) County, Virginia in 1760. He later sold the land to David Gwinn in 1797.

Processioning List of 1767

"Processioning" was the periodic review and agreement of property lines between settler's lands. Processioning Lists are useful in determining the general area of a settlers lands and their neighbors at specific time periods:

  • Processioning List of 1767 - John Graham, Jr., William Hamilton (Andrew's son), William Elliot (Govenor), John Waughub, on both rivers of Calf Pasture and waters thereof. John Bodkin, John Montgomery, John McCreery, Jr., Hugh Hicklin, John Clendenning, James Hugart, Saml. Hamilton, from head to mouth of Cow Pasture and waters thereof. James Burnside, Loftus Pulling, Richard Bodkin, Jr., John Estill, in Bull Pasture and waters thereof. John Willson, Stephen Willson, John Dean, Robert Armstrong, William Mann, Edward McMullen, from head of Jackson's River to mouth of Cowpasture. George Givens and Wm. Galespie, from mouth of Cowpasture to mouth of Craig's Creek. John Dunkle, Henry Pickle, Henry Stone, Michl. Props, Jr., William Davis, Jno. Roadabough, on South Fork of Potowmack. Nicholas Harpool and Martin Peterson, on North Mill Creek.

Records of Stephen Wilson in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST 20, 1752. - (319) Alexr. Walker, qualified Ensign; Wallace Estill, qualified Captain of Troop of Horse; Steven Wilson, qualified Lieut. Troop of Horse; John Miller, qualified Capn. Troop of Horse; Andrew Lewis, qualified Colonel Troop of Horse; David Stewart, qualified Colonel Troop of Horse; Robert Scot, qualified Captain of Compy. of Foot.
  • Page 82.--21st November, 1754. Archibald Boreland's accounts as administrator, vs. estate of Wm. Jackson--Paid Andrew Dunlap, John Harden, Robt. Duffels, Archd. Elliot, Wm. Davis, Alex. Wright, Alex. McAllroy, Michl. Harper, Jno. Carolile, Samuel McAlvery, Jno. Graham, Joseph Mays, Samuel Ferguson, Wm. Elliott, Stephen Wilson, Alex. Gillespy, Naphtalin Gregory, Jno. Warwick, John Crockett, Charles Dunlap, Geo. Lewis, Thos. Bryan, Nathan Patterson, James Boreland, Wm. Hamilton, James Brown, James Lockridge, John Williamson, David Stanley; cash paid James Armstrong; 7 gallons whiskey for 2d vendue; to Jinney Boreland's account proved.
  • Vol. 1 - 1753-1754, Pt. 2. - Petitioners for a road from William Wilson's mill, on Jackson's River, to Captain Ashton's mill, in the Bull Pasture, being direct road to market and also convenient for the head of Green Bryer settlers. John Miller, William Wilson, Stephen Wilson, Samuel Gay, Robert Gay, Robert Carlile, John Carlile, Hugh Hicklin, John Hicklin, Lostus Pullin, Thomas Hicklin. May, 1753.
  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST 24, 1762. - (329) Napthalum Gregory vs. Stephen Wilson--Abates by death of plaintiff.
  • Vol. 1 - MARCH, 1764 (B). - John Warrick Sertify to eight or nine hogs that Sepn. (?) Wilson killed. Evidences names: William Givens, James Gay, William Warrick, Andrew Singleton, John Warrick. This was transacted in ye year 1758. John McCreery for. (Addressed) Mr. John Warrick, these--
  • Vol. 1 - MARCH, 1769 (A). - Wilson vs. Christian.--William and John Wilson, debtors to Is. Christian. Sundries. 1756-1757, February 26; 1759, March 23; May 31, cash to Thos. Cassaty; credit by Thomas's Rainging, £2, 2, 0; by John's Rainging, £1, 12, 0; balance due when above notes are received from the Government. 1768, by different accounts settled last Assembly. 1763, February 17, cash for Stephen Wilson.
  • Vol. 2 - JUDGMENTS. SEPTEMBER, 1793 (G to Z). - David Gwin vs. Stephen Wilson and Jane --Slander. Bath, 7th September, 1791. William Gwin, Bath County, deposes, 25th August, 1792, that David bears a good character. They have lived neighbors 24 years. Julian Irick, Bath County, deposes, 25th August, 1792. Coonrad Irick. William Stines, 4th September, 1792, late of Bath, now of Georgia. Samuel Johnson deposes, Bath County, 17th July, 1792, when he was living with Stephen as a servant, which was in 1774.

Information on Stephen Wilson

Stephen Wilson was named in his brother William Wilson's will in Bath County, Virginia, written on 11 Sept. 1794 and probated in Feb. 1795.

From post:

Stephen Wilson b. unknown d. abt. 1801 in Gallia CO. of OH. Stephen married Jane Dimwiddie b. unknown and d. unknown. Daughter of Robert Dimwiddie and Elizabeth Unknown.
Note for Stephen and Jane Wilson: They sold land in Bath County VA in 1797 to David Gwin. The land was originally granted to Stephen in 1760.

Generation #2.

Child of Stephen Wilson and Jane Dimwiddie is:
James P Wilson b: June 22, 1767 in Virginia and d: Feb 11, 1857 in Sidney Wayne WV. James married Sarah Mounts b: April 19, 1767 and d: abt 1860. Sarah father was Lawrence Mounts.
Children of James P. Wilson and Sarah Mounts is:
Delilah WILSON b: 22 JUN 1795
Sarah WILSON b: 25 NOV 1796 in Virginia
Alexander WILSON b: 7 FEB 1798
Mary WILSON b: 27 OCT 1800 in Virginia
Charles WILSON b: 25 JAN 1801 in Wayne Co, WV
Nancy WILSON b: 9 OCT 1803 in Kanawa Co, WV
Elizabeth WILSON b: 6 JUN 1806 in WAYNE CO.,WV
Margaret WILSON b: 16 JUN 1810 in VA.
Susannah WILSON b: 4 MAY 1812 in VA.
Jackson WILSON b: 5 NOV 1815 in WAYNE CO., WV.
Anderson WILSON b: 18 JUN 1818 in VA.
Allen WILSON b: 15 JAN 1820 in CABELL CO., WV
David WILSON b: 5 NOV 1824
Rebecca WILSON b: 11 APR 1808 in Wayne Co,