Person:Stephen Willis (5)

  1. Stephen Willis1725 - 1810
m. 18 September 1753
  1. George Willis1754 - 1827
  2. Joel Terrell Willis1756 -
  3. Elizabeth Willis1758 -
  4. Stephen Willis, Jr.1760 - 1820
  5. Susannah Willis1762 -
  • HStephen Willis1725 - 1810
  • WAnne Lewis1732/33 - 1835
m. 1777
Facts and Events
Name Stephen Willis
Gender Male
Birth? 20 AUG 1725 Anna River, Hanover County, Virginia
Marriage 18 September 1753 Albemarle County, Virginiato Susannah Terrell
Marriage 1777 Virginiato Anne Lewis
Death? 1810 Rutherford County, North Carolina

Stephen Willis was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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According to Lewis, Meriwther, and their kin" Anna Lewis Married first Joel Terrell, and second Stephen Willis. If this is the same Stephen WIllis who married Anna Terrell, then it would seem that a confusion has occurred. When Anna married Stephen, her name would have been Anna Terrell, has perhaps has been mistaken as her married name. However, LM&K indicates that while Anna had three children by Joel Terrell (Rachel, Cecilia, and Joel who married Martha Wiliams).

It also notes that she had no children by Stephen, her 2nd husband. None of the children by her 1st husband correspond to children commonly given for Stephen Willis and Suzannah Terrell. There would seem to have been two separate marriages 1) Ann Lewis Terrell to Stephen WIllis 5 Susannah Terrell to Stephen Willis ? . Some of the data in the notes section pertains to Stephen 5, and it now seems likely that other information pertains to a different Stephen WIllis.


Transcript:Letter from Anna Lewis Terrill Willis to Alford Webb, 1834 sine locus


Ancetry's Family Data Collection identifies the following:

14 Dec 1729 Rebecca Willis Stephen Willis Susana Dabney St Peter's Parish, New Kent
16 Oct 1754George Willis Stephen Willis Susana Dabney King William
16 Oct 1754George Willis Stephen Willis Susannah Terrell VA
9 Aug 1756Joel Terell Willis Stephen Willis Susannah Terrell VA
19 Sep 1758 Elizabeth Willis Stephen Willis Susannah Terrell VA
25 Aug 1760 Stephen Willis Stephen Willis Susannah Terrell Anna River, Hanover
20 Nov 1762 Susannah Willis Stephen Willis Susannah Terrell VA

The original sources for the above can not be recovered from the FDC. The data may have been taken from original sources, but may also have come from derivative sources such as family Group sheets. As such the data can not be relied on. Note for example, that there are two entries for George WIllis, both showing a DOB of 16 October 1754. One entry shows Susannah Dabney as the mother, and the other shows Susannah Terrell. One of these entries, at least, is probably based on a genealogical record, rather than original source documentation. Nonetheless, these data are helpful in sorting out the family of Stephen Willis. A reasonable interpretation is that Stephen was married twice, first to Susana Dabney, and second to Susannah Terrell.

George Willis is believed to be the husband of Susannah Baker, and to have had a son George Dabney Willis. This suggests that his mother was probably Stephen Willis first wife, Susana Dabney.

Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 379.-- 6th January, 1762. John Snelson, of Hanover, merchant, and Robert Donald, late of County of Hanover, merchant, by Thos. Buchanan, John McDowell, of Hanover, Peter Belshus, of Louisa, merchants, to Robert Breckinridge, 265 acres conveyed by mortgage by John Hays, of Albemarle, 4th April, 1751, mortgage foreclosed by decree of General Court, 15th October, 1756, £40 paid for use of Snelson and Donald, on Roanoke; cor. to survey made by John Smith. Teste: Francis Smith, Stephen Willis, Francis Smith, Jr., Wm. Anderson. Proved by witnesses. Delivered: Maj. Robert Breckinridge, 9th February, 1771.
  • Vol. 1 - APRIL 26, 1763. - (101) William Preston appointed surveyor from Grymes Clearing to Catapo. Stephen Willis--Juror.
  • Vol. 1 - NOVEMBER 15, 1763. - (327) Robt. Scott, 3 tithables, and 820 acres, added to tithables. Six tithables of Stephen Willis added to tithables. Will of John Harrison, Jr., proved by John Hopkins and lies for further proof.

Records in Albemarle County, VA

The will of David Lewis, Sr. (father of Stephen's second wife Anne Lewis) was probated at the September term of the Albemarle County Court, in 1779. Stephen Willis, Anna Willis, Morning Clarkson, Robert Lewis, and Wm. Johnson were subscribing witnesses to said will; and Joel Lewis, John Martin, James Lewis, and Taliaferro Lewis were his executors. He gave a certain amount of property to James Lewis, Elizabeth Martin, Miriam Lewis, Hannah Hickman, Susannah Mackey, Sarah Musick, and Anna Willis, to make them equal with his other children. The balance of his property he divided equally between his eleven children.

Exec. of Joel Terrell, dec'd. to Sled, adj. John Shifflet
14 October 1779 between James Carr, Stephen Willis and Anne his wife of County of Albemarle, and William Terrell of County of Louisa, Executors of Joel Terrell, decd. of the one part; to John Sled of Henrico for 52 pounds, 10 shillings: one certain parcel of land containing by estimation one hundred forty five acres more or less lying in the County of Albemarle and bounded: Beginning at a Pine, corner between Robert Fry and Charles Statham, then on Statham's line to a Pine and Hiccory, said Statham's corner, then on Statham's line to a white Oak, corner between said Statham and John Shiflett, then of Shiflet's line to a Pine, corner between said Shiflet and Thomas Roy, thence on Roy's line to a Spanish Oak corner between said Roy and John Olphin, then on said Olphin's and Fry's line to the first station.
Entered into record Albemarle October Court 1779.
[Albemarle County Deeds Book 8?, p. 338]

Records in Rutherford County, NC

25 July 1781 - Frederick Hawkins of Rutherford Co. NC to William Gilbert of same, land on both sides of Puzzel Creek adjoining Jacob Kuykendall, Mary Armstrong, 132 acres, part of a grant to Jacob Kuykendall conveyed to Hawkins by deed 20 Mar (year not given). Signed Frederick Hawkins. Witness: James Miller, Thomas Morris and Stephen Willis. [Source: Rutherford County, NC Deed Book A-D Pages 56/57].
Stephen Willis witnessed the will of William Grant, of Rutherford County, North Carolina, written 9 October 1794.


CENSUS: 1790 US Census, Rutherford Co, NC, Morgan District, 1st Company, pg 116 of census book @ ACPL, Stephen Willis. Males 16 and over: 1, Males under 16: 0, Free White Females: 1, All other free persons: 0, Slaves: 7 1800 US Census, Rutherford Co, NC, page 151, Stephen Willis, Males: under 10, 3, 26-45, 1, over 45, 1 (Stephen), Females: under 10, 1, 26-45, 1, over 45, 1 (Anne is 67)


"Lewises, Meriwethers, and their Kin", by Sarah Travers Lewis, Scott Anderson, 1938. (Note: this source claims that Stephen Willis had a prior marriage to Elizabeth (Dabney) Crutchfield, but this appears to be in error based upon Stephen's marriage date to Susannah Terrill).