Person:Stephen Holston (3)

Stephen Holston
m. bef. 1748
  1. Sarah Holstonabt 1749 -
  2. Elizabeth Holstonaft 1751 -
  3. Stephen Holstonabt 1753 - 1826
  4. Henry Holstonbef 1755 -
  5. Ruth Holstonabt 1754 - 1838
  6. Mary Holstonabt 1765 -
  7. Rachel Holstonabt 1768 -
  8. Mercy Margaret Holstonbef 1771 -
m. 1 June 1781
  1. John Holsteinabt 1781 - bef 1846
  2. Stephen Holsteinabt 1783 - aft 1850
  3. Mary Holsteinabt 1786 -
  4. Nancy Holsteinaft 1789 -
  5. Henry Holsteinabt 1790 - bef 1860
  6. Peter Looney Holstein1795 - 1859
Facts and Events
Name Stephen Holston
Unknown Stephen Holstein
Gender Male
Birth? abt. 1753 Augusta County, Virginia
Marriage 1 June 1781 Botetourt County, Virginiato Lucy Jane Looney
Death? 1826

Stephen Holston was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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From "Pioneers of the Virginias," pg 335:

In 1772, Stephen was listed on Craigs Creek in Botetourt County as being a tithable, over age sixteen and taxable. In the spring of the following year he was appointed constable of Botetourt County. In October of 1774, Stephen was a volunteer in the Botetourt Militia under Captain Pauling and fought with General Andrew Lewis in the Battle of Point Pleasant.

Hardesty wrote in reference to Stephen ". . .he fought hard in the battle of Point Pleasant against the Indians under Colonel Lewis (later became General Andrew Lewis), and nine of his enemies fell before his well aimed gun. He then fought for liberty seven years in the continental Army. . ."
When Stephen was in the Battle of Point Pleasant he was listed as a private, and sometime later he must have been appointed captain for Kegley refers to him as a captain who joined General Green after Cornwallis tried to retake the Cowpens prisoners.

Kegley wrote:

"Cornwallis having tried hard to retake the prisoners captured at Cowpens, a requisition was made in January, 1781, on Botetourt and Captain Mays, Matthew Wilson, (Stephen) Holston and Bollar were ordered into service. Each man was ordered to provide himself with a horse and six days provisions. The detachment marched under Major Thomas Rowland. After the Dan River was crossed the horses were sent back and the detachment soon joined the army under General Green on the Haw (River). The Botetourt County records show that Stephen resigned his commission of Captain in the Botetourt Militia on 9 May, 1782, almost a year after he married.
On 9 June, 1807 Stephen and Jane Holston received 150 acres on Stone Run of Craigs Creek from Jane's father, John Looney, a few years before Looney's death.
Stephen's will was dated 14 August, 1826, and recorded in October of that same year. He named his wife, Jane but only one son, who presumably was still at home. Stephen may have given his other sons their share of the estate as they became of age or when some moved to that part of Kanawha County, Virginia, which later became Boone County, where his widow died in 1850.