Person:Silas Smith (18)

Silas H. Smith
b.8 January 1787 Virginia
d.15 September 1842 Augusta County, Virginia
m. abt. 1780
  1. Abraham Smith, of Rockingham County, VA1781 - 1852
  2. Nancy Smith1783 - 1853
  3. Joseph Smith, of Augusta County, VA1785 - 1863
  4. Silas H. Smith1787 - 1842
m. bef. 1817
Facts and Events
Name Silas H. Smith
Gender Male
Birth? 8 January 1787 Virginia
Marriage bef. 1817 to Jane McCullough
Burial? 1842 Trinity Churchyard Cemetery, Augusta County, Virginia
Death? 15 September 1842 Augusta County, Virginia

Silas Smith was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 2 - Smith vs. Wilson--O. S. 259; N. S. 91--Bill, 1817. Complainants are Silas H. Smith and Jane, his wife, of Staunton. Jane is daughter of Robert McCullock, late of Staunton, deceased, intestate, leaving children, viz: Jane (Smith), Susan, Ann B., Robert, Margaret, and a widow. Susan has married William Wilson of Rockbridge; Ann B. is unmarried and of age, Robert is infant; Margaret is dead, unmarried and intestate. Partition of Robert McCollock's estate.
  • Vol. 1 - Package marked "Promiscuous Papers--Federal Court."--Trimble vs. Cargo--Bill filed 23d June, 1831, addressed to Hon. Alexander Caldwell, Judge of the U. S. Court holden at Staunton. By Alex. G. Trimble and ____ Trimble, infant, by Alex. G. Cargo, her next friend, lawful issue and heirs of Elizabeth Trimble, formerly Elizabeth Cargo: That about 1804 Alex. Gibson, uncle of Elizabeth Cargo, died testate, will recorded in District Court devising to his nephew, Daniel Gibson, but if he died without issue, then to Samuel Alex. Cargo and Elizabeth Cargo, children of Alexander's sister. Daniel took possession of 520 acres about two miles southeast of Staunton. Daniel has died, leaving no legal issue. Shortly after Alexander's death complainant's mother, Elizabeth, married ____ Trimble and removed to Tennessee, and subsequently to Mississippi, where she died, leaving husband and complainants--husband is since dead. Samuel A. Cargo, nephew of Alex. Gibson, and co-devisee of complainant's mother, still lives, in Alabama. Samuel A. Cargo sold the land to Silas H. Smith. It was found in a former suit that Elizabeth Trimble had died without heirs. Prayer for partition.

Headstone Dates

Trinity Churchyard Cemetery
Located on the South side of West Beverley Street between Church and Lewis Streets.
Background: Trinity Churchyard was purchased from William Beverley in the year 1750 by the Church wardens in behalf of the Vestry of Augusta Parish.
McCULLOUH, Margaret d 24 Jul 1815 17 yr, fs M.MC.
M'CULLOCK, Mrs. Jane d 29 Mar 1819 67 yr
SMITH, Silas H. d 15 Sep 1842 55 yr 8 mo 7 da
McCULLOCK, Jane d 12 Dec 1812 (likely s/b 1842) 52 yr 1 mo 2 da w/o Silas H. Smith

Note: the headstone date of Jane (McCullock) Smith cannot be in 1812, for she would have been born in 1760, which would have been some 27 years before her husband's birthdate. Most likely the headstone was either mis-read or in poor condition.


From "Waddell's Annals of Augusta County, Virginia, from 1726 to 1871", pg. 151:
John Smith, son of Abraham, was an ensign at Point Pleasant. He was the father of the late Abraham Smith, of Rockingham, of Joseph and Silas H. Smith, of Augusta, and of a daughter named Nancy, wife of William Crawford. His wife was Mary Jane Smith, of Culpeper, a descendant of the Captain Smith who visited the Valley, in 1716, with Governor Spotswood. Her first husband was Silas Hart, who died without children.