Person:Shadrach Inman (1)

Shadrach Inman
b.25 Jan 1746/47 York, England
  1. Shadrach Inman1746/47 - 1831
  2. Meshach Inman1749 - 1767
  3. Abednego Inman1752 - 1831
  4. Susannah Inman1754 - BEF 1816
  5. Ezekiel InmanABT 1758 -
m. ABT. 1767
  1. Daniel Inman1771 - 1837
  2. Hannah Inman1774 - ABT 1830
  3. John Inman1775 - 1838
  4. Polly InmanABT 1779 -
  5. Jeremiah Inman1779 - 1839
  6. Rachael "Betsy" Inman1780 - 1827
  7. Margaret "Peggy" Inman1782 - BEF 1827
  8. Susannah Inman1785 - 1827-1833
  9. Prudence Inman1787 -
  10. Elizabeth Inman1790 - 1840
Facts and Events
Name[1] Shadrach Inman
Gender Male
Birth? 25 Jan 1746/47 York, England
Alt Birth? 25 JAN 1746/47 Virginia
Marriage ABT. 1767 Anson County, North Carolianto Mary Jane McPheeters
Death? 7 Oct 1831 Cocke County, Tennessee
Other? St. Pauls Church Yard, Hamblen, TennesseeBuried

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Inman Tapestry
……………………..The Tapestry
Families Old Chester OldAugusta Germanna
New River SWVP Cumberland Carolina Cradle
The Smokies Old Kentucky



Source:Inman, 1980 Delving into the Ancestry and Progeny of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego Inman.


Shadrach was raised in Albemarle, Virginia. Moved to North Carolina as a young man. Shadrach was a Revolutionary Soldier; commissioned at Lt. in May 1774 and as Captain in 1787. He received a land grant in North Carolina (now Tennessee). Land Grant # 178 containing 200 acres, registered 14 March 1849, grant date 13 November 1787. It was located on the north side of the Nolachucky River. He owned several other farms to which I have copies of deeds. He also owned several slaves, I have copies of Bills of Sale for slaves. I have a copy of his will dated 24 July, 1827 and codicil dated 20 September 1830. He is buried in St. Paul's Churchyard in what is now Hamblen County, Tennessee. Ancestry is not proven on Shadrach, some say Stephen, some say Ezekiel. I am going with Ezekiel for now, subject to change.

  1. Delving into the Ancestry & Progeny of Shadrach, Meshach & Abednego Inman by Buis T. Inman.