Person:Samuel Reed (38)

Samuel Reed
b.est 1722-1732
d.Bef. January 1793 Botetourt County, Virginia
  • HSamuel Reedest 1722-1732 - Bef 1793
m. est. 1755
  1. Samuel Reedest 1756 -
  2. Michael Reedabt 1758 -
  3. Elizabeth ReedAbt 1760 -
  4. Nancy Reedabt 1760 -
  5. Rachel Reedabt 1762 -
  6. Margaret Reed1762 - 1844
  7. Sarah Reedabt 1764 -
  8. Jane Reedbef 1770 -
  9. John Reedabt 1770 -
  10. William Reedaft 1771 -
Facts and Events
Name Samuel Reed
Gender Male
Birth? est 1722-1732
Marriage est. 1755 to
Death[1] Bef. January 1793 Botetourt County, Virginia

Samuel Reed was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Acquisition of Land in Virginia

Acquisition of Land in Virginia:

  • 22 February 1782 - Reed, Samuel - 150 acres, West Fork Little River. [First Surveys of Land in Botetourt County, Virginia].

Disposition of Land:

  • 10 March 1789 - Samuel Read to Joel Richardson, 97 acres on the Back Creek of the Roanoke River. [Botetourt County, VA Deeds] [Note: Samuel Reed was the father-in-law of Joel Richardson].
  • 1 Oct 1792 - John Kelly from Samuel Reed, both of Botetourt Co. "County of Botetourt on Back Creek a branch of Stanton River being the land said John Kelly now lives on Containing sixteen acre be the same more or Less and Bounded as followeth to wit Beginning at the mouth of the Cedar tree branch thence down the Creek to the ---- bent to agreeable corner on two White Oaks on the bank of the Creek thence up the creek to Wm Roberts line thence along his Line to the same old Line to the Beginning. Witnesses John Cooper, John Charter, Joel Richardson".

Will Abstract

Will of Samuel Read of Botetourt County, VA, written January 1793
Named children Samuel, William, Michael, Nancy, Rachal, Elizabeth Telford, Sarah Richardson, Jane Charter, and Margret Goetson (Goodson). John Read, son, is written in above the line to get 1 English Shilling – the same as the daughters. William was apparently not of age. Nancy and Rachal were to get 20 pounds at marriage.
Witnesses to the will were Christopher Rubel, William Charter, and Andrew Telford.

Records in Virginia

  • 1774 - Samuel Reed, West Augusta Co. public service claim [Source: Dunmore's War]
  • 1781 - Tax List, Samuel Reed
  • 1782 - Tax List, Samuel Reed, Samuel Reed (probably Samuel Sr. and Jr.)
  • 1783 - Tax List, Samuel Reed
  • 1784 - Tax List, Samuel Reed
  • 1785 - Tax List, Samuel Reed
  • 1785 - 10 August - Samual Reed, granted leave to include his lands in one survey
  • 1786 - Tax List, Samuel Read & son Michael
  • 1787 - 28 June, Tax List, Sam'l Read
  • 1789 - 22 May, Tax List, Samuel Reid
  • 1792 - 14 May, Tax List, Samuel Reid
  • 1793 - 20 June, Tax List, Samuel Reid and Michael Reid
  • 1794 - 5 May, Tax List, Samuel Reid and Michael Reid
  • Survey 09 Oct 1795. - 1,700 acres in Botetourt Co VA, extending on the line between Botetourt County and Franklin County, on the southeast side of Back Creek a branch of "Roan oak River", joining the land of William Roberts on which he dwells, the land of John Kelley on which he dwells, and the land of the heirs of Samuel Reed deceased on which they dwell, beginning at two black oaks .. oak grubs near a white oak on Hambleton's line corner to the land of William Roberts ... then with lines of the same .. oak near Gap Run by a path ... beech on the bank of said run ... crossing the creek to a corner of the land of John Kelly ... with lines of the same ... crossing the creek ... crossing a branch ... crossing a branch ... lines of the heirs of Samuel Reed deceased ... crossing a branch ... up said branch ... head of a hollow ... ash on the bank of the creek .. crossing the creek ... hickory on the side of the creek... crossing the creek ... oak on a ridge ... oak on the top of a ridge ... oak near the creek ... leaving the land of said heirs. Land Grant 07 Nov 1796. Grant delivered 21 Nov 1796 to the proprietors. [VA Grants 36, p. 156-157, LOTW 1494 issued 16 Jul 1795.].
  1. Public Member Trees: (Note: not considered a reliable source).