Person:Samuel McKee (12)

Samuel Todd McKee
m. ABT 1748
  1. William McKeeABT 1748 -
  2. John McKeeABT 1752 -
  3. Robert McKeeABT 1755 -
  4. Alice McKeeABT 1758 -
  5. Martha McKeeABT 1760 -
  6. Samuel Todd McKee1764 - 1842
  7. Mary McKeeABT 1768 -
m. 22 November 1791
  1. John McKee1794 - 1877
  2. Sen. James McKee1796 - 1860
Facts and Events
Name[1] Samuel Todd McKee
Gender Male
Birth? 3 JUL 1764 Augusta County, Virginia
Marriage 22 November 1791 Harrodsburg, Mercer County, Kentuckyto Elizabeth 'Betsy' Lowry
Death? 3 JUN 1842 Mount Sterling, Montgomery County, Kentucky

Samuel McKee was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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American Revolutionary War Veteran

Revolutionary War Pension Information

Information from “Virginia/West Virginia Genealogical Data from Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty Land Warrant Records”, Vol. 3, compiled by Patrick G. Wardell, Lt. Col. U.S. Army Ret. :

McKee, Samuel - born 7/3/1764 in Augusta County, Virginia; entered service 1780 in Rockbridge County, Virginia, where he resided; moved in 1782 to Mercer County, Kentucky, where entered service in Gen. George Rogers Clark's expedition against Indians; resided in Lincoln County, Kentucky, to 1795, then to Clark County, Kentucky for abt. 10 years, thence to Montgomery County, Kentucky where granted Pension in 1837 when son mentioned but not named living; query letter in file in 1915 says soldier was son of James & Lydia (Todd) McKee, further a Revolutionary War soldier James Cockran married (1) Mary McAtence, & he was buried in Fleming County, Kentucky; query letter in file in 1923 from descendant Mrs. M.C. Burwaugh, Chicago, Illinois, says soldier married Betsy Lowry & died 1842 in Montgomery County, Kentucky. F-S30574, R1688.

  1. Public Member Trees: (Note: not considered a reliable source).
  2.   Graves, William T. Southern Campaign Revolutionary War Pension Statements & Rosters.

    Pension Application of Samuel McKee S30574
    Transcribed and annotated by C. Leon Harris
    State of Kentucky } SS.
    Montgomery county }
    On this 6th day of November, 1837, personally appeared in open Court, before the Court of Montgomery County now sitting, Samuel McKey, resident of said county in the State aforesaid, aged 73 years in July last, who being first duly sworn according to law, doth on his oath make the following declaration, in order to obtain the benefit of the act of Congress, passed June 7, 1832.
    That he entered the service of the United States under the following named officers, and served as herein stated. His first service was as a volunteer from the county of Rockbridge, Virginia, under Capt. David Gray, his Lieutenant’s name not remembered, though his Ensign was Charles Hays. This turn-out was in the 2 nd week of October, 1780. The object of the service was the protection of Portsmouth in Virginia. He marched below Richmond before the company was placed under any field officers. They were then attached to Col. Dowman’s Regiment at Cabin Point [in Surry County]. After going part of the way to Portsmouth, it appeared that a false alarm had been given, and the Company was discharged verbally – no discharge in writing having, as far as he knows, been given to any of the troops on that expedition. The names of Capt. Campbell, Lieut. Hamilton, and Capt. Hall are remembered as being connected with this service.
    Nothing very remarkable occurred during this expedition. He returned to his home ten days or two weeks before Christmas of the same year, up to which he computes his term of service. That he has no documentary evidence, and knows of no person whose testimony he can procure, who can testify to his service.
    That in June 1781 he volunteered from the same county (Rockbridge) under Capt.
    Tilford, on the occasion of Tarlton’s [sic: Lt. Col. Banastre Tarleton’s] invasion. The turn-out by the Militia of the county was general. Cols. Bowyer and [Samuel] McDowell are remembered as commanding the force. He marched to within twelve miles of Richmond, and the force, without any thing remarkable occurring, was discharged at Deep Run Meeting-house [in the northwestern part of present Richmond]. The discharge was verbal. He was absent on this expedition about two weeks. His greatest distance from home on this expedition was about 140 [possibly 150] miles. He has no documentary evidence; and knows of no person whose testimony he can procure, who can testify to his service.
    That about the middle of August 1781 he was drafted as a militia man from the same
    county, under Capt. Charles Campbell, Lieut. Hamilton, and Ensign McClung, to march to the siege of York [28 Sep - 19 Oct 1781], to which point he was accordingly marched. Col. Lewis and Maj. McKhenny [McKenny?] were his field officers, or at least officiated in that capacity. He remained at York until about four days after the surrender, in charge of the prisoners, with whom he marched to Winchester Virginia. He was there again verbally discharged, and reached home about the 10th or 15th of November of the same year, to which he computes his service.
    He knows of no one unless it be one James McCrosky, who lived in Scott County when last heard from; but whether living or dead now he knows not. He has no documentary evidence.
    That he came to Mercer County, Kentucky, on the 21st of November, 1782, and on the
    next day, the 22nd, was drafted under Capt. James Ray & Lieut. Anthony Crockett to join the expedition under Gen. Clarke [sic: George Rogers Clark] to the head of the Big Miami [sic: Great Miami River], against the Indians. His Colonel was Benj. Logan and his Major was [illegible]. He marched to the Indian Towns near the head of that river. The force killed 7 or 8 Indians and having returned to the Ohio river was discharged verbally. He returned in about a month. He has no documentary evidence, and knows of no one, if his officers are dead, whose testimony he can procure, by whom he can prove his service.
    He hereby relinquishes every claim whatever to a pension or annuity, except the present, and declares that his name is not on the Pension Roll of the Agency of any State.
    Sworn to and subscribed the day and year aforesaid. [signed] Samuel McKee
    In answer to the interrogatories required by the War Department to be propounded to the s’d McKey, in open Court, the s’d. McKey says, in answer to the
    1 st. He was born in what was then Augusta County Va, but Rockbridge when he served, on the 3d of July, 1764 2nd. His mother had a record of his age, which he has seen since he was grown, but does not now know where it is.
    3d. He lived in the 3 first tours in Rockbridge Va. in Mercer county, Ky. then Lincoln in the 4th. He lived in Lincoln till 95 and in Clarke county, Ky. for about 10 years afterwards, and in Montgomery county, Ky. where he now lives, ever since.
    4th. Answered in the body of the declaration, to wit, on the two first as a volunteer, and on the two last drafted.
    5th. [several illegible words] [Gen. Baron] Steuben, Knox, Fayette [sic: Lafayette] are remembered besides The names of many officers are stated in the body of the declaration, together with the general circumstances of the service.

  3.   United States. 1840 U.S. Census Population Schedule.

    1840 U.S. Census Population Schedule
    Name: Samuel Mckee
    Home in 1840 (City, County, State): Montgomery, Kentucky
    Birth Year: abt 1764
    Age: 76
    Free White Persons - Males - 30 thru 39: 1
    Free White Persons - Males - 70 thru 79: 1
    Free White Persons - Females - 20 thru 29: 1
    Free White Persons - Females - 60 thru 69: 1
    Slaves - Males - 10 thru 23: 2
    Slaves - Males - 24 thru 35: 1
    Slaves - Males - 36 thru 54: 1
    Slaves - Females - 36 thru 54: 1
    Persons Employed in Agriculture: 9
    Free White Persons - 20 thru 49: 2
    Total Free White Persons: 4
    Total Slaves: 5
    Total All Persons - Free White, Free Colored, Slaves: 9