Person:Samuel Kerr (6)

Samuel Kerr
m. est. 1709-1711
  1. John KerrAbout 1710 - abt 1772
  2. Elizabeth Kerr1711-1717 - bef 1752
  3. Samuel Kerr1715-1723 - before 1790
  4. William Kerrbet 1716-1720 - 1784
  5. Andrew Kerr1718-1722 - 1782
  6. David Kerr1719 - 1804
  7. Eleanor Kerrabt 1720 - abt 1781
  8. Leticia Kerr1723/24 - 1775
  9. James Kerr1726 - 1811
m. Bef. 1741
  1. Samuel KerrAbt 1741 - 1781
  2. Agnes Kerr1742 -
  3. William Kerr1744 - 1835
  4. Lucia Kerr1747 -
Facts and Events
Name Samuel Kerr
Gender Male
Birth? 1715-1723
Marriage Bef. 1741 Lancaster County, Pennsylvania or Orange/Augusta County, Virginiato Margaret Unknown
Death? before 1790 probably Long Canes Settlement, Granville, SC

Samuel Kerr was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA


Samuel Kerr's land (just outside of Beverley Manor NE, 224 acres, 1756) as shown on the map meticulously drawn by J.R. Hildebrand, cartographer. This map is copyrighted©, used by permission of John Hildebrand, son of J.R. Hildebrand, April, 2009. (Note: the map depicted above shows an approximate location of Samuel Kerr's patent based upon the information listed in Chalkley's).

Acquisition of Land in Augusta County, VA:

Samuel Kerr acquired 224 acres on Big Meadow Run by patent, 16th August, 1756, Beverley Manor line, as listed in the disposition below:

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 68.--19th November, 1760. Samuel Carr (Kerr) and Margaret ( ) to James Hughes and Andrew Greer, £120, 224 acres on Big Meadow Run by patent, 16th August, 1756, Beverley Manor line.

Record of Samuel Kerr in Augusta County, VA

'From Chalkley's:'

  • MARCH 23, 1773. - (56) Samuel Kerr--no inhabitant.

Samuel probably moved to SC with his sons as it is possible that the Samuel Kerr who platted 100 acres in Oct 1762 on Long Cane Creek was this Samuel and not his son Samuel who married Mary Calhoun. There is a memorial for this land April 1, 1763, so the land was granted between Oct 1762 and April 1763. However there is another plat for 100 acres by Samuel Kerr Mar 6, 1767. Granted before a memorial for that land Aug 20, 1771.