Person:Samuel Hodge (9)

Samuel Hodge, of the Calfpasture, Augusta County, Virginia
b.Est. 1712-1717 prob. Ireland
d.Bef. 21 March 1775 Augusta County, Virginia
  • HSamuel Hodge, of the Calfpasture, Augusta County, VirginiaEst 1712-1717 - Bef 1775
  • WElizabeth UnknownEst 1715-1720 -
m. Est. 1735-1737
  1. Sarah Hodgeest 1725 - aft 1761
  2. Agness HodgeBef 1737 -
  3. Margaret Hodgeabt 1740 -
  4. Sarah Hodge1740-1756 -
  5. Catherine Hodge1740-1756 -
  6. John HodgeBET 1741 AND 1751 - 1797
  7. Eleanor Hodge1745-1760 - ABT 1824
  8. James Hodge1747 - 1809
  9. Elizabeth Hodgeabt 1749 - 1833
Facts and Events
Name Samuel Hodge, of the Calfpasture, Augusta County, Virginia
Gender Male
Birth? Est. 1712-1717 prob. Ireland
Marriage Est. 1735-1737 to Elizabeth Unknown
Death[1] Bef. 21 March 1775 Augusta County, Virginia

Samuel Hodge was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Orange County, VA Records:

  • Pages 134-137. Indenture 2 April 1745 between James Patton and John Lewis.. and Samuel Hodges.. deeds of Lease and Release.. for 449 acres lying on both sides of the Great River of the Calf Pasture.. bounded.. Robert Gaye's land.. John Miller's land.. Payment of £14.17.10 for release.. (signed) James Patton (Seal), John Lewis (Seal). Witnesses: James Carter, Robert (B) Bratton, Robt. Crockett. Recorded Orange County 25 July 1745. [Orange County Virginia Deed Book 10, Dorman, pg. 42].

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 875.—21st May, 1765. Robert Beverley to Samuel Hodge, £35, 700 acres patented to Wm. Beverley, 1743, and descended to Robert as eldest son and heir, on Great River of Calf Pasture; corner John Preston.

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 141.--21st August, 1765. Samuel Hodge and Elizabeth ( ) to William Kinkead, £20, 350 acres on Calfpasture, part of 700 acres patented to William Beverley, 13th August, 1743. Teste: Thos. Hugart. Delivered: Wm. Kinkead, July, 1769.
  • Page 123.--21st June, 1777. John Hodge to James Hodge. Whereas Samuel Hodge, late of Calfpasture, deceased, devised to his younger son. James Hodge, plantation Samuel lived on, and James is advised only a life estate passes passes; John, eldest son and heir of Samuel and brother to James, releases the reversion. Teste: Thomas Adams, Andrew Hamilton, Henry McDonnald, Elizabeth Adams.

Will of Samuel Hodge

  • Page 330.—4th May, 1773. Samuel Hodge's will, of the Calf Pasture— To wife, Elizabeth ; to daughter. Eleanor, unmarried; to son, John, plantation whereon John lives between Wm. Kinkead and James Gay; to son, James, testator's home plantation; to grandson, Saml. Hodge, "one certain ivory-headed cain"; to daughter. Sarah McDonal; to daughter, Agness Martin; to daughter, Margaret McElvain; to daughter, Cathereen Kelly; to daughter, Elizabeth McCutchen. Executors, wife Elizabeth and John Hodge. Teste: Francis McConnel, Henry McDonnal, Francis McDonnal. Proved, 21st March, 1775, by the McDonalds.

Records of Samuel Hodge in Augusta County, VA

  • Page 200.—9th November, 1749. Wm. Graham's appraisement, by Saml. Hodge, John Miller, Wm. Elliot.
  • Page 472.—20th December, 1752. William Jamison's will. Wife, Sarah, executrix. Eldest son, John; 237 acres on Jackson River. Sons, George and Andrew. Son, William. Teste: Saml. Hodge, Thos. Gillham. 21st March, 1753, proved by both witnesses, and Sarah qualified, with sureties David Dryden, Robert Armstrong.
  • Page 268.-- 1755. Page 165.-- Samuel Hodge and John Carlile, in Captain Robert Bratton's Company. James Stevenson and John Ward, in Captain James Lockridge's Company.
  • Page 317.—18th May, 1759. Thomas Fulton's estate settlement—Debts paid to Charles Goodall, Saml. Hodge, Robt. Gween, Thos. Weems, Hugh Young.
  • Page 251.--21st June, 1763. James Lockridge and Isabella ( ) to Moses McElvain, £60, on Great River, Calf Pasture between said Lockridges and Robert Givens' lands, 260 acres. Teste: Samuel Hodge. Delivered: Moses McElvain, April, 1770.

Possible Hodge relatives in Augusta County?:

  • Page 289.—26th February, 1750. Asabel Hodge's bond as administrator of John Hodge.
  • Page 424.—2d February, 1752. Elizabeth Hodge's will—(Executors live at groat distance, Gabriel Jones). Lands now in law with Asahel Hodge to be recovered; two youngest sons, Jonathan and Jacob; children, David (eldest); Elizabeth, Ruemia, Rachel, Hannah; eldest son, David, to be apprenticed to Thos. Rees, blacksmith; second son, Jonathan, to be apprenticed to Andrew Bird to learn trade of weaver; youngest son, Jacob, to be bound to Samuel Newman to do laboring work; daughter, Rachel, to be bound to Momas Looker; daughter, Hannah, to be bound to Wm. Draper. Teste: Wm. Draper, Edward Davis, Andrew Bird, Samuel Newman. Provd, 17th June, 1752, by witnesses, except Davis. Gabriel Jones refuses to execute, and administration granted Peter Scholl and Samuel Newman, with surety Thomas Looker.
  • Page 445.—2d June, 1775. Mathew Kinkead's will, farmer—To wife, Elizabeth; to daughters; to children, infants; to eldest son, David, the upper plantation; to son, John, the lower plantation, infant; to child wife now bears; to daughters, Elizabeth and Sarah, Mary Anne. Executors, wife and William McTeer. Teste: William Kinkead, John Hodge, Saml. Lockridge. Proved, 19th November, 1776, by Wm. Kinkead. 19th November, 1776 (?), further proved by John Hodge and Lockridge. Elizabeth qualifies.
  • Page 208.—William Tease's estate settled—1778, llth July, paid Frank Hodge, Geo. Sutherland , , paid Solomon Isril, George Holland, Jean Teas (daughter) ; , Mrs. Jean Tease to Mary Tease.
  1. Chalkley, - Augusta County, Virginia Court Abstracts.