Person:Samuel Gay (24)

Capt. Samuel Gay, of Beverley Manor, Augusta County, VA
b.BEF 1719
  • HCapt. Samuel Gay, of Beverley Manor, Augusta County, VABEF 1719 -
  • WMargaret Unknownbef 1723 - bef 1761
m. Bef. 1741
  1. Elizabeth GayABT 1741 -
  2. Rebecca GayABT 1742 -
  3. William GayABT 1746 -
Facts and Events
Name Capt. Samuel Gay, of Beverley Manor, Augusta County, VA
Gender Male
Birth? BEF 1719
Marriage Bef. 1741 to Margaret Unknown

Capt. Samuel Gay was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Advisory on Samuel Gay

NOTE: There is ANOTHER Samuel Gay, who lived on the Little Calfpasture in early Augusta County, Virginia that has been confused with this Samuel. There are many errors in research of the Gay family of Augusta County, Virginia. It is highly suggested that the following source be consulted before any changes are made to this family:

Gay Families of Augusta and Rockbridge Counties, Virginia Author(s): Robert H. Montgomery Source: The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. 59, No. 2 (Apr., 1951), pp. 195-215 Published by: Virginia Historical Society

Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA


Samuel Gay's land (Beverley Manor NE, 323 acres, 1739 & Dennis Byrne's 567 acre tract acquired from Thomas Chew in 1745) as shown on the map meticulously drawn by J.R. Hildebrand, cartographer. This map is copyrighted©, used by permission of John Hildebrand, son of J.R. Hildebrand, April, 2009.

Acquisition of Land from Orange County, VA records:

  • Pages 232-37. 4-5 June 1739. William Beverley, Gent. of Essex County to Samuell Guy of Orange County. Lease and release; for ₤9.13.10 current money. 323 acres in Beverley Manor on the branches of Shanandoro River... back line of the pattent of Beverley Manner... Geo. Robinson's corner on the river. (signed) W. Beverley. Wit: James Porteus, Thos. Wood, John Latham. 28 June 1739. Proved by James Porteus, Thos. Wood and John Latham. [Relinquishment of dower as above, Beverley to Smith]. [Orange County Virginia Deed Book 3, Dorman, pg. 16].
  • Pg. 190-193. Indenture between Thomas Chew of Parish of St. Thomas, county of Orange, Gent., and Samuel Gay, county of Augusta, Gent., for five shillings.. sells 567 acres in Beverley Mannor.. beginning.. corner to Robert Turk.. Finley's line.. Samuel Gay's.. Home's line.. Robt. Turk's line.... (signed) Thomas Chew. Witnesses: Robt. Slaughter, William Waller, James Porteus. £30 paid in full consideration. Recorded Orange County 27 July 1745. [Orange County Virginia Deed Book 10, Dorman, pg. 46]. (Note: this tract was originally patented to Dennis Byrne and sold to Thomas Chew on 26 March 1742).

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 459.--5th October, 1747. £91.5.0. Samuel Gay to Israel Christian. 323 acres on branches of Shanado River; corner to George Robinson; line of Beverley Manor. Teste: James Patton, John Graham, Chas. Dalhouse. Acknowledged, 17th February, 1747.
  • Page 475.--16th February, 1747. £40 and divers other good considerations. Samuel Gay to Wm. Bell, Jr., and David Bell, planters, 567 acres in Beverley Manor; corner to Robt. Turk and lot No. 1; corner to Finley; corner to Samuel Gay; corner to George Homes; to Robert Turk's line. Teste: None. Acknowledged by Samuel, 16th March, 1747, and dower released by Margaret, his wife. (Note: the description above confirms that this 567-acre tract was originally granted to Dennis Byrne in 1740, as it adjoined a corner of Robert Turks tract (to the northeast), adjoined a corner of Samuel Gay's 323-acre tract acquired in 1739, and adjoined George Hume's tract, to the east).

Records of Samuel Gay in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's:

  • Vol. 1 - FEBRUARY, 1745, To MARCH, 1746. - Thomas McCune vs. Samuel Gay and Robert Turk.--Plaintiff of Salisbury Township, Lancaster County, Pa. Defendants of Augusta County. Bond dated 4th December, 1744.
  • Vol. 1 - February 10, 1745/6. - (5) Petn. Samuel Wallace--Road ordered from William King's to the C. H. (Court House?), thence to Samuel Gay's.--Wm. King, Morrice Ofrield and John Trimble to lay off 1st part.--Wm. Hutcheson and James Trimble, the residue.
  • Page 182.--18th February, 1746. James Davice to James Campbell, £64 current money Virginia; 670 acres in B. M. deed to Davice by Beverley, 21st February, 1738. James ( ) Davis. Witnesses, Samuel Gay, Wm. Henderson. Acknowledged, 19th February, 1746.
  • Vol. 1 - JULY 16, 1746. (68) New Court--Commission dated 13 June, 1746: James Patton, George Robinson, Robert Cunningham, James Montgomery, Wm. Jameson, Saml. Gay, John Lewis, Peter Scholl, John Wilson, Silas Hart, Richard Burton, Wm. Thompson, John Buchanan, James Bell, Thomas Lewis, Henry Downs, John Christian.
  • Page 213.--20th November, 1746. James Davis (Device) to John Black, £_____ current money Virginia; 375 acres in Beverley Manor sold by George Home, of Orange County, to Gibbins Jennings, of Shanando. 14th March, 1740, and recorded in Orange, and afterwards sold at auction by Richard Winslow to satisfy execution vs. Gibbins Jennings; on 21st March, 1742, to satisfy Isaac Smith. Deed by Winslow to Davis in Orange, 24th June, 1743; on South River Shanando in Robert Turk's line; Samuel Gay's line; Beverley Manor line.--James S. Davis. Witnesses, Thos. Lewis, Wm. Wright, Plineeas Griffiths. Acknowledged, 21st May, 1747.
  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST 21, 1747. - (257) Andrew Campbell complained that Saml. Gay has abused him and threatened to put him in the stocks and whip him. Saml. acknowledges his fault and is discharged.
  • Vol. 1 - FEBRUARY 17, 1748. - (86) William Elliott intends to leave the Colony; John Ramsey intends to leave the Colony; Philip Walker intends to leave the Colony; Thomas Thompson intends to leave the Colony; Saml. Gay intends to leave the Colony; James Gay intends to leave the Colony. (87) Robert Gay intends to leave the Colony.
  • Vol. 1 - FEBRUARY 18, 1747/8. - (345) Ro. Cunningham complains that Samuel Gay has indulged Utis Perkins in several things after he had apprehended him; ordered under bond; John and Wm. Anderson securities.
  • Vol. 1 - MARCH 18, 1747/8. - (364) Saml. Gay acquitted of charge above concerning Ute Perkins.
  • Vol. 1 - MAY 26, 1748. - Page (43) Samuel Gay, justice of this County, now removed to Carolina. (Note: this record shows that Samuel Gay had migrated to "Carolina", by abt. 1748, as he had sold both of his tracts in Beverley Manor by then).
  • Page 673.--28th February, 1749. Same (From William Beverley) to Charles Dalhouse, 414 acres in Beverley Manor. Samuel Gay's corner; James McClure's line; corner George Robinson. Teste: Francis Beaty, Thomas Stewart.
  • Page 246.--21st April, 1749. William Beverley to James Patton and other justices, John Lewis, John Buchanan, George Robinson, Peter Scholl, James Bell, Robert Campbell, Robert Cunningham, John Wilson, Thomas Lewis, James Mountgomerv, Silas Hart. Henry Downs, William Jameson, Rich. Burton, John Christian, Samuel Gay, William Thompson. Courthouse. 25 acres.
  • Page 2.--August, 1754. William Bell, Jr., and David Bell to Saml. Givens, £80, 283 acres conveyed to grantors by Saml. Gay, 16th February, 1747, in Beverley Manor; corner Ro. Patrick; corner Finla.
  • Page 453.--20th November, 1754. Wm. Bell, Jr and David Bell to Ro. Patrick £30, 283 acres, part of a tract conveyed by Samuel Gay to William and David. 16th February, 1747, in Beverley Manor; corner said Patrick; corner Samuel Givens, Finley's land; corner John Ramsey; corner Black's land. Teste: William and Zachanah Bell.
  • Page 426.--29th July, 1767. Charles Patrick and Mary, of Albemarle, to John Patrick. Whereas Robert Patrick by will, 10th August, 1761, devised to sons Charles and John 720 acres and Charles and John agreed to divide said land by deed of partition, 16th November, 1762, and recorded in Augusta, viz, John to have tract 283 acres formerly conveyed to Robert by Wm. and David Bell, 20th August, 1754, and to Wm. and David by Samuel Gay, 21st February, 1747; also the land on North of South River whereon said Robert lately dwelt, &c., &c., £200, all the land on south side of the river above.

General Information on Samuel Gay

From "Papers read before the Lancaster County Historical Society, Volume 25", by Lancaster County Historical Society:

Samuel Gay and Robert Turk, probably resided in Lancaster, Pa., on December 4, 1744. They gave their bond to James McCune, of Salisbury Township in that county. The obligors of this bond removed to Augusta County, Va., prior to 1750. and members of the McCune family also came to Augusta. The bond also appears in the papers. (C. P. No. 1.)

Source: Gay Families of Augusta and Rockbridge Counties, Virginia Author(s): Robert H. Montgomery Source: The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. 59, No. 2 (Apr., 1951), pp. 195-215 Published by: Virginia Historical Society

(I) Captain Samuel Gay was the grantee in 1739, William Beverley, grantor, of 323 acres on the branches of the Shanando (Shenandoah) River (Orange Deeds 3:232), and of an adjoining parcel of 567 acres, also in Beverley Manor, by grant of Thomas Chew, July 26, 1745. (Chalkley, II, 41). These parcels were on South River Shenando, not very near to the Pastures, and the bounds used in the various conveyances above men- tioned are not Pasture names or places, being Finley, George Home, Robert Turk, George Robinson, Beverley Manor line, and back line of the Beverley patent. The 323-acre parcel was conveyed by Samuel to Israel Christian October 5, 1747 (Augusta Deeds I:458), and the 567 acres to William Bell and David Bell, February 16, 1747-8 (id., 1:474). See Chalkley, II, 4I, 269, III, 259.

A survey in Augusta had been made for Sam'l Gay on May 17, 1738. On the same day other surveys were made for Joseph Tees, George Rob- inson, John Hart and Robert Turk (Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. 8, 33I-2; see Chalkley, II, 373). 

Capt. Samuel Gay qualified as a captain of militia June 24, I742, and his company is mentioned December i a, 1745. He was a constable in 1744 (Morton, Rockbridge, 54I). He was commissioned a justice for the new court for Augusta County July i6, 1746, and was a grantee as a justice of the court house lot April 2I, I 749. This last date is confusing because there is an official item "Samuel Gay a justice of the county now removed to Carolina" dated May 26, I748, but of course the deed may have been pre- pared sometime in advance of delivery (Waddell, p. 43; Chalkley, II, 507, I3; I, I9, 36, 37; III, 273).

Capt. Samuel Gay was a litigant several times. In February-March, 1745-6 there was a judgment in Thomas McCune v. Samuel Gay and Robert Turk. The plaintiff was of Salisbury Twp., Lancaster Co., Pennsyl- vania, and the suit was on a bond dated 4 December 1744 (Chalkley, I, p. 292. Salisbury is the township next to Sadsbury, and we may infer that Samuel came from there or near there and was related in some degree to John Gay of Sadsbury.

In the deed of Feb. i6, 1747-8, Margaret, wife of Samuel released dower, Augusta Deeds I: 474. In a list of baptisms by Rev. John Craig, Augusta County, Virginia, 740-1749, published by L. B. Hatke, Staunton, Virginia, and also printed in Maxwell History and Genealogy, Indianapolis, I9I6, at page 575, we find:
1741, April - Samuel Gay presented Elizabeth
1742, September - Samuel Gay presented Rebecca 
1746, August - Samuel Gay presented William