Person:Samuel Finley (27)

Samuel Finley
m. 29 Nov 1772
  1. William Finley1773 - 1847
  2. Samuel Finley1775 - 1849
  3. Maj. John Finley, of North Carolina1778 - 1865
  4. Mary "Polly" Finley1778 - 1804
  5. Michael Finley, Jr.1783 - 1823
m. 22 Sep 1796
  1. Jane Tate Finley1797 - 1854
Facts and Events
Name Samuel Finley
Gender Male
Birth[1] 9 June 1775 Chester County, Pennsylvania
Marriage 22 Sep 1796 Augusta County, Virginiato Mary "Polly" Tate
Death[1] 5 May 1849 Greenville, Augusta County, Virginia
Burial[1] 1849 Bethel Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Middlebrook, Augusta County, Virginia, USA

Samuel Finley was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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NOT to be confused with Samuel Steele Finley (1769-1833) of Augusta County, Virginia and Scott County, Kentucky. Many researchers have confused the two Samuel Finley's.

Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's Augusta County Records:

  • 1794-Marriage Bond in Augusta County - April 1, William Frazer and Saml. Finley, surety. William Fraser and Jean Finely, daughter of John Finly (consent). Teste: Saml. Finly, John McClure.
  • 1796-Marriage Bond in Augusta County -September 20, Saml. Finley and John Tate, surety. Saml. Finley and Mary Tate, daughter of John Tate.
  • 1801-Marriage Bond in Augusta County -June 15, Wm. Finley and Samuel Finley, surety. Wm. Finley and Sally Ramsey, daughter of Andrew Ramsey (consent). Teste: Wm. and Chas. Patrick. Saml. and Wm. Finley are cousins, and Wm. is of age.
  • 1802-Marriage Bond in Augusta County -January 18, James Shannon and Saml. Finley, surety. James Shannon and Anne Finley, daughter of John Finley, who consents. Anne is of age.
  • Vol. 2 - Finley vs. Tate--O. S. 280; N. S. 99--Bill by Samuel Finley and Mary, his wife, daughter of John Tate, who died December, 1802, testate. John's son, Isaac, removed to Kentucky. John at death left following children, viz: Oratrix Mary (married at that time). Nancy also married then to Adam McChesney, Ellen, Drusilla, Jane, Elizabeth, Clorinda, one other daughter and two sons, all since dead under age, unmarried and intestate. Nancy McChesney died soon after her father, leaving an only child, Jane Eliza McChesney. Her husband, Adam McChesney, has also died, leaving Jane Eliza his only heir and infant. Ellen is now wife of John Finley of North Carolina. Drusilla has married John D. Ewin of Rockbridge. Jane has married Jacob Vanlear of Augusta. Elizabeth and Clorinda are unmarried (latter is infant).
  • Vol. 2 - Tate's heirs vs. Tate's executors--O. S. 144; N. S. 50--Bill, 28th July, 1803. Complainants are, viz: Thomas, John, Isaac, Mary Tate, Andrew Steel and Elizabeth, his wife, and Sarah Tate. In 17__ a contract was made between John Tate, father of Thomas, of one part and Thomas and his brother, James Tate (deceased), of other part, by which Thomas and James were to assist in building a mill. John, Isaac, Mary, Elizabeth and Sarah are children and legal representatives of James (or John?). John died testate, devising part of mill to his son John, part to orator Thomas, and remainder to orators John and Isaac. James Tate died 178_ testate. John Tate, Jr., lately died testate. Suit against executor of John Tate, Sr., and of John Tate, Jr., for accounting. Thomas Tate removed to Holston. Answer 1804 by Jane Tate, widow and executrix of John Tate, Jr., and by Samuel Finley, who married Polly Tate, daughter of said John. Jane married John about 1774. Samuel married Polly about 1796-1797. John Tate, Sr., died March, 1801. Deposition 23d July, 1804, of Hugh Fulton in Flemingsburg, Ky. Hugh did not marry the widow of James Tate. Charles Tate deposes in Washington County, 9th March, 1805: Is son of Thomas Tate and grandson of John. Nancy Tate deposes ditto, is daughter-in-law of John Tate. James Tate was killed at Battle of Guilford, 1781. Hugh Fulton, Sr., deposes in Augusta, aged 77 years. The contract about mill was made prior to 1774. Alexander Hall deposes ditto, was brother of James Tate's wife. William Tate deposes 27th June, 1804, in Washington County, brother of Thomas and James. William moved from Augusta in 1782-83. Alexander Stuart deposes 28th January, 1804, in Augusta, aged 70. James Tate died 1780. His wife, Sarah, married Hugh Fulton in 1785, and they moved to Kentucky about 1781. Peter Alexander deposes 25th October, 1805, in Woodford County, Kentucky.
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    The above data was recorded on 11 August 1936 by the Work Progress Administration by Scioto M. Herndon. It is now available on the site at the Library of Virginia.

    It adds: consort (spouse) of Mary Finley,
    aged 73 years 10 months and 26 days. It notes it is a flat stone.

    His kin notes that:

    Birth June 9, 1775 Pennsylvania
    Death Greenville, Augusta County, VA

    Samuel Finley was son of Michael Finley and Mary Waugh Finley. He married Mary Tate and was a merchant in Greenville, Va

    Image:Samuel Finley Mary Tate Gravestone.jpg

  2.   United States. 1820 U.S. Census Population Schedule. (National Archives Microfilm Publication M33).

    Name: Samuel Finley
    Home in 1820 (City, County, State): Greenville, Augusta, Virginia
    Enumeration Date: August 7, 1820
    Free White Persons - Males - Under 10: 1 [b. bet. 1809-1820]
    Free White Persons - Males - 10 thru 15: 2 [b. bet. 1805-1810]
    Free White Persons - Males - 16 thru 25: 1 [b. bet. 1795-1804]
    Free White Persons - Males - 45 and over: 1 [b. 1775 or before]
    Free White Persons - Females - Under 10: 1 [b. bet. 1809-1820]
    Free White Persons - Females - 10 thru 15: 1 [b. bet. 1805-1810]
    Free White Persons - Females - 16 thru 25: 2 [b. bet. 1795-1804]
    Slaves - Males - Under 14: 3
    Slaves - Males - 14 thru 25: 2
    Slaves - Males - 26 thru 44: 2
    Slaves - Females - Under 14: 4
    Slaves - Females - 14 thru 25: 2
    Slaves - Females - 26 thru 44: 1
    Number of Persons - Engaged in Agriculture: 7
    Free White Persons - Under 16: 5
    Free White Persons - Over 25: 1
    Total Free White Persons: 9
    Total Slaves: 14
    Total All Persons - White, Slaves, Colored, Other: 23

    [Note: Wife Mary is missing from this census (likely died?]

  3.   United States. 1840 U.S. Census Population Schedule. (National Archives Microfilm Publication M704).

    Name: Samuel Finley
    Home in 1840 (City, County, State): Augusta, Virginia
    Free White Persons - Males - 60 thru 69: 1 [b. bet. 1771-1780]
    Slaves - Males - Under 10: 2
    Slaves - Males - 10 thru 23: 1
    Slaves - Females - Under 10: 1
    Slaves - Females - 36 thru 54: 1
    Total Free White Persons: 1
    Total Slaves: 5
    Total All Persons - Free White, Free Colored, Slaves: 6

    [Note: Mary is also not listed in this census]