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Samuel Cowan
b.abt. 1769
  1. Robert Cowanest 1765 -
  2. John Cowan1768 - 1806
  3. Jane Cowan1768-1778 -
  4. Samuel Cowanabt 1769 - 1832
  5. Ann Cowanabt 1771 - abt 1823
  6. Sally Cowanabt 1775 -
  7. James Cowan1775 -
  8. Martha Cowanabt 1777 -
  9. Mary Cowanabt 1779 -
  10. Andrew M. Cowanabt 1781 - bef 1850
  11. William Cowan
  12. David Cowan
  • HSamuel Cowanabt 1769 - 1832
  • WMary Walker1778 - 1859
m. 5 Nov 1804
  1. Cornelius R. Cowan1805 -
  2. Newton Cowan1807 -
  3. Mary Cowan1809 -
  4. William Cowan
  5. Minerva Cowan1813 -
  6. John F Cowan1813 -
  7. Amey Cowan1818 -
  8. Eliza Rachel Cowan1824 -
  9. Samuel F Cowan1827 -
  10. Mary J. Cowan1829 -
Facts and Events
Name Samuel Cowan
Gender Male
Birth? abt. 1769
Marriage 5 Nov 1804 to Mary Walker
Death[1] 27 July 1832 Campbell County, Tennessee, United States


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1. The maiden name of Mary, wife of Samuel Cowan, is commonly given as "Walker". Direct evidence that this was indeed her maiden name is lacking.

2. It is unusual that "Mary Walker" is given as the name of both Samuel's mother, and of his wife. His wife Mary is sometimes identified as having been previously married to a Rogers. Evidence for this is the frequent use of "Rogers" in her children's names. Direct evidence for this marriage is needed.

3. The family bible record gives Samuel's marriage as occurring in 1805. Several of the DOB's for children in the bible predate that marriage date. Hiram Rogers born in 1799, and Lasson (Lawson?) Rogers born 1801, are both shown with the name of Rogers, and are not shown as "Cowans". Other children born after their marriage are shown in this bible record as "Cowans". This suggests that the father of the first two children were indeed a "Rogers". Evidence to confirm or deny this is needed.

4. Son Cornelius R. Cowan was born in Augusta 1805, more than nine months after the marriage of Samuel and Mary. If the "R" also stands for "Rogers", it would seem likely that Mary's maiden name was Rogers, and that she was not previously married. This may also indicate that her first two children were born prior to Samuel and Mary's marriage, and that they lived as common law man and wife. That suggests that there may have been no previous marriage. Alternatively, it may also indicate that she bore the first two children out of wedlock to an unidentified man, and gave her own maiden name to the children. More evidence is needed to evaluate this.


Campbell county court records, Estate Book, 1806-1841

Will of Samuel Cowan dated 19 March 1832, probated 10 Sep 1832 Wife's name not given
Children identified as

John F.

Inventory entered 10 Sep 1832 Mary Cowan identified as guardian of Eliza Cowan minor heir of Samuel Cowan, 5 April 1839

Bible Record

Bible Record

Issues:This bible record gives evidence of being developed "after the fact." It may have been initially started by Samuel or his wife, but there is evidence of insertions/corrections at a latter date. As such, the record may reflect what others believed to be true, rather than what Samuel and Mary would have known to true. Which is to say, the record can not be fully relied upon as an original source document.
Intermediate Source: Rootsweb extracted 22 Feb 2014
Original Source: Typed transcript of Samuel Cowan Bible taken from the files of Elizabeth Kincaid Teasley of Denton, TX, in 1997.

Originally copied by Olivia P. Brisbin 7 December 1966 Lansing, Michigan Bible was in the possession of Thomas Allison Riegel, 2004 Sunnyside, Lansing Michigan, a great-great-great grandson of Samuel Cowan. Title Page, preceding the New Testament opposite Page 834, shows that the Bible was Printed and Published by M. Carey, No. 121,Mt Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, in 1815.

On one of the back boards is written: " Samuel Cowan his Book price $5 Bought at knoxville January 25 181_ (illegible) "
On the margin of page 681 is written "Samuel Cowans Book Price $5.00"
The page containing Marriages on one side and births on the other side, has been torn and patched together again with scotch tape.
The writing is quite legible but in certain spots the ink is beginning to fade.


Samuel Cowan was married November the The 5 in the year 1804
Hiram Rogers was married March the 19th 1818
Lasson Rogers marriedied June 16, 1829
Cornelius R. Cowan married March the 29,1827
Newton Cowan Married February the 4 1827
Mary Cowan married August the 4 1827
Minerva Cowan was married Febuary the 24 1832
Wm Cowan married the __ day of 183_ (other dates not filled in)
John F. Cowan married the __ day of 183_ "
T H C Mode was married Febuary the 4_ in the year 1843 to Eliza Carr his wife


Samuel Cowan born Saturday April the 1 in the year 1775
Mary Cowan was born Wedneaday Febuary the 11 in the year 1778
Hiram Rogers born Tuesday December 2@ in the year 1799
Lasson Rogers Born Thursday December 17 in the year 1801
Cornelius R. Cowan Born Sunday August 11 in the year 1805
Newton Cowan born Friday March 6 in the year 1807
Mary Cowan born Saturday Fabuary the 21 in the year 1809
William Cowan born Sunday 14 March 24 __ (page torn-date missing)
Minervy Cowan born Saturday Jenuary the 8 1813
John F Cowan born Monday July the 8th 1815
Amey Cowan born Wednesday April ---- (Torn) 1818
Eliza Rachel born Wednesday November 12th day 1824

Below this entry, in different writing is

Eliza R. Cowan was born November the 12 day 1822 with several lines drawn through the 1822)
Samuel F. Cowan was born Thursday the 6 of December 1827
Mary J. Cowan was born Tuesday the 4 (or 11) of August 1829


Amey Cowan died Wednesday July the 8th 1818 aged 3 months
Amey Kellum deceast January the 29 day 1819 aged 80 years (b. 1739)
Samuel Cowan died Friday July the 27th, 1832 age 57 Years
Eliza Moade died November the 23rd 1848
Mary Cowan deceast May the 25th 1859 Aged 81 years


The following suggests that Mary remained in Tennessee until some date prior to the 15th of January, 1846

Deed, Campbell Co TN.; Deed Book K; p. 15
15 Jan 1846

Thomas Moad & Eliza R. Moad his wife of Decalb Co, MO, to John Kincaid … for $300 paid by Benjamin F. Kincaid, agent for John Kincaid … our sole and intire intrust in land beginning at the head of the spring near the dwelling house where the widow Cowan lived before leaving Tennessee, thence an East course to a rock near smokehouse, thenc an east courst still to a walnut sprout at the cross fince, then a north course to the grant line, thance along the grant line or upper line to George Petrees line, thence a south course along Petrees line to the spring branch below the springs, thence up the branch to the beginning, containing about 80 ac.

T.M.C. Moad
Eliza R. Moad

15 Jan 1846 Proved by Thomas and Eliza R. Moad, she examined privately
Elias Parrett, Presiding Judge
16 Jan 1846 Clerk certified that Elias Parrett is a justice of the County Court

John F. Doherty, Clerk
By G.M.Arrington, Dep.
6 May 1846 Registered
  1. .

    Family Bible record, shown below