Person:Samuel Cargo (6)

Samuel Cargo
d.September 1791
Facts and Events
Name Samuel Cargo
Gender Male
Birth? 1760 RIN: MH:IF300
Marriage bef. 1788 prob. VirginiaRIN: MH:FF61
to Margaret 'Peggy' Gibson
Death? September 1791 RIN: MH:IF301
Occupation? merchant RIN: MH:IF1037

Samuel Cargo was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records of Samuel Cargo in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 1 - SEPTEMBER 19, 1786. - (169) Following officers of militia recommended: Robert Gamble, as Lieutenant Colonel; William Hinds, as Captain; John Hogshead and David Parry, as Lieutenants; Jacob Perey and Samuel Cargo, as Ensigns; and for a light company to the First Regiment--Alexander Gibson, as Captain; John Poage, Jr., as Lieutenant; James Steel, as Ensign; for a light company to the Second Regiment--John Lewis, as Captain; Charles Donally, as Lieutenant, John McCreery, Jr., Ensign.
  • Vol. 2 - Page 208--Alexander G. Trimble and Editha Trimble, infant, by Alex. G., her brother and next friend, vs. Silas H. Smith and Saml. A. Cargo. In 1804 Alex. Gibson, of Augusta, died, owning 512 acres near Staunton, testate, devising to nephew, Daniel Gibson or Samuel A. Cargo and Elizabeth, who were children of Alexander's sister. Daniel died two or three years ago. Daniel had married Jane Calvert, by whom he had one and possibly more children, but none survived him. Elizabeth Cargo married John Trimble and removed to West, and orator and oratrix are their children and are entitled to the limitations to their mother. At time of Daniel's death orators lived in Mississippi. Saml. A. Cargo lives in Alabama. (Note: Samuel Alexander Cargo and Elizabeth Cargo were children of this Samuel Cargo).
  • Vol. 1 - Package marked "Promiscuous Papers--Federal Court."--Trimble vs. Cargo--Bill filed 23d June, 1831, addressed to Hon. Alexander Caldwell, Judge of the U. S. Court holden at Staunton. By Alex. G. Trimble and ____ Trimble, infant, by Alex. G. Cargo, her next friend, lawful issue and heirs of Elizabeth Trimble, formerly Elizabeth Cargo: That about 1804 Alex. Gibson, uncle of Elizabeth Cargo, died testate, will recorded in District Court devising to his nephew, Daniel Gibson, but if he died without issue, then to Samuel Alex. Cargo and Elizabeth Cargo, children of Alexander's sister. Daniel took possession of 520 acres about two miles southeast of Staunton. Daniel has died, leaving no legal issue. Shortly after Alexander's death complainant's mother, Elizabeth, married ____ Trimble and removed to Tennessee, and subsequently to Mississippi, where she died, leaving husband and complainants--husband is since dead. Samuel A. Cargo, nephew of Alex. Gibson, and co-devisee of complainant's mother, still lives, in Alabama. Samuel A. Cargo sold the land to Silas H. Smith. It was found in a former suit that Elizabeth Trimble had died without heirs. Prayer for partition. (Note: Samuel Alexander Cargo and Elizabeth Cargo were children of this Samuel Cargo).

Land Acquisition in Wilkes County, Georgia

  • 19 Aug 1788 - Powell, Richard to Samuel Cargo, both of Abbeville County, South Carolina, 600 acres in Wilkes County adj. Richard Hewbank, Joseph Wilson and Benj. Knox, orig. grant 1788 to said Powell. Wm. Huggins, Jr., James Gowdy (?), Test. [Wilkes County Deed Bk DD pg 148]

Information on Samuel Cargo

Cargo Kin Bonnie C. Segui (View posts) Posted: 20 Aug 1999 8:57PM GMT

I have a Samuel Cargo in my family; however, I find him in Virginia, Augusta Co, about 1785. From there he went to Abbeville, SC where he died about 1791-92. His son, also Samuel Alexander Cargo, is the original settler into Blount Co, AL about 1819. The Samuel and the four brothers that you mention came much, much later. My younger Samuel and family left VA for Blount Co, TN about 1806, then on to Alabama 1819. I do remember seeing a "Hugh Cargo" in Blount Co, TN at the time my Cargo family was there.

Wish we could unravel this family as I have never been able to learn anything about my elder Samuel Cargo. Have no idea where he came from, but he just seems to appear in Augusta Co, VA.

The names you mentioned in your first query are names that I have in my grandmother's family here in Alabama. Hope you can find some connection in your files.

Thanks, Bonnie


Subject: Cargo Family Author: Bonnie C. Segui Date: Saturday, August 21, 1999 Classification: Surnames:

Hello Darrell. I have no idea who this Greenberry Nelson is. I would assume he is some kin, but can't figure it out yet. Yes, this Samuel Cargo (my ggg grandfather) was born in SC. His parents came out of Augusta Co, VA and were only in SC for a short time. His father (also a Samuel Cargo) was a merchant at Cambridge (Old 96). He died near Abbeville, SC ca 1791-92, and his wife returned with two children to Augusta, VA.

Is this Cargo family related to you?

RIN: MH:I145

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