Person:Sampson Sawyers (2)

Sampson Sawyers
m. est. 1742
  1. Sampson SawyersEst 1742 - 1817
  2. Col. John Sawyers1745 - 1831
  3. James Sawyers, Jr.1748 - 1782
  4. Rachel Sawyers1750 - 1821
  5. Rebecca "Rebecka" Sawyers
m. 17 November 1759
  1. John SawyersAbt 1764 -
  2. George M. SawyersAbt 1765 -
  3. James Henry Sawyers1766 - 1836
  4. Rachel Sawyers1767 - 1852
  5. Thomas Sawyers1772 - 1863
  6. William SawyersBet 1773 & 1778 -
  7. Sampson Sawyers, Jr.Bet 1773 & 1778 - Aft 1820
m. 22 NOV 1790
  1. Andrew SawyersBet 1791 & 1792 - 1870
  2. Rebecca SawyersAft 1792 -
  3. Matthew SawyersAft 1792 -
  4. Archibald 'Archer' SawyersAbt 1805 - Aft 1880
  5. Alexander Brown Sawyers1807 -
Facts and Events
Name Sampson Sawyers
Gender Male
Birth? est. 1742 prob. Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
Marriage 17 November 1759 Augusta County, Virginiato Agnes Unknown
Marriage 22 NOV 1790 Augusta County, Virginiato Mary McCausland
Death? October 1817 Botetourt County, Virginia

Sampson Sawyers was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 405.--17th October, 1765. James Sawyers (Sayers) and Rachel ( ) to Sampson Sawyers, £100, 355 acres; corner Robert Rennick; corner one Crawford's land.

Will of Sampson Sawyers

Last Will and Testament of Sampson Sawyers:
I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife Mary one more over her thirds, I also give and Bequeath unto the children I have by my last wife Mary all my Estate both real and personal after the payment of all my Just debts my wish is that the lands Shall be Equally Divided amongst them Andrew Sawyers, Matthew Sawyers, Rebecah Sawyers, Alexander Sawyers and Archer Sawyers and the property ____wise only, with this Exception, I give and Bequeath unto my second son Matthew one horse over his part, of the property.
I also give and Bequeath unto my Daughter Rebecah one more over her Equal part of the property and I also give unto my youngest son one horse and two pounds over his Equal Divide of the property and the children I had by my first wife unto James Sawyers I give and Bequeath the Sum of five shillings, unto John Sawyers the sum of five shillings, unto George Sawyers the sum of five shillings, unto Thomas Sawyers the sum of five shillings.
And unto Rachel Wright the sum of five shillings, and unto Sampson Sawyers the sum of five shillings and Wm Sawyers the sum of five shillings.
Unto the __ my first set of children by my first wife as I had gave them their parts Before & Betty & child.
I Reserve to myself the rest to be divided by my Executors as above mentioned for them & their heirs forever & I do hereby nominate & appoint My friend Sa___ Brown & Andrew Sawyers & Matthew Sawyers my two Eldest Sons to Executors of this my last will and testament, hereby Revoking and Making void all other wills heretofore by me made & acknowledging I have hereunto Set my hand & Seal this Eightteenth day of March, Eighteen Hundred and Fifhteen;
(Signed) Sampson Sawyers Senr.
Signed, Sealed & ________ in the presents attended by
David Holley
William Sawyers
David ____

Information on Sampson Sawyers

From "":

  • Sampson served in the Battle of Point Pleasant. He owned 355 acres corner of Robert Renick corner of Crawford land.
  • Vol. 2 - Marriage Bond in Augusta County, 17 Nov 1790: Sampson Sawyers and Mary McCaslin, daughter of John McCaslin (consent); witness, James Crow; surety, James Crow of Botetourt Co. VA
  • Vol. 2 - Page 351 - Marriage in Augusta County; Nov 22nd 1790, married by Rev. Jno. Montgomery, Sampson Sawyers and Mary McCaslin.
  • Sampson Sawyers applied for a marriage license in Nov, 1799, Augusta Co. VA (it does not say who he was to marry)-Name given as Sampson Sayers (Chalkey's, page 276, Vol. 2)
  • Sampson Sawyer's will proved 4 September, 1833, Alleghaney Co. VA,
  • "Chalkey's Scotch-Irish in Virginia": Vol. 1, page 174: Aug 19, 1773: (164) Thomas Acton-Runaway servant of Sampson Sawyers.
  • Vol. 1, page 212: Feb 18, 1780: (186) Called court on Violet, a negro slave of Sampson Sawyers for feloniously burning her master's dwelling house on the night of the 4th inst. Guilty--to be hanged by the neck, &c, on the 4th of March next at or near the town of Staunton at 12 o'clock noon, and after she is cut down, that her head be severed from her body by the neck and stuck upon a pole in the public place near Staunton. Adjudged Value, L1,800.
  • Vol. 2, page 245: Sawyers vs. Sawyers--O.S. 337; N.S. 122--Bill, 1822, by Andrew Sawyers, executor of Sampson Sawyers, who died 1817, testate. In 1820 William Sawyers, one of the sons of Sampson by the first marriage, who lives in Alabama, claimed his share of the estate. In 1805 William was living in Tennessee.
  • & Letter from Jas. Sawyers to William Sawyers, Allegheny County, Covington, Dunlaps' Creek, VA., postmarked Springfield, I., 22nd July; Robertson County, Sulphur Fork, 21st July, 1822. Dear Brother-------Brother Andrew, brother George. Your affectionate brother, Jas. Sawyers
  • Vol. 2, page 429: 1781 Titables, William McPheeters List: Sampson Sawyers
  • Vol. 3, page 437: 17th Oct, 1765. James Sawyers (Sayers) and Rachel to Sampson Sawyers, L100, 355 acres; corner Robert Rennick; corner one Crawford's land.
  • Vol. 3, page 169: 30th Oct, 1781--Francis Gardner, Sr's will--To wife Esther; to grandson, Francis Gardner; to grandson, Samuel Gardner. Executors: William and James Bell. Teste: Sampson Sawyers. Wm Sterrett. Wm Burgess. Proved, 19th Dec 1781, by Sterrett. Executors qualify. (Augusta Co. VA)
  • Vol. 3, page 188: 19th Jan, 1790. James Sawyer's will--To son, Sampson Sawyers, 5 shillings; to son James, 5 shillings; to son John, 5 shillings; to daughter Rachel Crawford, 5 shillings; to daughter Rebecca Sawyers, executrix, all property. Teste: Wm. Sterrett, Wm Armstrong, Wm Edmondson, Thos. Sawyers. Proved, 15th June 1790, by Sterrett, Armstrong, Edmondson. Executrix qualifies.
  • 1 May, 1780 - Cumberland Compact; Original manuscript adopted at Nashborough, TN, 1 May 1780 - (Document located at State Archives, Nashville, TN) Article of Agreement, or Compact of Government, entered into by settlers on the Cumberland River, 1st May 1780; One of the signers was Sampson Sawyers.
  • 1794 Botetourt Co. VA Personal Property Tax List, First District:
Sawyers, Sampson: 1 white male over 16, 5 horses
Sawyers, Thomas: 1 white male over 16
Sawyers, James: 1 white male over 16, 2 horses
Sawyers, geo: 1 white male over 16, 4 horses
  • 18th Century Virginia Land Grants: 12 April, 1805, Botetourt Co. VA; Anderson, Robert - 100 acres Dunlaps Creek branch of Jacksons River, adjacent Sampson Sawyers and Samuel Browns. Grants 56, page 116
  • Williamson Co, TN Deed Book "A-2" p. 61 - Sampson Sawyers, Sr., of Botetourte County, Virginia, from Samson Sawyers Jr. of Davidson County, 8/21/1805 - for $1 - 640 A tract of land in Williamson County on the Big Harpeth River bounded by Maj. John Nelson, Jeremiah Reardon and James Marr. Reg. 6/19/1806. Witt: William Sawyers, James Sawyers, George Titus, R. H. Dyer and Peter Wright.
  • 12 June 1783 - Botetourt Co. Va Court: Simpson Sawyer is apptd. Surveyor of the road from James Brown's to John Neell's, who with the tithables of James Brown, Edward Flood, John Robinson, Wm Reid, John Reid, Rodger Morning, Sampson Sawyer, David Tate and his ten sons, David and Samuel Reace, Wm Knox and Richard McCallister are to open and keep said road in repair as the law directs.
  • 8 May 1824 - Va. Land Grants: Alleghany Co. VA; Mann, William, 147 acres on the South East side Dunlaps Creek, a branch of Jacksons River which joins the land of heirs of Sampson Sawyers, dec'd. Grants 71, page 534
"A History of Monroe County", by Oren F. Morten, 1816, pages 201-210; Sweet Springs......above the falls in Dunlap Creek......... Section Three of an Act of Assembly of Dec 16, 1790, thus reads: That thirty acres of land on the southeast side of the Sweet Springs in the county of Botetourt (VA), the property of William Lewis, shall be and they are hereby vested in James Breckenbridge, Martin McFerran, Henry Bowyer, Matthew Harvey, John Beal, John Wood, John Smith, Robert Harvey, John Hawkins, Thomas Madison, and Sampson Sawyers, gentlemen trustees, to be by them, or a majority of them, laid off into lots of one-half acre each, with convenient streets, and establish a town by the name of Fontville........Fontville did not spring into actual existence.....